Club Notes…Sat 13th Jan 2018

200-pix-news-resultsClub Notes…by Karen Bevan

Evening Everyone

A few important pieces of information below this week so please do have a look!

Eagle AC AGM: The Club A.G.M takes place this Wednesday the 17th January 2018. There will be tea/coffee and sandwiches available from 7.30 pm, and the meeting will commence at 8 pm. It would be great to see as many club members as possible there on the night to show support for your club and make plans for the year ahead.

Club Award Night: The closing deadline for nominations for this years club awards is midnight this Sunday the 14th January. Please do take a minute to put forward the name or names of club members that you feel have performed well or made great improvements this year; it’s always nice to have all that training and commitment acknowledged! The Awards night itself will be held on Saturday the 27th of January.

Membership renewal: Club membership renewal fees are now due for 2018. (€50 for individuals and €60 for families)
New members that joined the Club since 01st September 2017 are automatically paid up for 2018 also.

By far the easiest way to pay is via our PayPal option on the Club website here:-

*A PayPal Account is not required only a Credit/ Debit card needed.

If this is not possible then fees can also be collected as follows:
AGM on Wednesday 17th January (Colin)
Club registration night at the CIT track on TUESDAY 23rd JANUARY. (Mairead)
Give your sub to a fellow member that is attending either of the above and they can pass it on
Post a cheque to our Treasurer, Kevin Sievewright (details on the website). Please use this as a last resort, we don’t want poor Kevin buried under a mountain of post!

Track Lane Usage: It was great to see so many new members at the track last Tuesday night; and it was a very busy night on the track too, which prompted a reminder about track and lane usage during speed sessions, to ensure all sessions run smoothly and collisions are avoided.
Lane 1 is for speed-work (please step out of lane one as soon as you finish your session, this includes for rest periods as other sessions may be running at the same time)
Lane 2 is for overtaking
Lanes 3 4 are for warm up and cool down
The outer lanes are used by Belgooly AC please be mindful that there sessions are running during and after Eagle AC sessions so avoid any obstructions in these lanes also.

It can be hard to remember when people are tired but do please try; and if anyone has any questions about lanes or sessions please do ask the track leader on the night at the start of the session.

The link to the track guidelines for the club is below….

Spring Marathons: If anyone is interested in a spring marathon Eddie Trindle Ken Nyhan are heading to Hamburg at the end of April. Marathon is on Sunday, April 29th. Give Eddie a shout if interested. Current price is €80. Guaranteed entry. Direct flights from Dublin. Website is:

Results – below 10k (Mairead Lonergan)

Sunday 7th January

There were plenty of Eagles taking part in the first BHAA race of 2018 in Beaumont Park on Sunday morning. The cross country race attracted a large field of over 200 runners. There were a number of members listed in the category prizes.
Denis Carroll – 3rd M55
Ger Down – 1st M60
Ken Higgs – 1st M65
Richard Piotrowski – 1st M70

Parkrun Results – Saturday 6th January
Plenty of Eagle’s running in Ballincollig on Saturday. Congrats to Damian who finished in top spot!
1. Damian Kenneally 18.16 VM 35-39 M 1
11. Pat O’Connor 19.56 VM 45-49 M 11
38. Niall McSweeney 21.31 SM30-34 M 38
51. David Speight 22.18 VM 45-49 M 51
59. Pat Twomey 22.52 VM 65-69 M 57
87. Paul Conway 24.23 VM 35-39 M 83
97. Sean Lucey 24.44 SM 25-29 M 92
115. Helen Cronin 25.19 VW 35-39 F 7
116. Mairead Lonergan 25.19 SW 30-34 F 8
117. Derek Costello 25.20 VM 45-49 M 109
203. Flor Twohig 29.32 VM 50-54 M 159
250. Monica Twohig 31.35 VW 50-54 F 65

Bere Island
Another podium finish for Eagle AC in Bere Island where Mark finished in 2nd place!
2. Mark Gallagher 21.48 VM 40-44 M 2 (New PB!)

Castle Demense
Special mention to Richard who ran his 100th parkrun in Macroom at the weekend!
29. Richard Piotrowski 25.58 VM 70-74 M 29
56. Derry Casey 30.59 VM 45-49 M 43

Burgess Park
Running a bit further afield this week whilst wearing his Eagle colours was Mick Dooley. Mick completed the Burgess Park parkrun in London.
165. Michael Dooley 23.59 VM 50-54 M 136

Track Field News

Competition: Munster indoor Championship
Best of Luck to all Club members heading to Nenagh to take part in the Munster indoor Championship on Sunday!

Flickr Photos : Derek Costello
23rd Dec 2017 Ballincollig 5k parkrun
30th Dec 2017 Ballincollig 5k parkrun
31st Dec 2017 Togher 5k
09 Dec 2017 Clonakilty Marathon, Half-Marathon 10k
2017 Eagle AC group outings throughout the year

As 2017 has ended we have 138 albums of Eagle AC runners for 2017, covering races from home and abroad , thank you all for those who took photos or mailed photos on to me throughout the year . Let’s hope for a great 2018.

Club News: John Desmond

12 Week Training Programme for the Mallow 10 : 37 members have signed up for the Mallow 10 training programme which started on the 1st of Jan.

Tempo Run Rochestown Road. It is advised that members participating in the Thursday Tempo runs wear hi viz clothing, along with either a head-torch or some form of lighted armbands. Could members also please keep to the left hand side of the path when completing tempo sessions.
(Do a warm up of at least a mile on your own beforehand). We had 20 members out on Thurs 11th Jan.

Check Mairead’s weekly mail on Monday for confirmation.

Cork City Marathon News
Entries have opened for the 2018 Cork City Marathon which will take place on Sunday 3rd June. For further details see here:


Happy New year!

Hope everyone enjoyed the christmas break and your are all ready to get stuck into a new year of training, goals and targets!

Well done to the many club members who were out in force over the Christmas break in the many races and events that were taking place. Well done to Mairead too who did a great job to keep on top of the results, as many of these events may not have had clubs listed please do let us know if we missed anyone and we can update the results for next weeks email.

Please do consider sending us some long runs this year for the weekend runs it would be great if we could increase the number of these available to club members at the weekends. People might also consider signing up to lead a tempo session on Thursday John has a list of available dates below. If any newer members would like to think about starting a new run group we would be happy to help if you would like to get in touch. It’s a great support and motivation to have a few other members of the club that run at a similar pace to you to meet up with every now and then!

Best of luck to all in getting back to action after a week earned Christmas rest, and if you managed to stay on track over the Christmas well done and keep up the great work in 2018!

Results – below 10k (Mairead Lonergan and Karen Bevan)
Tuesday 26th December
Belgooly 4 Mile
Well done to all who ran this race in terrible conditions on St. Stephen’s Day. Some great results and a number of category prizes also as can be seen below. No clubs were listed in results. I’ve tried to pick out all club members but apologies if I’ve missed anyone. If so let me know and I’ll include them next week.
6. Alan O’Brien 21.25 1479 M 6 MS 6
13. Vivian Foley 22.40 1442 M 13 M 45 2
33. Pat O’Connor 25.10 1429 M 29 M 45 5
34. Colin O’Herlihy 25.11 1467 M 30 M 45 6
35. Tom Fox 25.19 1421 M 31 M 50 1
39. Darren Casey 25.38 1544 M 34 M 40 7
45. AnneMarie Power 26.02 1380 F 6 F 40 3
76. Denis Carroll 27.46 1584 M 65 M 55 1
84. Gary Gibbons 28.12 1596 M 71 M 45 16
87. Eugene O’Connor 28.16 1413 M 74 M 45 17
90. Elaine Guinane 28.22 1321 F 14 F 40 7
92. Richard Hawkins 28.24 1591 M 78 M 45 19
94. Richard Piotrowski 28.30 1346 M 80 M 70 1
107. Adelle O’Connor 29.05 1410 F 16 F 45 2
113. Noel O’Connor 29.16 1534 M 96 M 60 5
115. Joe Murphy 29.19 1353 M 98 M 60 6
124. Helen Cronin 29.37 1515 F 21 F 35 3
127. Derek Costello 29.42 1523 M 106 M 45 22
157. Dolores Gibbons 31.08 1597 F 29 F 40 14
158. Andrew O’Farrell 31.10 1643 M 129 M 60 8
167. Denis Looney 31.32 1464 M 137 M 55 4
177. Frances O’Connor 31.53 1533 F 32 F 55 1
186. Finbarr Lehane 32.16 1680 M 151 M 45 28
210. John Quigley 33.01 1381 M 169 M 60 14
259. Ber Looney 35.04 1463 F 58 F 45 9
297. Grace O’Leary 37.09 1546 F 76 F S 22


Sunday 31st December
Togher 5k
A record number of 575 runners took part in the Togher 5k on New Year’s Eve. Again, no clubs were listed in the results so apologies if I have missed anyone.
14. Ruairi O’Callaghan SM 17.08 274
20. Michael Forde SM 17.22 121
22. John O’Callaghan M45 17.25 273
31. Paul Cotter M40 17.54 579
46. Tom Fox M 50 18.30 124
51. Neil Kingston M45 18.47 595
119. Richard Piotrowski M70 20.42 333
120. Niall McSweeney SM 20.43 999
128. Elaine Guinane F 40 20.51 133
153. Derek Costello M 45 21.47 52
164. Helen Cronin SF 22.02 512
166. Lisa Boland F50 22.03 980
167. Noel O’Connor M 60 22.05 570
173. Eddie Trindle M 40 22.09 375
206. Andrew O’Farrell M60 22.48 567
219. Mick Dooley M 50 23.03 1544
224. Pat Murphy M60 23.16 583
230. Denis Looney M 50 23.28 191
241. Frances O’Connor F 55 23.47 569
282. Sean Lucey SM 24.30 479
381. Denise O’Brien SF 26.48 259

Results & Photos

Monday 1st January

Bandon 5 Miler
Well done to all who ran this 5 miler on New Year’s Day. Alan O’Brien was 2nd man home on the day in a great time of 25.50. Congrats also to Karen who picked up a prize for being 6th SW home and to Tom Fox who was 2nd M50.
2. Alan O’Brien 25.50 Eagle AC SM (2nd SM)
15. Dermot Slyne 30.00 Eagle AC M40
21. Tom Fox 31.07 Eagle AC M 50 (2nd M 50)
24. Darren Casey 31.27 Eagle AC M 40
29. David O Keeffe 32.15 Eagle AC SM
35. Neil Kingston 33.14 M 45 (M 45)
38. David O’Callaghan 33.37 Eagle AC M 50
39. Denis Carroll 33.44 Eagle AC M 55
48. Karen Bevan 35.30 Eagle AC SW (6th SW)
59. Helen Cronin 37.23 Eagle AC SW
67. Andrew O’Farrell 38.32 Eagle AC M 60
83. Mairead Lonergan 40.25 Eagle AC SW
107. Tony Merritt 43.22 428 Eagle AC M 50


Parkrun Results – Saturday 23rd December

7. Pat O’Connor 19.23 VM 45-49 M 6
16. John Dunphy 20.24 VM 45-49 M 15
37. Eugene O’Connor 21.22 VM 45-49 M 36
38. Niall McSweeney 21.22 SM 30-34 M 37
47. Denis Carroll 21.44 VM 55-59 M 46
91. Michael Dooley 24.08 VM 50-54 M 80
115. Sean Lucey 24.57 SM 25-29 M 99
228. Monica Twohig 32.11 VW 50-54 F 60

Castle Demense
9. Richard Piotrowski 23.29 VM 70-74 M 9

Parkrun Results – Saturday 30th December

11. Pat O’Connor 20.03 VM 45-49 M 11
16. Peadar Forbes 21.31 VM 35-39 M 16
22. Denis Carroll 22.00 VM 55-59 M 20
37. Pat Twomey 22.49 VM 65-69 M 33
66. Michael Dooley 24.26 VM 50-54 M 59

Castle Demense
4. Derry Casey 21.14 VM 45-49 M 4 (New PB!)
14. Richard Piotowski 25.15 VM 70-74 M 13

Parkrun Results – Monday 1st January

2. John Dunphy 20.18 VM M45-49 M 2
16. Richard Piotrowski 22.52 VM 70-74 M 14
28. Michael Dooley 24.18 VM 50-54 M 22

Results – Above 10k (Ruairi Egan)

December 27th 2017
Carrigaline Christmas fun run 10k
There were some Eagle names in the top finishers of the Carrigaline Christmas fun run on the 27th December, no times were posted but well done to those below in prize positions.

1st. Ciaran Bouse
3rd. Pat O’Connor

2nd. Maura Regan

Races abroad around Ireland:
If you or a friend are running in races around Ireland or abroad please do let us know so we can include the results in the weekly email.

If anyone has anything that they would like to add to the Weekly club email or we have missed anything please do let me know, by 6pm on Thursday evening if possible.

Kind Regards,