Eagle Athletic Club is located in Cork city on the south coast of Ireland. Founded in 1982, Eagle AC is one of Cork’s largest running clubs.

The Club currently has over 190 members of varying age and athletic ability. All our members are adults and approx 40% are women. As well as enjoying running as a fun and sociable leisure activity, Eagle AC members proudly represent the club at all levels of competition, ranging from local parkruns and 5k – 10m road races, national championships, national and international marathons and almost anywhere we can run.

While our roots are in road running, many of our members take part in track races, cross country, triathlons, trail & hill running, adventure races etc.

The club competes in road races all year round but in the Autumn we compete in Cross-Country and, during the Spring and Summer, Track and Field.

We train on the CIT track in Bishopstown, twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Along with these sessions, we also have weekend long runs and regular tempo sessions.

You are welcome to run with us for a few times, even if you’re not a member, before deciding to join. Why not come along and then decide if Eagle is the club for you?

Eagle AC…Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a safe environment for all adults, female and male, to enjoy the sport of running and achieve their personal goals, regardless of level of ability. We value these achievements of personal goals and targets as much as medals won or podium finishes attained.

To this end, we provide organised club training sessions, advice from qualified coaches, specific training programs and mentoring to all club members. As all of these services are free to our members, it helps us in our goal to be one of the best value-for-money clubs in the entire country.

We are primarily focussed on road running, from short distance races to marathon distance and beyond. We also provide information about and actively encourage all our members to take part in Track events and Cross Country Competition. We aim to be competitive in team events at county, provincial and National Level and in particular we are building a reputation as a club whose members thrive at the half marathon and marathon distances.

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