Eagle AC results in the 2017 Dublin City Marathon


Provisional results below with 9 members breaking the 3 hour barrier. Report by Ruairi Egan.

The Dublin City Marathon took place yesterday in good conditions and as usual Eagle was well represented with 34 finishers. We are hearing of several members recording big PB times, well done to all. Some of the results are a bit sketchy at the moment, I have added in a couple of people who are currently missing from the official lists and there may be more not spotted yet.

Hitting the headlines again is Alan O’Brien, a stunning 21st place out of the 16,000 competitors. Elite running from Alan, 4th placed M35 as well. Next in was Viv Foley, with a fantastic 2nd place in the M45 category. Big runs from Derek O’Keefe, Pat O’Connor and Ruairi O’Callaghan, all in under 2:50. Frank Hill came 4th M50. Shout out as well for Mike Forde & Dermot Slyne, first time under 3 hours for the two lads.


2:29 finish for Alan O’Brien

Elaine led home the Eagle women, closely followed by Karen Bevan. Well done to the gang who have trained together over the last few months and came home with impressive times and several PB’s. Special mention to Denise O’Brien for completing her first marathon, congratulations Denise.

Below are the results we have as of midday Monday:

Number Name Gender Gen Pos Cat Cat Pos Club Chip Time
34 Alan O’Brien Male 20 M35 4 EAGLE A.C. 02:29:32
5602 Vivian Foley Male 42 M45 2 EAGLE A.C. 02:38:54
580 Derek O’Keefe Male 83 M40 17 EAGLE A.C. 02:44:35
4852 Pat O’ Connor Male 126 M45 13 EAGLE A.C. 02:48:20
5388 Ruairi O’Callaghan Male 136 M35 44 EAGLE A.C. 02:49:21
810 Frank Hill Male 153 M50 4 EAGLE A.C. 02:49:57
5249 Michael Forde Male 320 M35 112 EAGLE A.C. 02:57:04
16910 Dermot Slyne Male 371 M40 96 EAGLE A.C. 02:57:58
2323 Ronan O’Reilly Male 405 M45 40 EAGLE A.C. 02:58:46
2102 Paul Cotter Male 492 M40 122 EAGLE A.C. 03:00:07
4195 Thomas Fox Male 561 M50 25 EAGLE A.C. 03:02:04
5081 Colin O’ Herlihy Male 583 M45 68 EAGLE A.C. 03:03:42
4986 Brian Mc Guire Male 584 M45 69 EAGLE A.C. 03:03:32
1249 Tony Cambridge Male 609 M50 28 EAGLE A.C. 03:04:45
1101 Darren Casey Male 1197 M40 327 EAGLE A.C. 03:16:47
2150 Ken Mulcahy Male 1571 M45 243 EAGLE A.C. 03:21:00
2786 John Sheehan Male 1514 M45 229 EAGLE A.C. 03:21:16
Mark Gallagher Male EAGLE A.C. 03:29:05
5087 Ian Roche Male 2540 M35 670 EAGLE A.C. 03:33:38
346 Gary Gibbons Male 2558 M45 414 EAGLE A.C. 03:32:43
4302 Elaine Guinane Female 278 F40 79 EAGLE A.C. 03:34:00
5123 Karen Bevan Female 327 F35 69 EAGLE A.C. 03:36:05
3045 Frank Farrell Male 3336 MS 683 EAGLE A.C. 03:42:31
9906 Helen Mc Kenna Female 629 F35 138 EAGLE A.C. 03:48:45
9905 Mairead Lonergan Female 773 FS 211 EAGLE A.C. 03:52:49
5917 Martin Daly Male 4900 M40 1246 EAGLE A.C. 03:57:01
2237 John Mc Carthy Male 6207 M40 1573 EAGLE A.C. 04:08:35
14309 John Swanton Male 6333 M35 1472 EAGLE A.C. 04:10:37
2787 Catherine Redmond Female 1730 F40 440 EAGLE A.C. 04:12:37
7763 Derek Costello Male 6761 M45 1149 EAGLE A.C. 04:13:50
7375 Michael Noonan Male 7343 M35 1673 EAGLE A.C. 04:21:12
19597 Denise O’ Brien Female 2236 FS 600 EAGLE A.C. 04:24:41
10852 Gillian Murphy Female 2934 F40 756 EAGLE A.C. 04:38:23
2108 Charlie Byrd Male 8580 M50 823 EAGLE A.C. 04:41:55


2:57 for Michael Forde as he breaks the 3 hour barrier



First marathon in a time of 4:24 for Denise O’Brien


Eagle AC trip to Eyeries 5mile race…Sat 11th Nov 2017

Eyeries-5-Mile-2017-advert-250pix-highThe Eyeries 5 mile road race takes place on Saturday 11th November 2017 at 2.30pm and Eagle AC are organising a coach to take us to the race.

Last year over 20 ‘Eagles’ travelled to Eyeries and a fantastic time was had by all (see report by Vivian Foley here). The coach will leave the Viscount Bar in Bishopstown at 10.15am.. and will arrive in Eyeries in plenty of time for the start of the race.

Following the race there will be ample time for something to eat and some light refreshments before we settle down to watch the Ireland vs Denmark soccer match and then we will depart Eyeries by coach at 10.00pm arriving back at the Viscount Bar for approximately 12.30am.

Travel arrangements are also available for those not interested in the match and wishing to return earlier.

One of the main organisers of the Eyeries 5 mile race is our own Mark Gallagher and he assures us that a great day will be had by all in this most beautiful, wild and picturesque village located on the Beara peninsula. The cost for Eagle AC members is just €10 and this will include the race entry, bus, match tickets and even some light refreshments after the race.

To book your seat please contact Pat Twomey at ptwomey152 AT gmail DOT com before October 31st.

As places will be limited please book your seat early!!

More info on the race HERE


Club run on the Waterford Greenway


On Saturday the 14th of October, the club organised a 14 mile training run on the new Waterford Greenway going from Kilmacthomas to Dungarvan. Although the weather was overcast, it was still dry and mild and it made for a great event.

What was really unique about the route was the diversity of the scenery along the way. From running at the back of farmers fields to bridges over roads, tunnels under roads to multi-span viaducts over small river valleys.


The old railway tunnel at Ballyvoyle was surreal. It was discretely lit which preserved some of its character with a little valley of lush green vegetation at either end.

Closer to Dungarvan, the ocean views made for a complete contrast to what had come before.

The surface of the Greenway was a smooth tarmacadam finish and perfect for running on. What was unusual was the sheer number of people out running, walking and cycling on the Greenway, especially for an early Saturday morning in mid-October.

Overall, the Greenway is a great spot for a training run and highly recommended.

Our thanks to Halahan Coaches who we used to take us from Dungarvan to the old workhouse in Kilmacthomas. The driver couldn’t have been more helpful.

Our thank to EuroSpar Abbeyside which is literally within 100m of the end of the Greenway in Dungarvan. It’s as ideal spot for any small group for teas, coffees and scones after an outing on the Greenway.

And finally our thanks to James Veale of West Waterford AC for his help and advice in advance of the run. It’s one thing to be looking at information on a Facebook page or website but being able to ask someone with local knowledge is invaluable.



Start of the 2017/2018 Evening Talks and Workshops…


The club recently held a two part workshop in Cork City for its members, the first of a series of workshops and talks over the next few months.

In part one of the evening, Sports Psychologist Canice Kennedy gave a presentation titled ‘Mental Preparation for Road Running & Marathons’. As with other sports, many a fine performance goes out the window dues to nerves and anxiety and it’s vital to maintain a level of focus on the task in hand. Canice gave an entertaining talk on methods to prepare for a big event and how to concentrate on the target race.

The second part of the evening concluded with Chartered Physiotherapist Kevina Reel giving a practical demonstration on proper foam rolling technique with an emphasis on targeting the key running muscles. Foam Rolling should be part of every runners repertoire as it can reduce DOMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness) and can increase a runners range of motions.

The club plans to hold another evening of talks in early November.



Member Profile : Ber Lee


Name: Ber Lee

Member of Eagle AC since: 2015

How long have you been running what made you take it up: I started running in 2012 because I decided to go back to work full time and I needed an activity flexible enough to fit in with that plan.

Favourite thing about running: I love the fact that you can run anytime and anywhere. All you need is a good pair of runners.

Favourite race distance to run: 5K. Short & Sweet 😉

What is your main goal for this year: To get stronger and faster.

Your best race/most memorable racing moment to date: This year I took part in the relay event in the Cork City Marathon and I loved every second of it. The atmosphere was fantastic both on and off the course with support coming from everywhere. I didn’t want it to end. To anyone who hasn’t yet tried the relay, it’s a great way to be part of a fantastic event if you’re not quite ready for the half or full.

Tell us something most people might not know about you: I was once a competitive Irish dancer.

Biggest heroes (sporting or non-sporting): Mo Farah. I just love to watch him race.

One bit of advice you would give to someone thinking of taking up running: Run with a friend. You’ll keep showing up and before you know it kilometers will turn to miles. Also start building your core strength , the stronger your core the less likely you are to get injured.

Other hobbies outside of running: Going to the Gym .

3 things you would take with you onto a desert island: That’s easy. My Husband and 2 kids.

Club Notes…Fri 6th Oct 2017

Eagle_Notes2Club Notes…by Karen Bevan

Well it was certainly a good weekend to meet Eagle AC members on the road with so many club members running the Cork to Cobh 15 mile run, great to see so many familiar faces and hope it was an enjoyable day for all. The Cross Country Novice championships took place in Riverstick on the same day and it was great to have both a ladies and a men’s team out to represent the club.

And for those of you with eyes on Dublin just to let you know it’s only 24 days away! Good luck with the final long runs and preparations.

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Mark Smith finishes 2nd in Cork to Cobh 15 mile road race

Well done to club member Mark Smith who finished the annual Cork BHAA Cork to Cobh 15 mile road race in an impressive time of 1 hour 25 minutes and 10 seconds. That works out as roughly 5:41 per mile pace!

2 Mark Smith M2 01:25:10 N


L-R …Mark Smith 2nd, Colin Merritt 1st & Michael Corbett 3rd

The club had 38 members taking part …listed below.

The following members picked up these category prizes…
Tom Fox…3rd M50
Denis Carroll…2nd M55
Frances O’Connor…2nd F55


Many used the race as part of their build up to the Dublin Marathon at the end of the month.


Update Fri 6th Oct : These are the 38 members that ran in the race…

2 Mark Smith M2 01:25:10
19 Ruairi O’Callaghan 01:34:29
35 Pat O’Connor 0/45B 01:39:0
47 Paul Cotter 0/40A 01:40:59
52 Thomas Fox 0/50C 0/50C3 01:41:33
60 Colin O’Herlihy 0/45B 01:41:56
61 Dermot Slyne 0/40A 01:42:15
77 Michael Forde 01:44:20
108 Denis Carroll 0/55D 0/55D2 01:47:52
128 David O’Keeffe 01:50:40
163 Martin Ryan 01:53:58
178 Mike McGrath 0/55D 01:55:28
181 Martin Daly 0/40A 01:55:42
188 Elaine Guinane 0/40I 01:56:21
214 Jerome McCarthy 01:58:01
228 Mark Gallagher 0/40A 01:58:54
269 Darren Casey 0/40A 02:01:34
270 Eddie Trindle 0/40A 02:01:36
274 Greg Moore 0/45B 02:01:46
291 Gary Gibbons 0/45B 02:02:26
309 Karen Bevan 0/35H 02:03:45
310 Danielle McCarthy 02:03:46
322 David McCann 0/40A 02:04:35
330 Gillian Murphy 0/40I 02:04:49
339 Derek Costello 0/45B 02:05:26
361 Denis Kelleher 0/50C 02:07:21
377 Alan Foley 0/45B 02:08:54
378 Helen Cronin 0/35H 02:08:57
388 Patrick O’Gorman 0/40A 02:09:35
391 Michael Noonan 02:09:54
392 John Swanton 02:09:55
427 John McCarthy 0/40A 02:12:37
437 Frances O’Connor 0/55L 0/55L2 02:13:0
503 Charlie Byrd 0/50C 02:18:06
586 Fiona O’Riordan 0/45J 02:26:58
598 Pat King 0/40A 02:27:41
613 Edward Fitzgerald 0/45B 02:28:45
620 Denise O’Brien 02:29:18
621 John Dunphy 0/45B 02:29:21