Eagle AC Member Profile: Martin Leahy

Cork City Marathon 2017. – Martin heading to the finish line with proud son Vincent keeping a close eye on him!

Name: Martin Leahy

Member of Eagle AC since: 2012

How long have you been running – what made you take it up? :
I started running in 2008 – there was a lot of travel in the job I had at the time and I couldn’t make the soccer games in Cork any more. It turned out I could run no matter where I was in the World. I was in New York one day that October and, fairly clueless, I went in to Foot Locker, bought a ridiculous pair of Nike Shox as well as a baggy-assed knicks and ran 3 miles the next morning. Over the next few months, I ended up running in five or six different capital cities – running turned out to be a great way to see the World. My first race was the Ballycotton 10 in 2009 where I just about broke 70 minutes in the Nike Shox and the baggy knicks – I was one of those lads you see running along the road in a football jersey – pace all over the shop!

Favourite thing about running:

There are two joint favourite things about running: The first favourite thing is the “Zen” – it’s a winter’s evening after work – no wind, cold but not freezing, you’re in the middle of an hour-long run in the dark on the Blackrock loop say, going well and your mind gradually goes to a different place – the speed picks up slowly but it’s almost incidental – all you feel is the buzz of the running. There’s nobody else there, just you, the energy and the road before you. To someone who doesn’t run, you can’t explain it – to someone who does run, you don’t have to.
The other favourite thing is the camaraderie – training with your fellow runners, hours spent on the road together preparing for the races and the mutual respect that develops, the blast of going off to races together and the joyous few hours in Doheny and Nesbitt’s after the Dublin marathon.

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Eagle AC – ’12 Runs of Christmas’ 2020

Eagle AC ’12 Runs of Christmas’

Let’s face it, it’s been a year like no other. In the absence of Turkey trots, Goal Miles, charity 5kms, winter marathons and whatever other seasonal running activities you may take part in, Eagle AC recognise the importance of staying connected through running and supporting each other, albeit from a distance, this festive season!

Therefore, we would like to officially announce the launch of…

The 12 Runs of Christmas!

What is it?

12 runs, from the sublime to the ridiculous, from Mince pie miles to Lapland loops, from ‘Rain’deer runs to Running ‘elfies’. (We can’t promise that’s the last of the puns).How will it work?For four weeks, starting next Sunday night, Nov.22nd, Karen will send out three runs for the week- these, as always, can be done at your own pace on whichever days suit you, adhering of course to the current NPHET restrictions. Each run will have a seasonal theme and will incorporate a mixture of fun novelty runs and more serious interval/ tempo sessions. All we ask you to do is send some evidence of your run (selfie, elevation profile, map etc. ) and send it to Elaine, Mairead, Karen or Ruairi. Please send all three runs of each week together, before Sunday evening each week. This allows you a little flexibility mid-week to fit in the three runs, and we can compile them each week then.

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Eagle AC Member Profile : Sandra Manning

Name: Sandra Manning

Member of Eagle AC since: 2014 (I think!)

How long have you been running? What made you take it up?: Started athletics when I was 7 (have several county, Munster and All Ireland sprint medals) but gave it up again mid teens and took it up again after I had my first baby when I gave up hockey. 

Favourite thing about running: Head space from work, kids, life in general. I always feel better after I’ve been for a run. Usually if I’m running in the morning I’d have my day and work schedule organised in my head by the time I get back. Also love being part of a club; heading out on long runs the miles would fly by as the company is great.

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Eagle AC Member Profile: Siobhan Holland

Eagle AC Member Profile

Name: Siobhan Holland

Member of Eagle AC since: May 2019 ( since Derek persuaded me to join the friendliest club in Ireland!!)

How long have you been running? What made you take it up?: I started off running way back in 2001 when I first started working in Novartis and completed the annual 5km there and finished in last position just ahead of the ambulance!

Favourite thing about running: Headspace for me from home life and the friendly banter we have on our weekly runs or training sessions, love the people I meet through the club and the many races I have been to over the last 20 years

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Virtual Dublin City Marathon 2020

It was certainly a Dublin City Marathon weekend like no other this year with members having to complete the annual event virtually.

Congratulations to our many club members who took part over the weekend – there seems to have been plenty of members who took part in the 10k, half and full distances.

One of the stand out performances from the weekend has to have been Mike McGrath’s brilliant 3.23 marathon – Sunday’s run was Mike’s first marathon in 27 years! All of the lockdown training certainly paid off , with Mike pacing the race perfectly and running a huge negative split. Well done and congrats to Mike.

3.23 Marathon for Mike McGrath!

Another very impressive performance came from Robyn Dransfield who broke the 2 hour barrier for the Half marathon for the first time! Pacer Daniel seems to have done his job perfectly with a time of 1.59.44 for Robyn! 🙂 

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Eagle AC Member Profile: Grellan McGrath

Eagle AC Member Profile:

Name: Grellan McGrath

Member of Eagle AC since: 2007

How long have you been running what made you take it up: I started on 8th January 2006 to train for a once in a lifetime marathon and kept going.

Favourite thing about running: The head space.

Favourite race distance to run: Anything that was long enough to require no speedwork and a picnic and short enough that I could tell my wife “see you tomorrow” – typically between 6 and 16 hours. Now I have more sense.

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Dublin City Marathon Memories

On any other year many of us would right now, be getting ready to toe the line at the Dublin City Marathon 2020. Unfortunately this year was to have other plans for us! However to mark the occasion we have gathered a few memories and photographs from members of their most memorable/enjoyable DCM moments. Thanks to all those who sent photos in. Hopefully normal service will resume in 2021 but for now these will have to do !

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Busy Weekend for Eagle AC Members – 12th/13th September

Despite the fact that organised races are very very few and far between these days, it has been great to see Eagle AC members still finding ways to motivate and challenge themselves over the past few months. This was especially evident this weekend with lots of members taking part in a number of virtual events and challenges.

Jason, Darren, Catherine, Damian, Mark, Ruairi and Karen at the start of The Cork 50k!
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Eagle AC @ National Masters Track and Field Championships 2020

It was brilliant to see the Eagle AC singlet back in action once again on Sunday, 6th September at the National Masters Track and Field Championships 2020 at Morton Stadium in Santry.

Eagle AC was represented by 5 athletes – Hugh McSweeney, Ken Higgs, Vivian Foley, Tom Fox and Richard Piotrowski. The 5 guys all put in brilliant performances and earned 4 National Titles between them for their efforts!

First in action on the day was Hugh McSweeney who claimed M70 Gold in the 200m event. Hugh ran a time of 31.12.

Next up was Ken Higgs in the 400m who, with a brilliant run of 1.10.30 won the M70 400m title.

Our last 3 competitors all took part in the 5000m event. Vivian and Tom took part in 4th 5k race while Richard was in the 5th. An amazing run of 16.42 for Vivian saw him claim a comprehensive victory in the M50 category. Tom, with a great run of 18.05 finished in 4th M55 position, very unlucky to miss out on a medal by just one place.

In the final race of the day Richard Piotrowski too had a comprehensive victory when running to M70 5k Gold. Richards time of 21.36 meant that he finished well over a minute ahead of his nearest competitors.

Well done to all our athletes who competed yesterday. It was brilliant to see the club being represented so well on the National stage. Winning a National Title is an amazing achievement – as a club, Eagle AC were delighted to see members hard work, training and dedication pay off in spades yesterday. Their performances will definitely serve to motivate and inspire the rest of us over the coming months! A mention to Competition Secretary Pat Murphy too who organised all of the Eagle AC entries etc. for the Championships. Thanks to Pat for all of the work involved in this.