Eagle AC wins M50 Team title in National Marathon Championships

The club entered a record eleven teams this year for the 2015 National Marathon Championships in Dublin making it the largest entry from any Cork club.

The provisional results have just been released and they show that the Eagle AC team of Frank Hill, Ronan Boland and Martin Leahy have finished 1st in the M50 category!

Frank Hill, Ronan Boland & Martin Leahy

MEN O50 (19 teams)
1st Eagle A.C……..Frank Hill M50 02:52:31, Ronan Boland M50 02:55:03, Martin Leahy M50 03:02:22…. 08:49:56
5th Eagle A.C……..Keith Sexton M50 03:09:57, James Ryan M50 03:20:17, Denis Carroll M55 03:26:30…..09:56:44

Our second M50 team of Keith Sexton, James Ryan and Denis Carroll finished in a commendable 5th place in a combined time of 9h 56m. This would have seen them in the medals in 2012 & 2013.


Keith Sexton, James Ryan & Denis Carroll…5th M50 team

Eagle AC was also one of only four clubs who managed to field two teams in the M50 category (Eagle AC, Tullamore Harriers AC, Mullingar Harriers AC & Sligo AC).

In the other categories, we had two in Senior Male, five in M35, one in Senior Female and one in F35.

Male Senior Team (150 teams)
61st Eagle A.C……Dave Watson MS 03:19:01, Donal Dowling M35 03:20:22, Ian Roche M35 03:34:26……. 10:13:49
104th Eagle A.C……Grellan Mc Grath M45 03:41:30, Damian Kenneally MS 03:43:48, Cathal Twomey MS 04:00:00……. 11:25:18

Male M35 Team (308 teams)
21st Eagle A.C. …. Derek O Keeffe M40 02:49:20, Vivian Foley M45 02:57:57, Colin O Herlihy M40 02:58:40…..08:45:57
41st Eagle A.C. …..Tony Cambridge M45 03:05:09, Ken Mulcahy M45 03:05:48, Pat O Connor M45 03:06:48….. 09:17:45
93rd Eagle A.C. ……Paul Cotter M40 03:08:20, Paul Daly M45 03:26:32, Brian Mc Guire M45 03:33:49……… 10:08:41
191st Eagle A.C……..Tim Mc Carthy M35 03:46:40, John Mc Carthy M35 03:48:49, Eddie Trindle M40 03:56:22…..11:31:51
290th Eagle A.C…..Frank Cotter M50 04:14:25, Liam O Riain M45 04:58:23, Jim Costello M50 04:58:23 …….14:11:11

Female Senior Team (114 teams)
42nd Eagle A.C……Olive Dooley F40 03:59:01, Maeve Healy F40 03:59:36, Tracy Cotter FS 04:03:41…. 12:02:18

Female F35 Team (122 teams)
29th Eagle A.C. ……Elaine Guinane F35 03:35:27, Dympna Connolly F40 03:51:53, Niamh Lehane F40 03:58:01 ……..11:25:21


Ronan Boland, Martin Leahy & Frank Hill post race after securing M50 team Gold

1 Eagle A.C. 08:49:56
2 Tullamore Harriers A.C. 09:15:47
3 Mullingar Harriers A.C. 09:19:23
4 St. Finbarrs A.C. 09:29:05
5 Eagle A.C. 09:56:44
6 Galway City Harriers A.C. 10:09:08
7 Sligo A.C. 10:15:14
8 Crusaders A.C. 10:39:35
9 Raheny Shamrock A.C. 10:42:29
10 North East Runners A.C. 10:43:30
11 Clonliffe Harriers A.C. 11:30:07
12 Tullamore Harriers A.C. 11:31:14
13 Ballina A.C. 11:36:20
14 Dunboyne A.C.12:25:39
15 Sligo A.C. 12:27:51
16 Templemore A.C. 12:36:36
17 Loughrea A.C. 12:47:50
18 Civil Service A.C. 12:49:48
19 Mullingar Harriers A.C. 14:23:23

Eagle AC results at the 2015 Dublin City Marathon

dublin2015These are the club results in the 2015 Dublin City Marathon (chip times). Eagle AC had the highest number of finishers for a club from Co.Cork.

The results of the National Championships will be in another post.

Derek O’Keeffe…2:49:12

Derek O'Keeffe...1st Eagle AC member home in 2:49

Derek O’Keeffe…1st Eagle AC member home in 2:49

Frank Hill (M50)….2:52:24
Ronan Boland (M50)….2:54:45
Vivian Foley……2:57:36
Colin O’Herlihy….2:58:35
Martin Leahy (M50)…3:02:07
Tony Cambridge…..3:04:54
Ken Mulcahy…..3:05:14

Another solid performance from Ken Mulcahy

Another solid performance from Ken Mulcahy

Pat O’Connor….3:06:40
Paul Cotter…..3:08:11
Keith Sexton (M50)….3:09:43
Dave Watson….3:18:25
James Ryan (M50)….3:19:38
Donal Dowling….3:19:41

New PB for Donal Dowling

New PB for Donal Dowling

Denis Carroll (M50)….3:25:34
Paul Daly……3:26:04
Ian Roche…..3:33:07

Ian Roche...3:33

Ian Roche…3:33

Brian McGuire…3:33:11
Elaine Guinane….3:33:34
Grellan McGrath (3:40 pacer)….3:39:37
Damian Kenneally…..3:41:55

Damian Kenneally working the crowds...and a marathon PB as well!

Damian Kenneally working the crowds…and a marathon PB as well!

Tim McCarthy…..3:44:47
John McCarthy….3:48:24
Dympna Connolly…3:51:42

New marathon PB for Dympna Connolly

New marathon PB for Dympna Connolly

Eddie Trindle….3:56:10
Niamh Lehane….3:57:29
Cathal Twomey….3:58:04

3:58 for Cathal Twomey in his first marathon

3:58 for Cathal Twomey in his first marathon

Olive Dooley……3:58:29
Maeve Healy…..3:59:04
Tracy Cotter….4:02:50

Marathon debut for Tracy Cotter

Marathon debut for Tracy Cotter

Frank Cotter….4:12:05
Liam O Riain….4:57:00
Jim Costello….4:57:01

Results of the Lee Fields 4 mile road race…Sun 25th Oct 2015

A number of members took part in this years Lee Fields 4 mile road race which started near the County Hall on the Carrigrohane Straight.


Michael Forde

13 Ciaran BOUSE (201) 00:23:36 Male (13)
23 Michael FORDE (53) 00:25:20 Male (22)
34 Ruairi EGAN (49) 00:25:50 Male (32)
37 Richard PIOTROWSKI (174) 00:26:01 Male (35)
49 Stephen CHRYSANTHOU (29) 00:26:49 Male (46)
67 Paul COTTER (34) 00:28:18 Male (64)
93 Frances OCONNNOR (327) 00:30:18 00:30:08 All Ages (9) Female (9)
116 Gráinne SHEEHAN (184) 00:31:29 Female (14)

Results & Photos

Ruairi Egan

Ruairi Egan

Alan O’Brien wins County Novice B Cross Country Title with Eagle AC team taking Silver

The Cork County Novice B Cross Country Championships were held near Macroom on Sunday the 18th of October 2015 in dry and overcast conditions. After the recent dry spell of weather, the ground was nice and firm underfoot which made for some fast running.

In contrast to the mens Intermediate Cross Country race with just 19 turning out, the the mens Novice B race proved to be a lot more popular with 52 taking part. The 6km course consisted of four 1.5km loops with a mixture of flat running and short hills.

With the initial charge in the first lap, Alan O’Brien stayed tucked in about 8th place waiting for the pace to settle. In the second lap, he slowly moved up into 2nd place. In the third lap, he moved into the lead and built up a lead of about 50 metres which he held to the finish line to take first place!!


1 Alan O’Brien Eagle
2 Mark Walsh Leevale
3 Liam Tracey Watergrasshill

Alan’s first place finish also helped the Eagle AC team secure second place for Silver!

Novice ‘B’ Mens Teams
Pos Club Positions Points
1 Leevale 2, 5, 11, 12… 30
2 Eagle 1, 15, 19, 26… 61
3 Watergrasshill 3, 4, 27, 31… 65
4 Midleton 9, 13, 22, 29… 73
5 St. Catherine’s 10, 17, 21, 30… 78
6 St. Finbarr’s 7, 14, 20, 43… 84
7 West Muskerry 18, 32, 35, 36… 121

The Eagle AC team was….
1 Alan O’Brien Eagle
15 Gearoid O’Leary Eagle
19 John O’Callaghan Eagle
26 Kevin Geary Eagle
33 Eddie Byrne Eagle
38 David Levy Eagle


L-R...Pat Murphy (Competition Secretary), Gearóid O'Leary, Eddie Byrne, Alan O'Brien, Kevin Geary, David Levy & John O'Callaghan (Men's Team Captain)

L-R…Pat Murphy (Competition Secretary), Gearóid O’Leary, Eddie Byrne, Alan O’Brien, Kevin Geary, David Levy & John O’Callaghan (Men’s Team Captain)

BHAA Cork to Cobh 15 Mile Road Race…Sun 4th Oct 2015


Cork to Cobh: At least 30 members took part in the Cork to Cobh 15 mile road race on Sunday the 4th of October, the longest BHAA race on the calendar. As clubs are not listed, there are probably some names missing, but among those running were:
8 Alan O’Brien 01:29:19
25 Tony Cambridge 0/45B 01:36:17
33 Vivian Foley 0/45B 01:37:41
37 Derek O’Keeffe 0/40A 01:38:23
38 Ronan Boland 0/50C 01:38:28…2nd M50
45 Martin Leahy 0/50C 01:39:49
63 Colin O’Herlihy 0/40A 01:41:53
71 Paul Cotter 0/40A 01:43:02
88 KEN MULCAHY 0/45B 01:45:02
118 James Ryan 0/50C 01:49:40
128 Elaine Guinane 0/35H 01:50:17…2nd F35
145 Ian Roche 01:52:06
154 Eugene O’Connor 0/45B 01:52:47
197 Grellan McGrath 0/45B 01:55:44
224 David O’Callaghan0/50C 01:57:11
239 FINBARR LEHANE 0/40A 01:58:07
296 Ita Kirwan 0/45J 02:00:57
319 Tim McCarthy 02:02:26
333 Derek Costello 0/45B 02:03:08
371 John Dunleavy 0/50C 02:05:03
385 Frances O’Connor 0/55L 02:06:24…3rd F55
430 Jonathan Kenneally 02:08:47
478 Olive Dooley 0/40I 02:12:05
480 DYMPNA CONNOLLY 0/35H 02:12:14
481 Niamh Lehane 0/40I 02:12:15


Dympna Connolly & Niamh Lehane

557 Ber Looney 0/45J 02:17:35
565 Betty McKenzie 0/50K 02:18:19
568 Nora Corcoran 02:18:50
569 TRACY COTTER 02:18:50

Club album on Flickr


Nora Corcoran, Tracy Cotter & Betty McKenzie