Big club turnout for the Mallow 10 mile road race


Report by Ruairi Egan…

The big outing last weekend was the annual Mallow 10 mile road race on Sunday with 33 Eagles making the trip. In beautiful conditions, there were some great performances, PB’s and category prizewinners, with Eagle AC taking 4th place in the team scores overall.

Alan O’Brien took 4th place overall, and almost made it to third with a flying last mile in 4’54, just running out of road before he could pass James McCarthy of East Cork.


Alan, Tony Cambridge, Noel O’Connor, Elaine Guinane and Frances O’Connor all picked up top 3 places in their respective age categories. I know quite a few people ran PB times on the day, I won’t list the ones I know for fear of missing out someone else but well done to those who did.


Special mentions to club captain Damien Keneally who ran his first sub 60 10 miler, and to our photography chief Derek Costello who continues to improve with age and ran his first sub 70 despite assuring everyone at the start line that he was grievously injured 😉

Place Name Net Time Gross Time Bib Cat Sub Cat Club
4 Alan O’BRIEN 00:53:08 00:53:08 1145 M (4) M35 (2) Eagle AC
35 Sean O’KEEFFE 00:58:40 00:58:41 1318 M (34) M40 (9) Eagle AC
36 Mark SMITH 00:58:46 00:58:49 1564 M (35) M40 (10) Eagle AC
43 Damien Kenneally 00:59:19 00:59:23 1340 M (41) M40 (12) Eagle AC
44 Derek O’KEEFFE 00:59:21 00:59:24 1305 M (42) M40 (13) Eagle AC
62 Tony CAMBRIDGE 01:01:35 01:01:39 128 M (60) M50 (3) Eagle AC
79 Tom FOX 01:03:09 01:03:14 490 M (76) M50 (5) Eagle AC
101 Ken MULCAHY 01:04:11 01:04:26 1040 M (96) M45 (16) Eagle AC
132 Colin O’HERLIHY 01:05:41 01:05:53 1300 M (124) M45 (24) Eagle AC
142 Paul COTTER 01:06:21 01:06:32 246 M (134) M40 (40) Eagle AC
151 Dermot SLYNE 01:06:33 01:06:52 1560 M (143) M40 (45) Eagle AC
164 Jerome MCCARTHY 01:07:14 01:07:27 935 M (154) M35 (36) Eagle AC
213 Mike MCGRATH 01:09:15 01:09:33 967 M (198) M55 (4) Eagle AC
226 Derek COSTELLO 01:09:42 01:10:05 234 M (210) M45 (38) Eagle AC
227 Denis CARROLL 01:10:07 01:10:25 139 M (211) M55 (6) Eagle AC
246 Elaine GUINANE 01:11:25 01:11:50 563 F (19) F40 (7) Eagle AC- awarded F40 (3)
287 Kevin PHELAN 01:12:18 01:13:00 1437 M (263) M45 (46) Eagle AC
318 Gregg MOORE 01:13:43 01:13:59 1016 M (289) M45 (51) Eagle AC
339 Ruairi EGAN 01:14:20 01:14:45 416 M (304) M45 (57) Eagle AC
347 Eddie TRINDLE 01:14:21 01:15:02 1595 M (312) M40 (91) Eagle AC
344 Dermot GALLAGHER 01:14:55 01:14:55 496 M (310) M40 (90) Eagle AC
370 Noel O’CONNOR 01:15:21 01:15:54 1248 M (332) M60 (3) Eagle AC
412 Dolores GIBBONS 01:16:55 01:17:39 518 F (47) F45 (7) Eagle AC
437 Andrew MACDONALD 01:17:33 01:18:26 896 M (390) M35 (92)Eagle AC
440 Helen CRONIN 01:17:49 01:18:35 268 F (48) F35 (9) Eagle AC
484 Mairead LONERGAN 01:18:53 01:19:40 857 F (59) FS (14) Eagle AC
499 Marie Therese BRADY 01:19:25 01:20:12 72 F (66) F40 (23) Eagle AC
545 Finbarr LEHANE 01:21:00 01:21:48 827 M (460) M45 (89) Eagle AC
559 Ken NYHAN 01:21:25 01:22:07 1141 M (467) M40 (131) Eagle AC
578 Frances O’CONNOR 01:22:06 01:23:04 1239 F (102) F55 (3) Eagle AC
616 Michael DOOLEY 01:23:07 01:24:19 369 M (498) M50 (44) Eagle AC
636 Olive DOOLEY 01:24:00 01:24:57 370 F(127) F40 (46) Eagle AC
793 Ed FITZGERALD 01:28:53 01:29:26 444 M (584) M45 (112) Eagle AC

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Club Notes…Fri 30th March 2018

200-pix-news-resultsSome recent results…

Results – below 10k (Mairead Lonergan)

If you have any results to share or feel we are missing any, please do let us know.

Parkrun Results – 24th March
Castle Demense
48. Derry Casey 36.32 VM 45-49 M 27

26. Niall McSweeney 21.50 SM 30-34 26
31. Derek Costello 22.07 VM 45-49 M 31
39. Pat Twomey 22.24 VM 65-69 M 38
40. David Speight 22.25 VM 45-49 M 39
69. Deirdre O’Callaghan 24.12 VW 45-49 F 6 (New PB!)
72. John Swanton 24.23 VM 35 – 39 M 66
190. Anne Lucey Murphy 29.30 VW 60-64 F 48

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Cork County Road Championships: Monday, March 19th 2018


Cork County Road Championships: Monday, March 19th, CastlelyonsReport by Elaine Guinane

2 degrees and a strong easterly wind greeted the 8 women and 17 men from Eagle in Castlelyons last Monday morning. Despite the bitterly cold morning, numbers were big for the Cork County Road Championships, with over 200 athletes in total taking part across the two races. The women’s race got underway at 11am, followed a short while later by the men. The course could be described as testing but fair; there is a long drag in the second mile, compounded by the wind, but this is followed by a sheltered downhill section, allowing runners to make up any time lost on the previous mile.

Eagle AC were well represented and produced some excellent performances. In the women’s race, our F45 team of Ber Lee, Adelle O Connor and Dolores Gibbons took team gold, while our novice team just missed out on a medal, finishing in 4th place.


There were medals galore in the men’s race, with Alan O brien leading the team home in 3rd place overall, followed soon after by Mark Smith in 5th place. Alan took silver in the M35 category while Mark Smith won the M40 category. Pat O’Connor won the M50 category, Pat Murphy won the M60 and Richard Piotrowski won the M70. There were also Silver medal category finishes for Tom Fox M50 and Pat Twomey M65.

Eagle AC won gold in the M35 team event, with Alan O Brien, Mark Smith, Sean O Keefe and Ruairi O’Callaghan scoring, gold again in the M50 team event, with Pat O Connor Tom Fox and Richard Piotrowski scoring, and silver in the novice men’s teams with Mark Smith, Sean O Keeffe, Ruairi O’Callaghan and Derek O’Keeffe scoring.

Overall it was a highly successful day for the club; well done to all.

Women’s Results
Novice (14) Elaine Guinane Eagle AC 00.27.04 Masters (20) F40 (8)
Novice (17) Ber Lee Eagle AC 00.28.12 Masters (23) F45 (5)
Novice (21) Adelle O’Connor Eagle AC 00.29.01 Masters (28) F45 (6)
Novice (26) Helen Cronin Eagle AC 00.29.01 Masters (32) F 35 (8)
Novice (31) Mairead Lonergan Eagle AC 00.29.58
Novice (32) Dolores Gibbons Eagle AC 00.30.04 Masters (37) F45 (7)
Novice (42) Marie -Therese Brady Eagle AC 00.31.40 Masters (46) F40 (23)
Novice (48) Aine Corrigan Eagle AC 00.32.15 Masters (52) F40 (26)

Women’s Team Results
Novice Women 4th Teams Eagle AC (14,17,21,26) 78 points
Masters Women F35 7th Team Eagle AC (20,23,46) 98 points
Masters Women F45 1st Team Eagle AC (23,28,37) 88 points

Men’s Results
Masters (2) Alan O Brien M Eagle AC 00.21.05 M35 (2)
Novice (3) Mark Smith M Eagle AC 00.21.24 Masters (3) M40 (1)
Novice (8) Sean O’ Keeffe M Eagle AC 00.22.13 Masters (9) M40 (5)
Novice (11) Ruairi O Callaghan M Eagle AC 00.22.16 Masters (10) M35 (5)
Novice (15) Derek O’Keeffe M Eagle AC 00.22.50 Masters (16) M40 (8)
Novice (18) Pat O Connor M Eagle AC 00.23.11 Masters (19) M50 (1)
Novice (19) Thomas Fox M Eagle AC 00.23.30 Masters (21) M50 (2)
Novice (30) Colin O’ Herlihy M Eagle AC 00.24.30 Masters (30) M45 (6)
Novice (39) Eugene O’ Connor M Eagle AC 00.25.40 Masters (44) M45 (10)
Masters (61) Richard Piotrowski M Eagle AC 00.27.06 M70 (1)
Novice (53) Richard Hawkins M Eagle AC 00.27.13 Masters (63) M50 (5)
Novice (54) Steve Chrysanthou M Eagle AC 00.27.15 Masters (64) M55 (4)
Masters (78) Pat Twomey M Eagle AC 00.28.40 M65 (2)
Masters (83) Andrew O’ Farrell M Eagle AC 00.29.10 M65 (4)
Masters (86) Ken Higgs M Eagle AC 29.35 M 65 (6)
Masters (87) Pat Murphy M Eagle AC 00.29.35 M 60 (1)
Novice (70) Denis Looney M Eagle AC 00.29.54 Masters (89) M50 (8)

Men’s Team Results
Novice Men 2nd Team Eagle AC (3,8,11,15) 37 points
Masters Men M 35 1st Team Eagle AC (2,3,9,10) 24 points
Masters Men M50 1st Team Eagle AC (19,21,61) 101 points

Eagle athletes win 5 medals at 2018 National Masters Indoor T&F Chmpionships


Hugh McSweeney and Ken Higgs represented the club at the National Masters Indoor Championships on Saturday March 10th 2018. An action packed day at the magnificent AIT Indoor Arena began with Hugh winning the silver medal in the M70 long jump followed very quickly with a bronze medal in the 60m dash (which was won by another Cork athlete Brendan Dennehy of Rising Sun AC).

Hugh bronze 60m-620pix

Hugh McSweeney (L) getting a bronze medal for 60m in the M70 category ,with Brendan Dennehy (Rising Sun AC) getting gold.

My first race was the M65 800m, where I faced daunting opposition from the legendary Joe Gough (who recently broke the world record for the distance) and Martin McEvilly (the National Masters M65 cross country champion). Joe won the gold with ease but surprisingly I found a kick coming down the home straight to win the silver medal in a PB time of 2.43.

Ken in 800m-620pix

Ken Higgs crossing the line to get the silver medal in the M65 800m with Martin McEvilly of Galway City Harriers AC finishing third to take the bronze.

The M65 400m race followed shortly after and I benefited from some pre-race tactical advice from Hugh, a former European Masters Indoor 400m medalist. So holding back on the first lap I finish strongly to get the silver medal on the dip (again in a PB time of 1.09.).

Ken and Joe Gough 2-620pix

Ken Higgs (R) with a silver medal alongside Joe Gough of West Waterford AC (gold) for the M65 400m.

Hugh completed the silver medal haul with a strong run in the M70 200m pushing the winner John McDermott of Sligo AC all the way to the line.

Hugh silver 200m-620pix

Hugh McSweeney (L) with his silver medal for the 200m, along side John McDermott of Sligo AC (gold) and Earl Taylor of Mid Ulster AC (bronze)

At this point everything had gone really well, which brings me to the last race on the track the M65 1500m. It was late in the afternoon, the head and the legs were tired and no longer on the same page. The plan was to hang back and hope for a surge over the last lap, however the reality was quite different. Somehow I found myself leading lead the race for the first six laps only to blow up on the last lap to finish fourth.

Despite this setback, the Masters indoor track and field meeting had been a wonderful experience. It was really great to compete but it was also great to see the wide diversity of events and the high quality of performances across the Masters age categories. During the day I had the pleasure of meeting Michael Kiely, a former Eagle member from the early days of the club. A very fine runner who still competes on the track and wins medals in the M70 category. Overall it had been a very enjoyable and successful day at the races and I thoroughly recommend the indoor track to all our club members.