Cork County Road Championships: Monday, March 19th 2018


Cork County Road Championships: Monday, March 19th, CastlelyonsReport by Elaine Guinane

2 degrees and a strong easterly wind greeted the 8 women and 17 men from Eagle in Castlelyons last Monday morning. Despite the bitterly cold morning, numbers were big for the Cork County Road Championships, with over 200 athletes in total taking part across the two races. The women’s race got underway at 11am, followed a short while later by the men. The course could be described as testing but fair; there is a long drag in the second mile, compounded by the wind, but this is followed by a sheltered downhill section, allowing runners to make up any time lost on the previous mile.

Eagle AC were well represented and produced some excellent performances. In the women’s race, our F45 team of Ber Lee, Adelle O Connor and Dolores Gibbons took team gold, while our novice team just missed out on a medal, finishing in 4th place.


There were medals galore in the men’s race, with Alan O brien leading the team home in 3rd place overall, followed soon after by Mark Smith in 5th place. Alan took silver in the M35 category while Mark Smith won the M40 category. Pat O’Connor won the M50 category, Pat Murphy won the M60 and Richard Piotrowski won the M70. There were also Silver medal category finishes for Tom Fox M50 and Pat Twomey M65.

Eagle AC won gold in the M35 team event, with Alan O Brien, Mark Smith, Sean O Keefe and Ruairi O’Callaghan scoring, gold again in the M50 team event, with Pat O Connor Tom Fox and Richard Piotrowski scoring, and silver in the novice men’s teams with Mark Smith, Sean O Keeffe, Ruairi O’Callaghan and Derek O’Keeffe scoring.

Overall it was a highly successful day for the club; well done to all.

Women’s Results
Novice (14) Elaine Guinane Eagle AC 00.27.04 Masters (20) F40 (8)
Novice (17) Ber Lee Eagle AC 00.28.12 Masters (23) F45 (5)
Novice (21) Adelle O’Connor Eagle AC 00.29.01 Masters (28) F45 (6)
Novice (26) Helen Cronin Eagle AC 00.29.01 Masters (32) F 35 (8)
Novice (31) Mairead Lonergan Eagle AC 00.29.58
Novice (32) Dolores Gibbons Eagle AC 00.30.04 Masters (37) F45 (7)
Novice (42) Marie -Therese Brady Eagle AC 00.31.40 Masters (46) F40 (23)
Novice (48) Aine Corrigan Eagle AC 00.32.15 Masters (52) F40 (26)

Women’s Team Results
Novice Women 4th Teams Eagle AC (14,17,21,26) 78 points
Masters Women F35 7th Team Eagle AC (20,23,46) 98 points
Masters Women F45 1st Team Eagle AC (23,28,37) 88 points

Men’s Results
Masters (2) Alan O Brien M Eagle AC 00.21.05 M35 (2)
Novice (3) Mark Smith M Eagle AC 00.21.24 Masters (3) M40 (1)
Novice (8) Sean O’ Keeffe M Eagle AC 00.22.13 Masters (9) M40 (5)
Novice (11) Ruairi O Callaghan M Eagle AC 00.22.16 Masters (10) M35 (5)
Novice (15) Derek O’Keeffe M Eagle AC 00.22.50 Masters (16) M40 (8)
Novice (18) Pat O Connor M Eagle AC 00.23.11 Masters (19) M50 (1)
Novice (19) Thomas Fox M Eagle AC 00.23.30 Masters (21) M50 (2)
Novice (30) Colin O’ Herlihy M Eagle AC 00.24.30 Masters (30) M45 (6)
Novice (39) Eugene O’ Connor M Eagle AC 00.25.40 Masters (44) M45 (10)
Masters (61) Richard Piotrowski M Eagle AC 00.27.06 M70 (1)
Novice (53) Richard Hawkins M Eagle AC 00.27.13 Masters (63) M50 (5)
Novice (54) Steve Chrysanthou M Eagle AC 00.27.15 Masters (64) M55 (4)
Masters (78) Pat Twomey M Eagle AC 00.28.40 M65 (2)
Masters (83) Andrew O’ Farrell M Eagle AC 00.29.10 M65 (4)
Masters (86) Ken Higgs M Eagle AC 29.35 M 65 (6)
Masters (87) Pat Murphy M Eagle AC 00.29.35 M 60 (1)
Novice (70) Denis Looney M Eagle AC 00.29.54 Masters (89) M50 (8)

Men’s Team Results
Novice Men 2nd Team Eagle AC (3,8,11,15) 37 points
Masters Men M 35 1st Team Eagle AC (2,3,9,10) 24 points
Masters Men M50 1st Team Eagle AC (19,21,61) 101 points