Club results in the Churchtown South 5 mile road race…Thurs 27th July 2017

The annual Churchtown South 5 mile road race was held on Thursday the 27th of July and 25 members took part. We also had a number in the category prizes as well.

This was the third race of four in the Ballycotton Summer Series and we still have a number of members who have completed all three so far.


3rd F35 prize for Mairead Ryan

Ballycotton Summer Road Race Series 2017
CHURCHTOWN SOUTH ‘5’ Thursday 27 July 2017. 8:00pm

12 0:27:17 FOLEY, Vivian Eagle AC M45 05:27.3 6 12…2nd M45
19 0:28:35 O’CALLAGHAN, John Eagle AC M45 05:42.9 14 19
42 0:30:12 FOLEY, Colin Eagle AC M 06:02.3 28 42
43 0:30:14 O’CONNOR, Pat Eagle AC M45 06:02.7 20 43
47 0:30:26 FOX, Thomas Eagle AC M50 06:05.1 30 47…2nd M50
51 0:30:37 O’SULLIVAN, Vincent Eagle AC M 06:07.3 39 51
52 0:30:39 MCGUIRE, Brian Eagle AC M45 06:07.7 42 52
64 0:31:28 O’KEEFFE, David Eagle AC M 06:17.5 71 64
79 0:32:10 CASEY, Darren Eagle AC M40 06:25.9 69 79
90 0:32:33 BRISTOW, Chris Eagle AC M 06:30.5 57 90
110 0:33:28 DESMOND, John Eagle AC M50 06:41.5 86 110
134 0:34:10 DALY, Martin Eagle AC M40 06:49.9 550 134
168 0:35:09 RYAN, Mairead Eagle AC F35 07:01.7 548 168…3rd F35
181 0:35:42 SPEIGHT, David Eagle AC M45 07:08.2 113 181
210 0:36:54 O’CONNOR, Noel Eagle AC M55 07:22.6 137 210…2nd M55
252 0:38:10 QUIGLEY, John Eagle AC M60 07:37.8 207 252
255 0:38:13 LONERGAN, Mairead Eagle AC F 07:38.4 323 255
257 0:38:15 CORCORAN, Geraldine Eagle AC F40 07:38.8 310 257
261 0:38:25 O’CALLAGHAN, Deirdre Eagle AC F45 07:40.8 322 261…2nd F45
276 0:38:53 WALSH, Patrick Eagle AC M 07:46.4 712 276
277 0:38:54 ALLEN, Denis Eagle AC M50 07:46.6 156 277
291 0:39:23 MURPHY, Sean Eagle AC M 07:52.4 225 291
299 0:39:34 O’FARRELL, Andrew Eagle AC M60 07:54.6 181 299
353 0:41:36 MCCARTHY, John Eagle AC M 08:19.0 205 353
417 0:43:47 DONNELLY, David Eagle AC M 08:45.2 514 417

Race & Series results


2nd M50 prize for Tom Fox

Club Notes…Fri 21st July 2017

eagle_notes2Results from the Eagle AC newsletter…Karen Bevan (Newsletter Editor)

Hope you are all keeping well and running well.

A note of thanks sent in this week from John Dunphy ; ‘The Currabinny woods sessions are fantastic and a good turnout by members, pass on a big thank you to John Desmond and Ed Fitz for putting these on for the club”.

Always nice to hear positive feedback on events organised by the club.

This week brings the 3rd of the Ballycotton Summer series 5 milers in Churchtown south, which is one of our club targeted races, we also have plenty of Eagle’s running and pacing in the Killarney Half Marathon and 10K this Saturday, along with plenty of summer evening races to choose from, best of luck to all involved!

If you are running in any of the smaller summer races with no club results listed please do send on your results so that they can be included in the weekly email.

Enjoy the summer running and racing.

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Niamh McCarthy wins Silver at Para Athletics World Championships


Congratulations to club member Niamh McCarthy who has just won a Silver medal in the F41 Discus at the 2017 Para Athletics World Championships in London! Back in 2015, Niamh who is from Carrigaline won a Bronze medal in the same event in Doha.

As can be seen from the results below, Niamh effectively secured the Silver medal with her first attempt.


Report on the Paralympics Ireland website HERE

RTE News report HERE

Member Profile: Deirdre O’Callaghan

Deirdre-O-CallaghanMember Profile

Name: Deirdre O'Callaghan

Member of Eagle AC since: 2009

How long have you been running what made you take it up: 10 years. I returned to Cork after many years in Dublin and joined the "meet and train" group led by John Quigley as a way to get fit and make friends!  The friendships are still going strong and the "meet and train" girls and I have coffee together every Saturday morning!!

Favourite thing about running: Every run is an adventure. And none more so than the Eagle AC Cork to Kinsale run 2015 with John Desmond!!

Favourite race distance to run: 5 miles.

What is your main goal for this year: Complete the Ballycotton summer series, improving as I go!!

Your best race/most memorable racing moment to date: Lots of memorable moments – crossing the finish line of the Cork marathon in 2008 with the girls, is a standout. Best race is Churchtown South 5 mile 2015.

Tell us something most people might not know about you: I bake (and eat) sourdough bread. The sourdough starter or wild yeast, needs to be fed and watered daily. So it has to be entrusted to somebody reliable if I'm going on holidays!

Biggest heroes (sporting or non-sporting): Surgeons. Especially neurosurgeons. And the O'Donovan brothers.

One bit of advice you would give to someone thinking of taking up running: Train to your heart rate.

Other hobbies outside of running: Singing with my choir, gym, swimming and bread baking!

3 things you would take with you onto a desert island: A hammock, sunscreen and my kindle. I'd have to hope somebody would mind the yeast till I got back!

Club member Laurence Courtney in English Channel Relay Swim

The Myrtleville Selkies English Channel relay team: Brenda Sisk, Harry Casey, Ann Smyth, Marie Watson, Laurence Courtney, and John Kiely.

Spotted in the news during the week. Club member Laurence Courtney is part of six member team who will attempt a relay crossing of the English Channel on Friday. Named the ‘Myrtleville Selkies’, they will be swimming at least double the length of the 35km-wide channel, as the currents force participants to swim from side to side as the tide ebbs and flows. Full story here…

Club Training Programmes for the Charleville Half & the Dublin Marathon

It’s that time of year to start training in earnest for the Charleville Half-Marathon and/or the Dublin Marathon. The club has several programmes on offer for members that wish to follow them

Charleville-Dublin-Marathon-TrainingCharleville Half-Marathon – 3 Day Programme (3 key workouts per week…approx 30 miles per week)

Charleville Half-Marathon – 4 Day Intermediate Programme (Approx 40 miles per week)

Charleville Half-Marathon – 5 Day ‘Hard’ Programme (Approx 50 mile per week)

Dublin Marathon – 4 Day ‘Easy’ Programme (Approx 30-40 miles per week)

Dublin Marathon – 4 Day Intermediate Programme (Approx 35-45 miles per week)

Dublin Marathon – 5 Day ‘Hard’ Programme (Approx 45-55 miles per week)


Members will be asked to complete a questionaire and then will be advised on suitable paces for the programme they wish to follow. A training programme will be sent out to all participating members on a fortnightly basis.

The programme begins at the start of July 2017 and Eagle AC members are asked to sign up asap if they are interested.

Club Training sessions this weekend


With thoughts now turning to Half-Marathons and Marathons in the Autumn, the club has no fewer than 6 organised runs this weekend. While most are medium to long runs in Cork City and Carrigaline, the club also had a hill interval session in Currabinny Woods to sharpen up for the Summer races. This was organised by Ed Fitzgerald and John Desmond and was held on the forest trails in this stunning location in Cork Harbour.