Race report on the 2017 Berlin Marathon…by Donal Dowling

Berlin 2017 – The graft, elation and leaving thoughts of where is the End Game! …by Donal Dowling


As I sat last Saturday morning in the hotel lobby waiting for fellow Eagle Ronan Boland to go for a jog, I opened a magazine which was lying on the table and as I flicked through it I came across a nice quote from a famous Surfer Maya Gabeira who set the world record in 2009 for surfing the biggest ever wave by a female athletic. It went “Not cracking under pressure is the most essential thing in Sport. When the time comes, pressure can’t stop you; instead it makes you rise above what you thought possible”.

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Alan O’Brien runs 2:28 marathon in Berlin



Well done to club member Alan O’Brien who broke 2h 30m for the first time in the Berlin Marathon last Sunday! His time of 2h 28m 46s was the 5th fastest Irish performance in the German capital on the day.

Alan’s previous best was 2h 33m 31s in Dublin in 2016 so his Berlin time is almost a 5-minute improvement!


Alan was just part of a strong Eagle AC team that traveled to Berlin for the race with no fewer than 5 going sub 2h 50m.

Place number Name ac club Finish
100 33296 O’Brien, Alan (IRL) M35 Eagle AC 02:28:46
299 19439 Foley, Vivien (IRL) M45 Eagle AC 02:39:03
426 13920 Boland, Ronan (IRL) M50 Eagle AC 02:42:47
511 33469 O’Keefe, Sean (IRL) M40 Eagle AC 02:45:12
683 23274 Hill, Frank (IRL) M50 Eagle AC 02:48:55
2449 17655 Dowling, Donal (IRL) M40 Eagle AC 03:07:57
3841 37233 Ryan, Michael (IRL) M50 Eagle AC 03:17:55

As can be seen from the photo below, quite a number of runners from Cork were in Berlin for this marathon.


The day before the big race. Photo credit : Lisa Boland

Eagle AC hand over cheque for €5,500 to Fota Wildlife Park


Race directors Denis Looney & Ed Fitzgerald with Roisín Fitzgerald, Marketing Managing of Fota Wildlife Park

Following on from the successful Cheetah Run last May, the club has now handed over a cheque for €5,500 to Fota Wildlife Park from the proceeds of the race.

Fota Wildlife Park is a non-profit organisation and is also a registered charity. It is completely self-financing, relying entirely on gate receipts and membership fees for its income. Events like this are used to improve infrastructure and promote the company’s core objectives of conservation, education and research.

A word of thanks also to our race sponsors Laya Healthcare and John Buckley Sports.


Club Notes…Fri 22nd Sept 2017

Club Notes…Fri 22nd Sept 2017…by Karen Bevan & the news team : Well done to everyone who was running in Charleville last weekend another great turnout with some really impressive results and a long list of PB’s, as well as some spot on pacing, great running to all and Ruairi has plenty more on this below.

While you are watching to see if the Marathon record will fall in the Berlin Marathon on Sunday (24th) keep an eye out for our 6 club members running on the day, I have no doubt we will see some impressive times here too! The very best of luck to Ronan Boland (13920), Donal Dowling (17655), Frank Hill (23274), Alan O Brien (33296), Vivian Foley, Michael Ryan (37233) and Nuala Ryan (37234). Bib numbers included also. Enjoy what i’m sure will be a very memorable occasion.

Don’t forget our club BBQ is on this Saturday the 23rd in Sober Lane, the flying Enterprise Bar, start time is 8.30pm and do get in touch with Damian if you are attending, details below. This should be a fun night to see your club members out of their running clothes 😉


Club members out for the tempo session on Thurs evening 21st Sept

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Glen of Aherlow Trail Marathon report – by Gerard Down


Glen of Aherlow Trail Marathon report – by Gerard Down

Saturday saw the fourth running of the Glen of Aherlow Loop de Loop half marathon, marathon and ultramarathon and, for the fourth year, Eagle AC was represented – this year Austin Browne and myself lined up at the marathon start line. Numbers were up a little from last years 38 to this year’s 44.

The weather had not looked promising with low dark rain filled clouds hanging over the Glen and with a temperature that had the touch of winter on its way about it. But fortune smiled and rainfall was limited to drizzle and one or two short periods of heavier rain.

The recent heavy rains did result in a much wetter course than previous years with sections of the course waterlogged resulting in heavier going and, probably, slower times than might otherwise have been achieved.The course itself, a two lap course, was essentially the same as in previous years with the exception that some long stretches along forest fire roads had been replaced by trails through the woods giving a much more authentic and enjoyable trail feel to the race.


Austin Browne had a superb race finishing in third place overall in a time of 3.42 and taking first place in the Men’s Over 40 category.

In my own case a twisted ankle at mile nine resulted in a more leisurely pace than anticipated ending in a finishing time of 5.37 with a 36th place and first in Men’s O 60.

The days racing was finished off with a hot meal and refreshments at the race HQ in the Community Hall at Lisvernane.

Charleville Half-Marathon – Sun 17th Sept 2017

Charleville Half-Marathon – Sun 17th Sept 2017 : Results report by Ruairi Egan


Darren Casey, David O’Keeffe, Gary Gibbons & Martin Daly

As usual, a large contingent of Eagles took part in yesterday’s Charleville half marathon, 35 in total. Many had followed either followed the clubs training plan for this race, or used it as a tester during their Dublin training. In good conditions for racing, some great times were recorded, with at least 9 members we know of running PB’s.

Making the headlines again is Mark Smith with a stunning time of 1:11:52 to land 7th place overall out of the almost 1,200 starters. Well done to all members that took part.


Mark Smith & Vincent O’Sullivan

Place Name Club Net Cat Gen
7 Mark SMITH (1845) EAGLE AC 01:11:52 open (6) Male (7)
37 Ruairi O’CALLAGHAN EAGLE AC 01:18:25 open (25) Male (36)
41 Derek O’KEEFFE (20) EAGLE AC 01:18:40 O40 (11) Male (40)
64 Pat O’CONNOR (945) EAGLE AC 01:19:35 045 (8) Male (61)
83 Michael FORDE (435) EAGLE AC 01:21:50 open (46) Male (79)
90 Colin FOLEY (430) EAGLE AC 01:22:49 open (50) Male (85)
95 Tom FOX (439) EAGLE AC 01:23:00 O50 (4) Male (90)
96 Vincent O SULLIVAN EAGLE AC 01:23:05 open (54) Male (91)
116 Brian MCGUIRE (774) EAGLE AC 01:23:50 045 (13) Male (111)
127 Dermot SLYNE (1842) EAGLE AC 01:24:17 O40 (33) Male (122)
129 Colin O’HERLIHY EAGLE AC 01:24:34 045 (17) Male (124)
147 David O’KEEFFE Eagle AC 01:25:45 open (77) Male (142)
153 Darren CASEY (200) EAGLE AC 01:26:18 O40 (41) Male (148)
164 Paul COTTER (274) EAGLE AC 01:26:52 O40 (46) Male (158)
239 Jerome MCCARTHY EAGLE AC 01:29:45 open (112) Male (227)
257 Ian ROCHE (1764) EAGLE AC 01:31:03 open (114) Male (238)
302 Sandra MANNING EAGLE AC 01:33:23 open (17) Female (25)
359 Gary GIBBONS (448) EAGLE AC 01:36:23 01:36:06 045 (57) Male (323)
368 Martin DALY (323) EAGLE AC 01:36:42 O40 (94) Male (331)
394 Jerry MCCARTHY EAGLE AC 01:37:35 open (149) Male (348)
396 John SWANTON (1854) EAGLE AC 01:37:41 open (150) Male (350)
412 Catherine MURPHY (846) EAGLE AC 01:38:07 O40 (10) Female (49)
430 John SCANNELL EAGLE AC 01:38:59 045 (64) Male (376)
435 Derek COSTELLO Eagle AC 01:39:07 045 (67) Male (380)
441 Adelle O’CONNOR EAGLE AC 01:39:20 045 (7) Female (56)
442 Cathal TWOMEY EAGLE AC 01:39:28 open (166) Male (386)
563 Conn DONOVAN (43) EAGLE AC 01:44:39 open (212) Male (484)
607 Frances O’CONNOR ) EAGLE AC 01:46:44 055 (4) Female (91)
637 Brian BARRY (80) EAGLE AC 01:48:12 open (234) Male (534)
686 Elaine GUINANE (44) EAGLE AC 01:49:35 O40 (38) Female (126)
688 John DESMOND (45) EAGLE AC 01:49:36 O50 (52) Male (562)
691 Ed FITZGERALD (411) EAGLE AC 01:49:51 045 (98) Male (563)
847 Fiona O’RIORDAN EAGLE AC 01:58:50 045 (32) Female (218)
849 Denise O BRIEN (911) EAGLE AC 01:58:42 open (104) Female (220)
929 Fiona O’CONNOR EAGLE AC 02:03:42 045 (40) Female (267)
Results & photos of the Charleville Half-Marathon


Catherine Murphy before the race start

Eagle AC results at the Cork City 10 miler

A total of 17 club members took part in this year’s John Buckley Sports Cork City 10 Miler on Saturday the 9th of September with several picking up category prizes.


Tom Fox, Paul Cotter & Mark Smith

6 Mark SMITH (520) EAGLE A.C. 00:55:56 Senior (4) Male (6)
26 Vincent O’SULLIVAN (476) EAGLE A.C. 01:03:11 Senior (17) Male (26)
54 Tom FOX (174) EAGLE A.C. 01:06:03 O50 (3) Male (53)…3rd M50
59 Paul COTTER (96) EAGLE A.C. 01:06:52 O40 (9) Male (58)
84 Denis CARROLL (68) EAGLE A.C. 01:09:18 O55 (1) Male (80)…1st M55
91 Andrew KELLY (255) EAGLE A.C. 01:09:35 Senior (45) Male (86)
96 Eugene O’CONNOR (433) EAGLE A.C. 01:09:45 O45 (20) Male (91)
106 Mike MCGRATH (317) EAGLE A.C. 01:10:31 O55 (2) Male (101)…2nd M55
124 Ruairi EGAN (144) EAGLE A.C. 01:11:54 O45 (25) Male (116)
133 David MCCANN (310) EAGLE A.C. 01:12:49 O40 (27) Male (124)
136 John SWANTON (527) EAGLE A.C. 01:12:57 Senior (57) Male (127)
152 Cathal TWOMEY (564) EAGLE A.C. 01:13:47 Senior (65) Male (141)
193 Derek COSTELLO (95) EAGLE A.C. 01:16:07 O45 (39) Male (173)
199 Richard HAWKINS (200) EAGLE A.C. 01:16:39 O45 (40) Male (179)
269 Frances O’CONNOR (761) EAGLE AC 01:22:00 O55 (1) Female (33)…1st F55
314 Charlie BYRD (61) EAGLE A.C. 01:24:53 O50 (22) Male (265)
338 Ed FITZGERALD (4) EAGLE A.C. 01:26:53 O45 (57) Male (278)


Category prize for Frances O’Connor

Club Notes…Fri 8th Sept 2017

Club Notes…Fri 8th Sept 2017…by Karen Bevan & the news team : Well done to all involved in races this week, I think we covered all bases. Great results in the Greenway half marathon and some very impressive endurance running in the wind and rain over the Kerry mountains. We also had a representative in the cross country running and plenty of Eagle Ac members out in the St Luke’s 5k this evening. Great stuff everyone!


L-R…Maura Regan, Adelle O’Connor & Kelly Agnew at the St.Luke’s 5k. This was Maura’s first 5k race in two and half years and ended up winning the F35 category!

Best of Luck to anyone running in the John Buckley 10 mile road race on Saturday evening, the 9th. A fast and fast course so do get out there and show them what the Eagles can do; You’ll be great we have no doubt about that!

Have a great weekend and hope the training is going well for whatever you next goal may be.

Thanks as always to all who have contributed to the email this week.

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Report on the 2017 Paris Marathon…by Eddie Trindle

Report on the 2017 Paris Marathon (by Eddie Trindle)

The 2017 Schneider Electric Paris Marathon took place on Sunday, April 9th. In glorious weather (for walking!) 43,754 runners started the race with 42,441 finishers. This makes Paris the largest marathon in Europe (just ahead of London). By 12.30 the temperature had reached 20 degrees and it peaked at 25 later in the afternoon. 3 Eagles went to the start line that morning: Tony Cambridge, my brother Aidan and I. Coincidentally it took place the same day as the Rotterdam marathon.


Aidan & Eddie Trindle

With the Paris marathon taking place on the Sunday morning I flew into CDG airport on the Friday afternoon. Aidan arrived that night. Both our families had traveled over for it. We met up on the Saturday morning for a coffee, Parisian style, on the terrace. Karen Bevan had run the marathon in Paris the previous year and gave us good tips in advance. I didn’t take part in the Breakfast Run on the Saturday morning. This in itself is a stunning 5k route starting at the Place du Palais Royal and finishing under the Eiffel Tower – with about 3,000 runners.

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Eagle AC in the prizes at the Greenway Half-Marathon in Waterford


Eagle AC was well represented at the West Waterford AC Greenway Half Marathon on Saturday the 2nd of September and came home with with plenty of prizes.

Mark Smith was 3rd Male overall. Elaine Guinane, Karen Bevan & Helen Cronin won 2nd Ladies Team. Paul Cotter, Pat O’Connor & Vincent O’Sullivan won 2nd Men’s Team. Also, Mairead Ryan won 2nd F35 category & Pat O’Connor 3rd M45. Fantastic running everyone.

3 Mark SMITH 01:13:23 107 MS (2) Eagle AC
21 Paul COTTER 01:22:37 110 M40 (4) Eagle AC
22 Pat O’CONNOR 01:22:47 170 M45 (3) Eagle AC
25 Vincent O’SULLIVAN 01:23:19 117 MS (16) Eagle AC
88 Mairead RYAN 01:37:06 195 F35 (2) Eagle AC
94 Elaine GUINANE 01:38:05 94 F40 (5) Eagle AC
119 Karen BEVAN 01:42:04 177 F35 (5) Eagle AC
132 Helen CRONIN 01:45:16 174 F35 (7) Eagle AC
141 Mairead LONERGAN 01:46:37 206 FS (6) Eagle AC
220 Gregg MOORE 01:55:54 212 M45 (32) Eagle AC
257 Lisa BOLAND 01:58:24 89 F45 (12) Eagle AC

Results & Photos


3rd place finish for Mark Smith


Mairead Ryan…2nd F35


Team Prize for Eagle AC!