Report on the 2015 Barcelona Marathon…by Tim McCarthy

Tim_McCarthyAfter doing 2 marathons in a short space of time last year I said that I’d hold off for a while before I’d do another one but after being slightly jealous of everyone doing Dublin last October, I decided some spring sunshine in Barcelona would be a good choice for my 3rd one. Over the next few weeks I persuaded Sandra, Damian and Finbarr to come along and then found out that Grellan, Kevin, Nora and Edwina had also booked it. So, 8 of us from the club headed to Barcelona for the marathon.

I headed for Dublin on Thursday evening with Finbarr and Damian (and our supporters club) and overnighted in a hotel near the airport. We headed to the airport at 4:30am for the 6:40am flight to Barcelona on Friday. I knew our hotel was near the start line but I didn’t realise how close it was until we got there on Friday before lunchtime. The hotel was called Pestana Arena. It’s in an ideal location as its only 400m from the start/finish line, the expo centre and there are plenty of nice places to eat nearby. We all went to the Expo on Friday afternoon to collect our race numbers and then relaxed for the rest of the day.

On Saturday some of us went touring in the morning. We had arranged to meet everyone at McCarthy’s Irish pub in the city centre to watch the Ireland v Wales rugby match. There was plenty chat about gels, pace and tactics and the result of the match was forgotten about. We arranged a club photo for 8am the following morning on the steps of the expo centre to the right of the red brick towers.


The big day arrived for me at 5:30am. Damian and I went for a small walk down to the start line, then headed back to the hotel for breakfast with Finbarr and our supporting/suffering wives 😉 It was a lovely clear day about 8°C with no wind, an ideal day for running. Sandra arrived on the metro from outside Barcelona and met us at our hotel. We all headed off for the group photo at 8am. We couldn’t find the rest of the gang as about 10,000 other people had the same idea as us. We all wished each other well and made our way to our starting waves.


At the start there was a massive fanfare of confetti and music blaring for each wave start and this was brilliant. This was my 1st time ever running with km splits and I turned off the min/mile averages on my Garmin. I ran with a 42 x 1k splits wristband with the time it should be at each split. My Garmin had just time and HR on it. My target was 3:28:59; this gave me a minute of a cushion for my sub 3:30.

For the 1st 5k you are climbing to the highest point on the course out by the Camp Nou. I lost a bit of time in this section with the crowd and my HR was a bit high which made me extra cautious as I didn’t want to blow up like the last time. The next 5k I got back on track with my time as we were going back down in elevation to where we started at Placa d’Espana. Here I saw our ‘WAG’s’ for the 1st time with their Irish flag and they cheered for each of us as we passed. They then hopped on the Metro too try and catch us at some other parts of the course.

From 10k to 16k the route is through a built up residential part of the city. This is great because the height of the buildings means you are running in the shade. There’s a lot of support along this section and you also pass one of Barcelona’s main tourist attractions – the unfinished cathedral Sagrada Familia …. Not that I took any real notice of it to be honest, but it’s fairly spectacular!


The next 5k you’re running an out and back section, with another incline to the turnaround point. I didn’t take much notice of it as I was too busy trying to spot any Eagle singlet’s on the other side of the road. It wasn’t long before I spotted Grellan looking really focused on the other side well ahead of the 3hr pacers. He didn’t hear me shouting so when I saw Kevin I made sure he heard me, we acknowledge each other. Just after the turnaround point I spotted Damian making his way to the turnaround point, smiling and waving in my direction… I presumed he had spotted a camera somewhere 😉 I got to the 20k mark bang on my time of 1:39 but I was still concerned that my HR was too high and it hadn’t gone down from when I started. It was reading between 170-175 after having done all by long run training at 150 (I know my HR is high but it always has been). I was still feeling good so I made the decision to stick to the plan for another 10k and see how it went.

The 20k to 30k section is flat enough but has another long out and back section and by the time I got to the 30k (2:27:35) mark I had nearly a minute built up but was starting to feel it in the legs. I kept telling myself I’m on for 3:28 now and don’t blow it over the next 12k, dig deep and hold what I have, its only 1hr of running. My HR was started creeping up now too around 183.

The next section took us along the marina and the beach but to be honest I was concentrating on keeping the legs moving at the same pace and imagining running my 10k loop in Carrigtwohill, not the beach front in Barcelona. After passing the pedestrian section where we ran under the Arc De Triomf, out from nowhere out popped the WAG’s again at the 37k mark with their Irish flag and screaming my name, the pace picked up again.


At this stage I was counting down laps of the CIT track and the HR was at 195. I got to the 40k mark in 3:18:06, 7 seconds behind my 3:29 wristband – My 3:28 gone and now trying to hold my Sub 3:30.

I remember Grellan saying the day before that the last 2k on Avenue Parel-Lei was a drag and to save something for here… Well I was brought back to Manchester again with the two towers (near the finish) at the end of the 2k street resembling Old Trafford last year… never getting any closer 😉 but in fairness the crowd along the street kept you going as they were right in on top of you cheering you along. When I got to the end of this ‘little drag’ I spotted Grellan hanging over the barrier roaring at me and I picked up again for the last 200m – Job done – 3:29:23 achieved and I left everything out there.

All 8 of us did great times and really enjoyed the race. Grellan did 2:55, Kevin 3:14, Sandra 3:18, Damian 3:43, Finbarr 3:48, Nora 3:57 and Edwina 4:00 (carrying an injury). We all met up for a few sociable pints and dinner that evening to swap stories of our great day.


As I have only ever done 3 marathons I can’t really compare Barcelona to other marathons, but of the ones I’ve done it’s the biggest and best by far. With nearly 16,000 athletes, there are water stations at every 2.5k on both sides of the road with notices 100m before that they are coming up. At the stations there is bottled water, Gatorade, Gu gels, fruit and Vaseline. There were numerous bands and groups playing drums all along the route. There’s lots of support along the way and it’s very easy with the metro for supporters to go to different points. In the 2nd half of the course there’s cold mist showers to cool you down and the area in the run up to the finish line is amazing. Even though there are a few drags, they aren’t too bad as you can see from the elevation below. Would I do it again? Yes, definitely.

Tim McCarthy


Report on the Kilmacsimon 6k & 10k fun runs…Sun 8th Feb 2015 by Pat Twomey

Pat_TwomeyIt was a cold, foggy, spring morning as we made our way through Bishopstown but as we climbed the hill after the Chetwyn viaduct the fog burned off and the temperature climbed to a comfortable 5 degrees. We were heading for Kilmacsimon Quay near Inishannon and the 10km road race was the challenge that I had selected to make my ‘comeback’ after more than a three month enforced lay-off from road racing. I had chosen this race as I believed (mistakenly) that it would be a flat course along the banks of the river Bandon.

After we reached the impressive newly-built hall belonging to the Kilmacsimon Rowing club, I quickly learned that the course was a bit ‘challenging’ in the first half but the second section is nearly all downhill to the finish. There was also a 6km on offer but I decided to take the 10k+ challenge. Following entry, I was wondering if I had gone in over my head by selecting the hilly longer course. I now began to get worried as the previous week I had suffered badly on a ‘hilly’ training run with John O’Callaghan and Pat O’Conner but then who hasn’t suffered on the Inishcara training run! Nevertheless, I was consoled a bit when I met another Eagle Ciaran Bouse who had also entered the 10km and he told me that the previous day (Saturday) he had competed in the Killarney 5km and came 9th overall with a fine time of 17.50!

Ciarán Bouse...2nd in the 10k

Ciarán Bouse…2nd in the 10k

Prior to the walkers setting off at 11.30 I decided to check out the first mile of the course for a warm-up. I shouldn’t have bothered as the hill after about 500 meters seemed to rise rather sharply and go on forever. Back at the start line I took my position with about another 60 hardy souls at 12 noon and then we were off. Knowing the steepness of the hill around the corner I decided to tuck in and take it ‘easy’ for the first half and then see what was left in the tank. Ciaran Bouse was taking no prisoners from the start and settled into a comfortable lead followed by Aiden Burke. At the hill Ciaran was still leading but Aiden had closed the gap and then they went out of sight so I had to concentrate on my own survival and the heartbreaker of a hill that confronted me. Three miles later I just about survived reaching the top of the hill when I saw (in the far distance) that Ciaran had been overtaken by Aiden Burke but was still in contention. The final three miles of the course was a dream and it felt great to be passing people all the way – even though they were just the walkers!
I managed to finish fairly strong in the rather sedentary time of 43.02 but I then learned that Ciaran Bouse had finished second in a credible time of 39.06. But better again was the news that Eagle AC member David O’Callaghan had won the 6k race in 25.06. All in all a good day for Eagles – a winner (Dave), a runner up (Ciaran) and an also ran (me). Not sure if any other Eagles were in the race or not as the results don’t identify the runners’ clubs.

The race was followed by refreshments in the rowing club for the walkers and runners. The fare on offer must have been one of the best that I have experienced in the ‘long slog’ that is my running career. The homemade tea-brack went down a treat and was so nice that I asked the nice lady serving it for the recipe. If anybody wants the recipe just drop me a line.
A good day and a race that I would recommend strongly. And if it was only for the tea-brack afterwards that you made the trek in 2016 then it would be well worth it!

Pat Twomey

Big turnout from Eagle AC for Mallow 10 race…Sun 22nd Mar 2015

A large contingent of 48 members took part in this years Mallow 10 mile road race in North Cork. Three members got category prizes…Pat Twomey 1st M60, Frances O’Connor 1st F55 and Denis Carroll 2nd M55.


18 Alan O’Brien Eagle AC 0:57:24 0:57:25
41 Vivian Foley Eagle AC M40 0:59:47 0:59:55
44 Ronan Boland Eagle AC M50 0:59:56 01:00:02
47 Killian O’Connor Eagle AC M 01:00:13 01:00:15
49 John O’Callaghan Eagle AC M40 01:00:28 01:00:31
51 Derek O’Keeffe Eagle AC M40 01:00:47 01:00:48
67 Eric Browne Eagle AC M 01:02:11 01:02:11
70 Gearoid Leary Eagle AC M 01:02:33 01:02:33
81 Pat O’Connor Eagle AC M45 01:03:04 01:03:08

Pat O'Connor...63:04

Pat O’Connor…63:04

95 Frank Hill Eagle AC M50 01:04:09 01:04:15
114 Neil Mackay Eagle AC M40 01:04:43 01:04:52
135 Paul Cotter Eagle AC M40 01:05:58 01:06:06
141 Tony Cambridge Eagle M45 01:05:58 01:06:31
142 Kieran Mulcahy eagle ac M45 01:06:21 01:06:36
162 Colin O’herlihy Eagle AC M40 01:07:50 01:08:05
164 James Ryan Eagle A.C M45 01:07:58 01:08:12
171 Eddie Byrne Eagle AC M45 01:08:03 01:08:18
195 Denis Carroll Eagle ac M55 01:08:46 01:09:09
229 Pat Twomey Eagle AC M60 01:09:50 01:10:03
232 Ruairi Egan Eagle AC M45 01:09:45 01:10:07
254 Kevin Fennessy Eagle AC 01:11:11 01:11:11
255 Roger O’mahony Eagle AC M40 01:10:50 01:11:12
259 Annemarie Power Eagle F40 01:11:00 01:11:29
262 Patrick Walsh Eagle AC M 01:11:12 01:11:44
263 Denis Looney Eagle AC M45 01:11:27 01:11:53
264 Charlie Byrd Eagle M45 01:11:39 01:11:54
279 Mike McGrath Eagle AC M55 01:12:14 01:12:28
311 Linda Cussen Eagle AC F35 01:13:08 01:13:48
331 David Speight Eagle M40 01:14:12 01:14:45
358 Patrick O’gorman EagleAC M40 01:15:16 01:15:25
360 Michael Dooley Eagle AC M45 01:14:46 01:15:28
371 John Desmond Pacer Eagle AC 85 M50 01:14:58 01:15:37
395 Kevin O’Connor Eagle AC M45 01:15:56 01:16:40
409 John Mccarthy Eagle A.C. 01:16:39 01:17:20
421 Deirdre O’Callaghan Eagle F40 01:17:05 01:17:40
433 Mark Gallagher Eagle A.C. M40 01:17:16 01:18:16
451 Mary Cotter Eagle AC F50 01:18:40 01:18:48
498 Paul Scannell Eagle ac 01:20:21 01:20:30
499 Frances O’Connor Eagle AC F55 01:19:50 01:20:32
511 Dympna Connolly Eagle A.C. F35 01:20:13 01:21:02
551 John Dunleavy Eagle AC M50 01:22:45 01:22:45
573 Tracy Cotter Eagle AC F 01:23:04 01:24:05
620 Betty McKenzie Eagle AC F50 01:24:59 01:25:41
658 Bernadette Looney Eagle AC F45 01:25:49 01:27:16
663 Ann Hayes Eagle F55 01:27:33 01:27:33
818 Grainne Sheehan Eagle AC F35 01:32:06 01:34:16
877 Jim Costello Eagle AC M50 01:34:37 01:36:43
950 Catriona Hawkins Eagle AC F40 01:38:36 01:40:05



17th Mar…Medals for club at Cork County Road Championships

The annual Cork Country Novice & Masters road championships were held in Midleton on Tuesday the 17th of March 2015. The club had 30 members taking part…21 men and 9 women.


In the womens Novice race, these were the finishing positions with the first 4 being the scoring members of the team…

10 Elaine Guinane (26:40), 12 Ann Marie Power (27:08), 22 Adelle O Connor (28:50), 23 Deirdre O Callaghan (29:04), 27 Ber Lee (29:35), 35 Dympna Connolly (29:59) , 42 Tracy Cotter (31:46), 43 Karen Bevan (32:40), 44 Ber Looney (33:14)

In the Novice team competition, the club took Bronze after finishing in 3rd with 67pts…
3rd Eagle…Elaine Guinane 10, Ann-Marie Power 12, Adelle O’Connor 22 and Deirdre O’Callaghan 23 = 67 pts

In the Masters women category, these were the results…
9 Elaine Guinane, 10 Ann Marie Power, 18 Adelle O Connor, 21 Deirdre O Callaghan, 25 Ber Lee, 29 Dympna Connolly, 34 Karen Bevan, 37 Ber Looney,

In the Over 35 category, the club finishing 3rd with 3 to score this time…
3rd Eagle…Elaine Guinane 9, Ann-Marie Power 10 and Adelle O’Connor 18 = 37 pts

Elaine Guinane also won an individual Silver in the F35 category.


In the Novice Men competition, these were the club finishers…
4 Alan O’Brien (21:31), 23 Eric Browne (22:46), 24 Killian O’Connor (23:03), 25 John O’Callaghan (23:08), 35 Ruari O’Callaghan (23:35), 40 Paul Cotter (24:04), 43 Michael Carroll (24:09), 47 Sean O’Sullivan (24:11), 55 Kieran Mulcahy (24:46), 57 James Ryan (24:52), 59 Neil Mackay (24:57), 63 Eugene O’Connor (25:15), 81 Simone Rodigari (26:50). With the first 4 to score, the club finished 4th.

In the Masters Men competition, these were the positions…
Place Name Team Name
5 Alan O Brien, 18 John O Callaghan, 22 Ruari O Callaghan, 30 Paul Cotter, 34 Sean O Sullivan, 44 Kieran Mulcahy, 47 James Ryan, 49 Neil Mackay, 53 Eugene O Connor, 62 Joe Murphy (26:07), 63 Denis Looney (26:11), 65 John Desmond (26:18), 68 Denis Carroll (26:40), 72 Pat Twomey (27:11), 77 Charlie Byrd (27:34), 85 Paul Cotter (28:21), 89 John Quigley (29:26).

In the M35 team category (ages 35-49) and with the first 4 to score, the club took Bronze with 75 points.
Masters Men Teams – O35
3rd Eagle…5 Alan O’Brien, 18 John O’Callaghan, 22 Ruairi O’Callaghan and 30 Paul Cotter = 75 pts

In the M50 team category (ages 50 and over) and with the first 3 to score, the club took Bronze again…
Masters Men Teams – O50
3rd Eagle…62 Joe Murphy, 65 John Desmond and 68 Denis Carroll = 195 pts

There were individual medals for the following…
Masters Men O55…2 Joe Murphy, 3 Denis Carroll
Masters Men O60…3 John Quigley

Joe Murphy putting in a particularly strong performance on the day to lead the M50 team to Bronze

Joe Murphy putting in a particularly strong performance on the day to lead the M50 team to Bronze

Overall, it was another successful outing for the club with 4 team medals and 4 individual medals. Well done everyone!

15th Mar…Eagle AC results from the Barcelona Marathon

A contingent of 8 Eagle AC members made the trip this year to the Barcelona Marathon, one of the largest in Europe. With blue skies and ideal conditions, several recorded new PB’s.

PB's for Finbarr Lehane, Sandra Manning, Tim McCarthy & Damian Kenneally

PB’s for Finbarr Lehane, Sandra Manning, Tim McCarthy & Damian Kenneally

Grellan McGrath…2:55:35…breaking the 3 hour barrier yet again.
Kevin Geary…3:14:32
Sandra Manning…3:18:30…PB!…..22nd woman overall and first Irish woman home.
Tim McCarthy…3:29:23…PB!
Damian Kenneally…3:43:53…1st Marathon!
Finbarr Lehane…3:48:04…PB!
Nora Corcoran…3:57:45
Edwina Boyce…4:00:42…with an injury!

Well done to all concerned!

13th Mar…Club Awards Night

The club held its annual awards ceremony last Sunday night following the Ballycotton 10 mile road race as members caught up on the proceedings of the day. As in previous years, the nominees were selected by the club members and the final award winners were decided by members as well.

The first award category was for Club Athlete of the Year. The membership of the club nominated the following…
Alan O’Brien
Killian O’Connor
Eric Browne
John O’Callaghan
Elaine Guinane
Don Keohane
Noella Carroll
David O’Donovan
Sandra Manning
Adelle O’Connor
Deirdre O’Callaghan
Ciarán Bouse
Vivian Foley
Deirdre Nagle
Simone Rodigari

The second award category was for most improved athlete. The membership of the club nominated the following…
Tim McCarthy
Sandra Manning
James Ryan
Eric Browne
Linda Cussen
Donnacha Lehane
John McCarthy
Elaine Guinane
David O’Donovan
Noella Carroll
Damian Kenneally
Pat O’Connor
Denis Looney
Gearoid O’Leary
Paul Cotter (Jnr)
Ber Looney
Kieran Mulcahy

The third award category was for the most outstanding performance by an Eagle AC member in 2014. The membership of the club nominated the following…
Womens team – Winning silver at Munster half marathon championships in September
Gerard Down – Completing the Kaiser Mountain Mararthon in Austria
Alan O Brien- 2:46 in the 2014 Dublin City Marathon
Eric Browne – 2:48 in the Limerick Marathon
Killian O Connor – Winning the Clonakilty 10km
Grellan McGrath – Winning the Belfast 12 hour track in July
Sean Twomey – 4:16 in the Dublin City Marathon
Pat O’Connor – PB of 1:22 in theWaterford Half-Marathon
Mens team – Silver Medal in the Novice B Cross Country Championships in October
Alan O’Brien – 28:17 in the Carrigaline 5 mile road race in Feb 2014
Nora Corcoran – Completing the Portumna 50k Ultra in 4:59
Martin Leahy’s – sub 3 hour (2:59) in the Boston marathon
Ronan Boland – 2:55 in the Nice-Cannes Marathon
Deirdre Nagle – Silver medal in the F35 category at Munster Masters Cross Country Championships

The fourth and final award category was for the club person of the year. The membership of the club nominated the following…
Denis Looney
Elaine Guinane
Pat Murphy
Joe Roche
Tim McCarthy
Deirdre O’Callaghan
John Quigley
John Desmond
Joe Murphy
Colin O’Herlihy

In an online poll in which over 100 members voted, the results were as follows…

Athlete of the Year: Alan O’ Brien

Most Improved Athlete: Elaine Guinane

Performance of the year: Alan O Brien, 2:46 in the Dublin Marathon

Club person of the year: A three way tie! Denis Looney, John Desmond and Elaine Guinane

The awards were presented by last years winners…

(L-R) Grellan McGrath presenting Athlete of the Year award and Performance of the Year award to Alan O'Brien / Eric Browne presenting the Most Improved Athlete to Elaine Guinane / Elaine was the winner of last years Club member of the Year. Alan O'Brien did the honours and presented her with the award which was a 3 way tie.

(L-R) Grellan McGrath presenting Athlete of the Year award and Performance of the Year award to Alan O’Brien / Eric Browne presenting the Most Improved Athlete to Elaine Guinane / Elaine was the winner of last years Club Person of the Year. Alan O’Brien did the honours and presented her with the award for which there was a 3 way tie.

Thanks to everyone taking the time to nominate and vote and well done to all the winners!

8th Mar…Big turnout from club for Ballycotton 10 race


A total of 71 members turned out for this years Ballycotton 10 race in East Cork on what was a mild sunny day. Plenty of new PBs were recorded with 6 members making the top 100 for the coveted finisher t-shirts.

71 Eric Browne Eagle AC M M (59:10) 59:11
78 Tony Cambridge Eagle AC M M45 (59:29) 59:32
84 Derek O’Keeffe Eagle AC M M40 (59:46) 59:53
90 Simone Rodigari Eagle AC M M (1:00:09) 1:00:11
99 John O’Callaghan Eagle AC M M40 (1:00:32) 1:00:36
100 Gearoid O’Leary Eagle AC M M (1:00:29) 1:00:38
133 Pat O’Connor Eagle AC M M45 (1:01:43) 1:01:46
139 Frank Hill Eagle AC M M50 (1:01:58) 1:02:00
161 Ruairi O’Callaghan Eagle AC M M (1:02:47) 1:02:57
194 Paul Cotter Eagle AC M M40 (1:03:49) 1:03:57
342 Ken Wynman Eagle AC M M45 (1:07:40) 1:08:06
347 Eddie Byrne Eagle AC M M45 (1:07:55) 1:08:08
373 Denis Carroll Eagle AC M M55 (1:08:33) 1:08:42
408 Trevor O’Sullivan Eagle AC M M40 (1:08:49) 1:09:22
434 Elaine Guinane Eagle AC F F35 (1:09:25) 1:09:53
439 Tadhg Og Lynch Eagle AC M M40 (1:09:44) 1:09:57
456 John Desmond Eagle AC M M50 (1:10:04) 1:10:14
467 Denis Looney Eagle AC M M45 (1:09:58) 1:10:29
481 Brian McGuire Eagle AC M M45 (1:10:18) 1:10:47
513 Roger O’Mahony Eagle AC M M40 (1:11:03) 1:11:31
524 Sheila Cronin Eagle AC F F35 (1:10:52) 1:11:41
577 Michael McGrath Eagle AC M M55 (1:12:27) 1:12:33
598 Jonathan Kenneally Eagle AC M M (1:11:55) 1:12:53
644 Kieran Mulcahy Eagle AC M M45 (1:11:45) 1:13:40
664 David O’Donovan Eagle AC M M (1:13:51) 1:14:06
719 Kevin O’Connor Eagle AC M M45 (1:14:34) 1:14:54
729 Michael Dooley Eagle AC M M45 (1:14:19) 1:15:03
800 David Muldowney Eagle AC M M40 (1:15:58) 1:16:08
803 Cathal Twomey Eagle AC M M (1:15:32) 1:16:13
902 Conn Donovan Eagle AC M M (1:16:09) 1:17:31
904 Pat O’Keeffe Eagle AC M M45 (1:16:09) 1:17:33
907 Finbarr O’Connell Eagle AC M M (1:16:45) 1:17:35
937 David Speight Eagle AC M M40 (1:17:38) 1:17:58
939 Paul Scannell Eagle AC M M (1:17:08) 1:18:01
964 John Quigley Eagle AC M M60 (1:18:08) 1:18:27
972 Gillian Murphy Eagle AC F F35 (1:17:52) 1:18:34
977 Patrick Walsh Eagle AC M M (1:18:17) 1:18:38
980 Frank Cotter Eagle AC M M50 (1:17:54) 1:18:40
992 Deirdre O’Callaghan Eagle AC F F40 (1:18:29) 1:18:49
1024 Siobhan Ni Mhurchu Eagle AC F F35 (1:18:15) 1:19:09
1064 Damien Kenneally Eagle AC M M (1:18:55) 1:19:37
1064 Tim McCarthy Eagle AC M M (1:18:55) 1:19:37

Tim McCarthy & Damien Kenneally

Tim McCarthy & Damien Kenneally

1066 Donal Kelleher Eagle AC M M40 (1:18:31) 1:19:39
1089 Derek Costello Eagle AC M M45 (1:19:27) 1:19:57
1095 Donal Cronin Eagle AC M M (1:19:44) 1:20:01
1112 Donal McGrath Eagle AC M M50 (1:18:43) 1:20:17
1137 Frances O’Connor Eagle AC F F55 (1:19:09) 1:20:33
1183 Paul Conway Eagle AC M M (1:19:10) 1:21:06
1258 Dympna Connolly Eagle AC F F35 (1:20:36) 1:22:13
1264 John Dunleavy Eagle AC M M50 (1:21:56) 1:22:17
1336 Ita Kirwan Eagle AC F F45 (1:20:51) 1:23:11
1411 Karen Bevan Eagle AC F F35 (1:23:12) 1:24:27
1412 Finbarr Lehane Eagle AC M M40 (1:22:57) 1:24:27
1541 Betty McKenzie Eagle AC F F50 (1:24:48) 1:26:11
1645 Tracy Cotter Eagle AC F F (1:25:37) 1:27:36
1657 Kevin Phelan Eagle AC M M45 (1:25:08) 1:27:48
1677 Grace O’Leary Eagle AC F F (1:25:34) 1:28:11
1682 Carol Sinnott Eagle AC F F35 (1:25:57) 1:28:15
1754 Bernadette Looney Eagle AC F F45 (1:27:58) 1:29:20
1787 Jane McGrath Eagle AC F F50 (1:28:05) 1:29:50
1869 Kevin O’Driscoll Eagle AC M M60 (1:29:14) 1:30:50
1930 Ann Hayes-MacSweeney Eagle AC F F55 (1:29:02) 1:31:42
1945 Pat King Eagle AC M M40 (1:29:10) 1:31:55
1996 Eilish Hornibrook Eagle AC F F40 (1:31:07) 1:32:30
2115 Claudia Pieper-Kelly Eagle AC F F35 (1:31:21) 1:34:18
2119 Norman Kelly Eagle AC M M40 (1:31:25) 1:34:21
2173 Irene Keohane Eagle AC F F40 (1:33:39) 1:35:28
2209 Grainne Sheehan Eagle AC F F35 (1:33:04) 1:36:08
2359 Pat Malone Eagle AC F F35 (1:39:19) 1:39:21
2470 Michelle McBride Eagle AC F F35 (1:41:44) 1:43:09
2601 Fiona O’Riordan Eagle AC F F45 (1:48:08) 1:50:32