Club Notes…Fri 6th Oct 2017

Eagle_Notes2Club Notes…by Karen Bevan

Well it was certainly a good weekend to meet Eagle AC members on the road with so many club members running the Cork to Cobh 15 mile run, great to see so many familiar faces and hope it was an enjoyable day for all. The Cross Country Novice championships took place in Riverstick on the same day and it was great to have both a ladies and a men’s team out to represent the club.

And for those of you with eyes on Dublin just to let you know it’s only 24 days away! Good luck with the final long runs and preparations.

Results – below 10k (Mairead Lonergan and Karen Bevan)

If you have any results to share or feel we are missing any, contact us

Sunday October 1st 2017
The Novice Cross Country Championships were organised and hosted by Riverstick-Kinsale AC last Sunday. It was great to see both a women’s and a men’s team out to represent the club on the day. Congratulations to all members involved.

Novice Women
4 Maura Regan Eagle AC
28 Ashleigh Byrne Eagle AC
36 Adelle O’Connor Eagle AC
58 Aine Corrigan Eagle AC
Eagle AC were 6th Ladies team on the day

Novice Men
33 Damian Keneally Eagle AC
41 Ciaran Bouse Eagle AC
67 Eugene O Connor Eagle AC
84 Gerard Down Eagle AC
Eagle AC Men were the 9th team on the day

Parkrun Results – Saturday 30th September 2017
29. Pat Twomey 21.59 VM 65-69 M 26
30. Derek Costello 22.02 VM 45-49 M 27
50. Paul Cotter 23.18 VM 55-59 M 47
54. Joe Murphy 23.27 VM 60-64 M 51
217. Monica Twohig 31.07 VW 50-54 F 70
317. Gillian Murphy 37.40 VW 40-44 F 126

2. Ciaran Bouse 20.51 VM 35-39 M2

Results 10K and above (Ruairi Egan)

Well done to club member Mark Smith who finished the annual Cork BHAA Cork to Cobh 15 mile road race in an impressive time of 1 hour 25 minutes and 10 seconds. That works out as roughly 5:41 per mile pace!

2 Mark Smith M2 01:25:10

The club had plenty of members taking part but it’s hard to list everyone as athletic clubs aren’t listed in the BHAA results.

The following members picked up these category prizes…
Tom Fox…3rd M50
Denis Carroll…2nd M55
Frances O’Connor…2nd F55

These are the club members that we could see in the results, apologies if we have missed anybody and do feel free to let us know. Well done to all involved on the day, whether you were racing or using this as a Dublin Long run: it’s a very enjoyable event every year.

2 Mark Smith M2 01:25:10
19 Ruairi O’Callaghan 01:34:29
35 Pat O’Connor 0/45B 01:39:0
47 Paul Cotter 0/40A 01:40:59
52 Thomas Fox 0/50C 0/50C3 01:41:33
60 Colin O’Herlihy 0/45B 01:41:56
61 Dermot Slyne 0/40A 01:42:15
77 Michael Forde 01:44:20
108 Denis Carroll 0/55D 0/55D2 01:47:52
128 David O’Keeffe 01:50:40
163 Martin Ryan 01:53:58
178 Mike McGrath 0/55D 01:55:28
181 Martin Daly 0/40A 01:55:42
188 Elaine Guinane 0/40I 01:56:21
214 Jerome McCarthy 01:58:01
228 Mark Gallagher 0/40A 01:58:54
269 Darren Casey 0/40A 02:01:34
270 Eddie Trindle 0/40A 02:01:36
274 Greg Moore 0/45B 02:01:46
291 Gary Gibbons 0/45B 02:02:26
309 Karen Bevan 0/35H 02:03:45
310 Danielle McCarthy 02:03:46
322 David McCann 0/40A 02:04:35
330 Gillian Murphy 0/40I 02:04:49
339 Derek Costello 0/45B 02:05:26
361 Denis Kelleher 0/50C 02:07:21
377 Alan Foley 0/45B 02:08:54
378 Helen Cronin 0/35H 02:08:57
388 Patrick O’Gorman 0/40A 02:09:35
391 Michael Noonan 02:09:54
392 John Swanton 02:09:55
427 John McCarthy 0/40A 02:12:37
437 Frances O’Connor 0/55L 0/55L2 02:13:0
503 Charlie Byrd 0/50C 02:18:06
586 Fiona O’Riordan 0/45J 02:26:58
598 Pat King 0/40A 02:27:41
613 Edward Fitzgerald 0/45B 02:28:45
620 Denise O’Brien 02:29:18
621 John Dunphy 0/45B 02:29:21

IronMan Barcelona 30th September 2017
Congratulations to Damian Malone who completed a fantastic Ironman in Barcelona on Saturday. His results are below, an amazing achievement!
Malone, Damien
Malone, Damian IRL 212 (Div Rank) 1003 (Gender Rank) 1069 (Overall) 01.07.04 (Swim) 05.24.18 (Bike) 04.35.29(Run) 11.18.41(Finish) 2884(points)

Trail and Hill news – sent in by Gerard Down
Halloween : a Halloween fun run that may be of interest to members is the Currabinny Woods Halloween Race being held on Thursday 26th October, 2017 at 8.00 pm. Details at

Flickr Photos : Derek Costello
9th Sept 2017 John Buckley Sports Cork City 10 Mile
If anyone has photos from any races that i have missed , please send them to me and I will add them to the album

Club News: John Desmond
End of the road for the Ballycotton races : The shock news today was that the Ballycotton 10 and the Ballycotton Summer Series are coming to an end. These races have been hugely popular with club members over the years and we were often one of the largest clubs taking part. The statement from Ballycotton Running Promotions can be seen here…

Evening Echo Photographer at CIT track – Tues 10th Oct : The Evening Echo should be doing a profile of the club in the near future and with that in mind, they will be sending out a photographer to the CIT track on Tuesday the 10th of October. If members have Eagle gear like dry fit tops or jackets then they might wear them on the night.

Sports First Aid : Denis Looney and Tracy Cotter are the latest members to have completed the Sport First Aid Course. That brings the total now to 6 members who have done the course in 2017. The club may look at paying for more members to do the course in 2018 if any members are interested.

Lidl Running Specials : Lidl have some running specials on sale as of the 5th of October. Link…

Eagle Results: In the recent results for the Charleville Half-Marathon, there were no fewer than 7 versions of the club name up on the Sports Timing website. Just a reminder to everyone that if you are entering a race online, Please use EAGLE AC No dots or extra spaces or anything else. It just makes things a lot easier for Ruairi and Mairead to extract the results for the weekly mail and the website.

Coaching Courses: Athletics Ireland will be holding an Assistant Coach course in Cork at the end of October 2017. This will run for about 8 hours and the €60 fee will be refunded by the club upon completion.
October 28 th – Assistant Coach Course- CIT Track, Bishopstown, Cork
Saturday 28th th of October – 10am -4pm
Price – €60.00
Register Online-
Course Info- coach/
Contact- Lilly-Ann O’Hora
Location- CIT Track, Bishopstown, Cork

Club Talks Workshops : The club is currently looking at organising some talks and workshops over the next few months. Tracy Cotter and myself are working on these at the moment and we’re looking at Mid Nov Feb 2018. These will will cover a wide variety of subjects so there should be something for everyone.

2017 Dublin City Marathon: The Dublin City Marathon also doubles up as the National Marathon Championships and this year it will be held on Sunday the 29th of October.
Updated 30th Sept: Athletics Ireland have now released an updated club entry list. If you’re not on the list below, let me know.

Click to access Entry_List_270917.pdf

Eagle A.C. Aidan Trindle
Eagle A.C. Alan O Brien
Eagle A.C. Brian McGuire
Eagle A.C. Charlie Byrd
Eagle A.C. Christopher Bristow
Eagle A.C. Colin Foley
Eagle A.C. Colin O Herlihy
Eagle A.C. Darren Casey
Eagle A.C. David O Keeffe
Eagle A.C. Denise O Brien
Eagle A.C. Derek Costello
Eagle A.C. Dermot Slyne
Eagle A.C. Dympna Connolly
Eagle A.C. Elaine Guinane
Eagle A.C. Fiona O Riordan
Eagle A.C. Frank Hill
Eagle A.C. Gary Gibbons
Eagle A.C. Geraldine Corcoran
Eagle A.C. Gillian Murphy
Eagle A.C. Helen McKenna
Eagle A.C. Ian Roche
Eagle A.C. Ita Kirwan
Eagle A.C. John McCarthy
Eagle A.C. John Sheehan
Eagle A.C. Karen Bevan
Eagle A.C. Ken Mulcahy
Eagle A.C. Ken Wynman
Eagle A.C. Mairead Lonergan
Eagle A.C. Mairead Ryan
Eagle A.C. Martin Daly
Eagle A.C. Martin Leahy
Eagle A.C. Mary Cotter
Eagle A.C. Michael Forde
Eagle A.C. Michael Noonan
Eagle A.C. Pat O Connor
Eagle A.C. Paul Cotter
Eagle A.C. Ronan Boland
Eagle A.C. Ronan O Reilly
Eagle A.C. Ruairi O’Callaghan
Eagle A.C. Sandra Manning
Eagle A.C. Thomas Fox
Eagle A.C. Tony Cambridge
Eagle A.C. Vivian Foley
Galtee Runners John Swanton > To be changed to Eagle A.C.
Derek O’Keeffe needs to be added as Eagle AC
Mark Gallagher needs to be added as Eagle AC
Sean O’Keeffe needs to be added as Eagle AC (M40)

Results – below 10k (Mairead Lonergan and Karen Bevan)

Parkrun Results – Saturday 16th September 2017
5. Kevin Geary 19.25 VM 35-39 M 5
15. Peadar Forbes 21.10 VM 35-39 M 15
29. Pat Twomey 22.10 VM 65-69 M 29
53. Michael Dooley 23.38 VM 50-54 M 50

Results 10K and above (Ruairi Egan)

Charleville Half Marathon Sunday 17th September 2017:
As usual, a large contingent of Eagles took part in yesterday’s Charleville half marathon, 35 in total. Many had followed either followed the clubs training plan for this race, or used it as a tester during their Dublin training. In good conditions for racing, some great times were recorded, with at least 9 members we know of running PB times. We also had Elaine, Conn John Desmond acting as pacers.

Place Name Club
7 Mark SMITH (1845) EAGLE AC 01:11:52 open (6) Male (7)
37 Ruairi O’CALLAGHAN EAGLE AC 01:18:25 open (25) Male (36)
41 Derek O’KEEFFE (20) EAGLE AC 01:18:40 O40 (11) Male (40)
64 Pat O’CONNOR (945) EAGLE AC 01:19:35 045 (8) Male (61)
83 Michael FORDE (435) EAGLE AC 01:21:50 open (46) Male (79)
90 Colin FOLEY (430) EAGLE AC 01:22:49 open (50) Male (85)
95 Tom FOX (439) EAGLE AC 01:23:00 O50 (4) Male (90)
96 Vincent O’SULLIVAN EAGLE AC 01:23:05 open (54) Male (91)
116 Brian MCGUIRE (774) EAGLE AC 01:23:50 045 (13) Male (111)
127 Dermot SLYNE (1842) EAGLE AC 01:24:17 O40 (33) Male (122)
129 Colin O’HERLIHY EAGLE AC 01:24:34 045 (17) Male (124)
147 David O’KEEFFE Eagle AC 01:25:45 open (77) Male (142)
153 Darren CASEY (200) EAGLE AC 01:26:18 O40 (41) Male (148)
164 Paul COTTER (274) EAGLE AC 01:26:52 O40 (46) Male (158)
239 Jerome MCCARTHY EAGLE AC 01:29:45 open (112) Male (227)
257 Ian ROCHE (1764) EAGLE AC 01:31:03 open (114) Male (238)
302 Sandra MANNING EAGLE AC 01:33:23 open (17) Female (25)
359 Gary GIBBONS (448) EAGLE AC 01:36:23 01:36:06 045 (57) Male (323)
368 Martin DALY (323) EAGLE AC 01:36:42 O40 (94) Male (331)
394 Jerry MCCARTHY EAGLE AC 01:37:35 open (149) Male (348)
396 John SWANTON (1854) EAGLE AC 01:37:41 open (150) Male (350)
412 Catherine MURPHY (846) EAGLE AC 01:38:07 O40 (10) Female (49)
430 John SCANNELL EAGLE AC 01:38:59 045 (64) Male (376)
435 Derek COSTELLO Eagle AC 01:39:07 045 (67) Male (380)
441 Adelle O’CONNOR EAGLE AC 01:39:20 045 (7) Female (56)
442 Cathal TWOMEY EAGLE AC 01:39:28 open (166) Male (386)
563 Conn DONOVAN (43) EAGLE AC 01:44:39 open (212) Male (484)
607 Frances O’CONNOR ) EAGLE AC 01:46:44 055 (4) Female (91)
637 Brian BARRY (80) EAGLE AC 01:48:12 open (234) Male (534)
686 Elaine GUINANE (44) EAGLE AC 01:49:35 O40 (38) Female (126)
688 John DESMOND (45) EAGLE AC 01:49:36 O50 (52) Male (562)
691 Ed FITZGERALD (411) EAGLE AC 01:49:51 045 (98) Male (563)
847 Fiona O’RIORDAN EAGLE AC 01:58:50 045 (32) Female (218)
849 Denise O BRIEN (911) EAGLE AC 01:58:42 open (104) Female (220)
929 Fiona O’CONNOR EAGLE AC 02:03:42 045 (40) Female (267)

Trail and Hill news – sent in by Gerard Down
Glen of Aherlow Trail Marathon
Great results from the Glen of Aherlow Trail Marathon on Saturday the 16th September 2017
Eagle AC member Austin Browne finished in 1st place overall for the Men’s Marathon and First Place in Men’s O 40 in a time of 3hrs 42 minutes. Fantastic run and well deserved congratulations sent Austin’s way!
Gerard Down also ran on the day but unfortunately sprained his ankle on mile 9. Despite this Ger finish the marathon in a time of 5 hrs 37 and 36th place overall in the results

Halloween : a Halloween fun run that may be of interest to members is the Currabinny Woods Halloween Race being held on Thursday 26th October, at 8.00 pm.
Details at

Flickr Photos : Derek Costello
07 Sept 2017 St.Luke`s Home 5km race
66 new photos added from last week
17 Sept 2017 Charleville Half Marathon

Races abroad around Ireland: If you or a friend are running in races around Ireland or abroad please do let us know so we can include the results in the weekly email.

If anyone has anything that they would like to add to the Weekly club email or we have missed anything please do let me know, by 6pm on Thursday evening if possible.

Kind Regards, Karen