Start of the 2017/2018 Evening Talks and Workshops…


The club recently held a two part workshop in Cork City for its members, the first of a series of workshops and talks over the next few months.

In part one of the evening, Sports Psychologist Canice Kennedy gave a presentation titled ‘Mental Preparation for Road Running & Marathons’. As with other sports, many a fine performance goes out the window dues to nerves and anxiety and it’s vital to maintain a level of focus on the task in hand. Canice gave an entertaining talk on methods to prepare for a big event and how to concentrate on the target race.

The second part of the evening concluded with Chartered Physiotherapist Kevina Reel giving a practical demonstration on proper foam rolling technique with an emphasis on targeting the key running muscles. Foam Rolling should be part of every runners repertoire as it can reduce DOMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness) and can increase a runners range of motions.

The club plans to hold another evening of talks in early November.