10th Nov…Report on the Valley Rovers 7K fun run/walk

The Valley Rovers 7km run was held on Sunday the 9th of November in Brinny to the north-west of Inishannon. Denis Looney was one of the Eagle AC club members taking part and this is his short report.

This 7km fun run took place on a lovely Sunday morning on the 9th of Nov 2014. There were 5 Eagles who ran out of 173 runners and walkers.

Denis Looney #30 and Ruairi Egan #16 at the Vlley Rovers 7k

Denis Looney #30 and Ruairi Egan #16 at the Vlley Rovers 7k

Registration took place outside in the car park of the Brinny GAA pitch and it was pretty efficient with 2 desks open. The organisers also had the use of the GAA dressing rooms, showers and toilets. There were lots of walkers and children, which can often lead to mass pile ups if they are in the wrong place on the start line. In fairness to the organisers they moved all the walkers to the rear of the starting group. And we started almost bang on time.

Conditions were dry bar a light shower around the half way mark and there was a bit of a breeze which seemed to be against us on the way back. What was interesting about the event was the distance (7K) and the fact that the markers were all in kilometres. I’d never run a 7K before so it was a “soft PB” but the K markers came so fast you really felt you were motoring along the looped course. The first mile was mostly uphill with a climb up to St Patrick’s. It’s then mostly flat and downhill, with a short climb to the finish line. I won’t repeat the accurate description on the running in Cork Running Blog, but it’s a nice course to race, some good ups and downs, but no heart breakers and no long flat stretches.

While it was run on open roads, the marshals and Gardaí somehow arranged it that I didn’t see any cars apart from the 500 metre stretch on the main road. The road surface was also pretty good, clean with no potholes. The only comment I would make is that the organisers should consider putting Marshalls or signage inside the grounds of St Patrick’s. Like the Great Limerick run when you go through the building in UL, if you’re not paying attention or not in close contact with the runner in front you through St Patrick’s, you may take a wrong turn.
There was water, bananas and Mars bars at the finish line, plus a huge supply of cakes, sandwiches, tea, coffee in the GAA rooms afterwards. Overall, a well organised event and I’d certainly make a return visit.

7 Denis Carroll Eagle AC 27.27
11 Denis Looney Eagle AC 28.09
12 David O’Callaghan Eagle AC 28.25
13 Ruari Egan Eagle AC 28.36
61 Bernadette Looney Eagle AC 34.38