8th Nov…Results of the Killarney 5k, Eyeries 5m & New York Marathon

Instead of reporting on local results, it seems like this week the Eagle results are from more distant parts…

Feet First 5k in Killarney…Sat 8th Nov 2014…We had 4 members in this 5k race in Killarney
6 Gearoid OLeary Eagle AC M MS 17:55
13 Eugene OConnor Eagle AC M M45 19:59
21 Joe Murphy Eagle AC M M50 20:57
42 Adelle OConnor Eagle AC F F40 22:37


Gearoid O'Leary...6th in the Killarney 5k

Gearoid O’Leary…6th in the Killarney 5k

Eyeries 5 mile road race…Saturday 8 November 2014….This new race in Eyeries in West Cork got a huge turnout with well over 200 taking part. Club member Mark Gallagher was one of the organisers who put a huge amount of work into organising this new race in his home village and it was great to see it paying off.

Mark Gallagher...one of the organisers of the Eyeries 5 mile

Mark Gallagher…one of the organisers of the Eyeries 5 mile

5 33:28 SIEVEWRIGHT, Kevin Eagle AC M40 06:41.5
24 38:33 GALLAGHER, Mark Eagle AC M40 07:42.4

Full results

New York City Marathon : Well done to club member Fiona O’Riordan who completed the New York City Marathon last weekend. With winds gusting over 30 mph, times and targets went out the window.
Name Age Country…Finish…13.1 mi…Minutes per Mile
FIONA ORIORDAN 46F IRL…04:36:35…02:05:28…10:33