29th June…Pat Twomey wins M60 category in 5 mile race in London

Pat_TwomeyBack in mid-June, Pat Twomey took part in the Concorde 5 mile road race in London. Organised by British Airways Athletics Club, this race attracted a small field of just 67 runners with Pat picking up the first prize in the M60 category. The other two M60 runners who finished ahead of him picked up prizes in the younger age categories instead.

We asked Pat about the race, why the entry numbers were small and how it compared to races back in Cork. Here’s what he said….

The reason for it being a small entry is choice and maybe races are not booming in London like here in Cork. There were 3 or4 races in London that morning… Richmond Park 10km (attracted 248 runners), ‘GoDad’ run for prostate cancer in Crystal Palace park, & ‘race for life’ 5km also in Richmond park.

The Concorde reminded me of a BHAA race as it was organised by British Airways AC from their Concorde sports club in Cranford near Heathrow. It was £11 to enter & £13 for non-affiliated runners. 

The race was very well organised with lots of stewards and I was made feel very welcome. There were showers and a bit of a spread afterwards which was very enjoyable.

The biggest difference between that race and races here was size of entries as that would be considered a very small race here but I got the impression that the Concord 5 organisers were very happy with the turnout there (it was a small bit down on last year’s race).

The course was around trails, tracks, housing estates and a couple of flyover bridges but it worked very well as it avoided traffic for the most part. The participants in the main seemed to be seasoned club runners. 

As to the differences running in London and here – while I thoroughly enjoyed any races I did abroad, there is still something magical about running a race in Cork, but I would say that wouldn’t I? :o)

Concorde Five Mile Road Race Sunday 15th June 2014 Results
Place Time Name Team Race Age Category
1 0:28:11 NAGI, Umar JM
2 0:29:01 WYATT, Paul Metropolitan Police MV40
3 0:29:25 NORRIS, Stephen Thames Valley Harriers MV40
4 0:29:40 WHITE, Danny Lordshill Road Runners SM
5 0:29:53 KYTE, Jon Harrow SM
6 0:30:35 BRADBURY, Bob Woking AC MV60
8 0:31:41 AMBROSE, Christopher Road Runners Club MV60
17 0:33:39 TWOMEY, Pat Eagle Athletic Club MV60
67 1:04:08 O’NEIL, Maurice MV70

The full results can be seen at http://www.barunner.org.uk/Event_Concorde.shtml

Course map

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