30th May…Simone Rodigari of Eagle AC finishes Giro Podistico in Italy

Just as the Giro d’Italia is a succesion of cycle races over a fixed number of days, there are also similar multi-day running events in Italy. One such multi-day race is the Giro Podistico on the Italian island of Elba which is a series of off road/mountain and street runs on the island of Elba off the Italian coast.


Monday 5K
Tuesday 11.9K
Wednesday 11.5K
Friday 10.8K
Saturday 10.6K

with total ascents of 133M to 450M each day


Fresh from breaking 24 minutes for the 4 mile race in Fota, Eagle AC member Simone Rodigari participated in the 5 day GIRO PODISTICO recently where he was the 23rd out of 240 finishers in a time of 3 hours 18 minutes

To put it in perspective the winner in a time of 2:46 was the 2010 Italian Junior Mountain Running Championships and has a half marathon PB of 1:08 and a 10K PB of marathon PB of 31:58. (Certificate)


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