Eagle AC Race Results June 2021

See below for a round up of some recent Eagle AC race results taken from Karen’s weekly email. It’s great to see results starting to roll in again!

Virtual Cheetah Run 2021

1 Damian KENNEALLY 00:17:02 M MS Eagle AC

3 Trevor O’DONOVAN 00:17:49 M M40 Eagle AC
4 Ken INCE 00:18:01 M MS Eagle AC
7 Tom FOX 00:19:03 M M55 EAGLE AC
15 Ian ROCHE 00:19:57 M M40 Eagle AC
17 Finbarr LEHANE 00:20:28 M M50 Eagle AC
18 Jason CROSBIE 00:20:46 M FS Eagle AC
19 Damien HELLEBOID 00:21:03 M MS Eagle AC
24 Mike O CONNOR 00:21:34 M M40 Eagle AC
26 Cian QUIGLEY 00:21:58 M M40 Eagle AC
28 Denis CARROLL 00:22:31 M M60 Eagle AC 0
30 Andrew MACDONALD 00:23:10 M M40 Eagle AC
38 Brian HEGARTY 00:24:04 M MS Eagle AC
41 Frank COTTER 00:25:03 M M60 Eagle AC
44 Gary GIBBONS 00:25:39 M M45 Eagle AC
51 Tamara LOPEZ 00:26:15 F FS Eagle AC
58 Geraldine CORCORAN 00:27:22 F F45 Eagle AC
66 Colette COTTER 00:28:25 F F45 Eagle AC
71 Derek COSTELLO 00:29:08 M M50 Eagle AC
103 Nora CORCORAN 00:40:00 F F40 Eagle AC
107 Olga O’SULLIVAN 00:41:47 F F40 Eagle AC
110 Michelle CHEUNG 00:42:02 F FS Eagle AC

Bweeng Trail 20th June 2021

Congratulations to our Eagle AC members who got to run in a real race last weekend. Grellan, Olga & Sean took on the trails in Bweeng and with some great results below too. 

57    Grellan McGrath  712  M55  0:53:21 138% Eagle AC  Cork

69    Olga OSullivan  711  F40  0:54:37 141% Eagle AC  Cork

78    Sean Lucey  872   M  0:56:42 147% Eagle AC  Cork

Thoroughbred Run Kildare Half Marathon June 21st

Congratulations to Trevor O’Donovan who ran a big PB in Kildare last Sunday. Trevor finished 12th overall with a superb time of 1:22:15

12. Trevor O’Donovan M Eagle AC chip 1:22:15 Gun 1:22:16

Tralee Marathon 50k – 20th June

Congratulations to Siobhan Holland who ran a fantastic Ultra marathon in Kerry last weekend.  Siobhan finished second lady and 6th overall. Super running by Siobhan as always.   

GUN TIME  04:30:48  Chip time 04:30:45  Finished 50.0 KM  Speed 11.08 km/h  Pace 05:25 min/km