Results round up…Great Island 10m, Connemara Ultra & more marathons…Sat11th-Sun12th Apr 2015

Another busy weekend with club members taking part in races far and wide.

Great Island 10 mile : Close to home, we had the Great Island 4 mile and 10 mile road race in Cobh. We had just one member in the 4 mile race with Paul Cotter finishing 3rd.

3 Paul Cotter (1700) 23:48 All Ages (3) Male (3)

Paul Cotter...3rd in the Great Island 4 mile

Paul Cotter…3rd in the Great Island 4 mile

We had 18 members in the 10 mile race

9 Eric Browne 00:59:26 SMen (8) Male (9)
11 Ciaran Bouse 01:00:47 SMen (8) Male (11)
23 Pat O’Connor 01:03:24 Ages 40-49 (7) Male (20)
49 Shane O’SHAUGHNESSY 01:07:23 SMen (29) Male (42)

Ciarán Bouse, Shane O'Shaughnessy & John McCarthy in the 10 mile

Ciarán Bouse, Shane O’Shaughnessy & John McCarthy in the 10 mile

52 Colin O’Herlilhy 01:08:01 Ages 40-49 (14) Male (45)
61 Roger O’Mahony 01:08:41 Ages 40-49 (16) Male (53)
72 Pat Twomey 01:09:37 Ages 60+ (1) Male (63)…1st M60
162 John QUIGLEY 01:16:13 Ages 60+ (4) Male (146)
163 Philip Corcoran 01:16:24 Ages 40-49 (49) Male (147)
183 John MCCARTHY 01:17:20 SMen (92) Male (165)
237 Dympna Connolly 01:19:27 Ages 35-44 (12) Female (28)

New PB for Dympna Connolly as she breaks 80 minutes for the first time!

New PB for Dympna Connolly as she breaks 80 minutes for the first time!

— Elaine Guinane 01:19:50 Pacer
— John Desmond 01:19:50 Pacer
276 Frances O’Connor 01:22:01 Ages 55+ (2) Female (35)…2nd F55
366 Suneta Corcoran 01:28:01 Ages 35-44 (41) Female (73)
371 Tracy COTTER 01:28:25 SWomen (19) Female (75)
— Denis Looney 01:29:50 Pacer
— Grellan McGrath 01:29:50 Pacer
409 Karen HENNESSY 01:31:10 SWomen (27) Female (98)


Colin O’Herlihy, Pat O’Connor & Roger O’Mahony post race

Connemara Ultra : Well done to Alan Foley on completing the 39.3 mile Connemara Ultra-Marathon! This is a well trodden path for Eagle AC members at this stage and Alan completed the course in 6h 36m 25s.
98 Alan FOLEY M40 6:36:25

Brighton Marathon : Going further afield, we had Tony Cambridge taking part in the Brighton Marathon and breaking the 3 hour barrier again.
TonyCambridgeApr201516948 Tony Cambridge Brighton Marathon – 12 April 2015
Male 45-54 Club: Eagle AC Chip time02:55:56 Gun time02:56:00 Pace (miles)06:42 min/mile

Paris Marathon : Well done to Karen Bevan who recorded a time of 4:13:00 in the 2015 Paris Marathon!


This was a new personal best for Karen, a big improvement on her first marathon in Cork in 2014 when she ran 4:42.

Eagle AC 3000m track series…Oct 2014 – Apr 2015

running_trackThe 5th and final race in the club’s 3000m track series was held on Tuesday evening the 7th of April and marked an end to a successful initiative in which 74 members took part in at least one event.

A total of 5 races were held over a 6 month period with the intent that a race would be held roughly every 6 weeks. These were broken down as follows…
7th Oct 2014…24 members in 1 race
18th Nov 2014…33 members split up into two races…22 and 11
6th Jan 2015…38 members split up into two races…25 and 13
17th Feb 2015…29 members split up into two races…17 and 12
7th Apr 2015…23 members in 1 race.

The idea behind the series was as follows…
1) Give members some idea of the correct pace for doing intervals sessions.
2) A test of fitness so that members could monitor the improvements that they were making.
3) Give members more exposure to track races.
4) ..and of course, a 3000m race is an excellent workout in itself.

With plenty of evening races coming up, the series has now ended but the club hopes to start the series again in October 2015.

Race results Easter weekend…Fri 3rd – Mon 6th Apr 2015

There was a large number of races on over the Easter weekend and these are a few of the results with Eagle AC members in them. There are an increasing number of races that don’t identify the club so we may have missed a few.

Joe Murphy and Mark Gallagher at the Kenmare Bridge 10k

Joe Murphy and Mark Gallagher at the Kenmare Bridge 10k

Results of the Doneraile Park 5k…Fri 3rd Apr 2015
10 Roy Harrington Eagle 18.33
16 Patrick Walsh Eagle 19.05

Good Friday Run 5 mile, Killarney…Fri 3rd Apr 2015
33 Mike MCGRATH M55 32:56
71 Joe MURPHY M55 35:23

Kenmare Bridge Run…Sat 4th Apr 2015
Murphy Joe 43:43
Gallagher Mark 44:49

IMRA Temple Hill Race…Sun 5th Apr 2015
30 Gerard Down M50 1:14:39 Eagle AC Cork

Gerard Down on the way up Temple Hill in the Galtees

Gerard Down on the way up Temple Hill in the Galtees

One of the final races of the weekend was the Boherbue to Kiskeam 4 mile on Easter Monday. Pat Walsh recorded a 4 mile PB here while Deirdre O’Callaghan took the 1st F40 prize.

Boherbue – Kiskeam 4 mile road race…Mon 6th Apr 2015
18 25:19 WALSH, Patrick Eagle AC M 06:19.6
39 27:39 CARROLL, Denis Eagle AC M55 06:54.6
49 29:14 O’CALLAGHAN, Deirdre Eagle AC F40 07:18.4 …1st F40

Report on the 2015 Liverpool Half-Marathon…by Denis Looney

DenisAccidental tourists or the Liverpool Half Marathon Race report…by Denis Looney

Three Eagles, Elaine Guinane, Ruari O’Callaghan and Denis Looney traveled to Liverpool on Saturday March 28 for the city’s half marathon on the following day. Elaine brought her better half Javier along for the experience and because he had visited Liverpool a few times in the past. We arrived in a very windy Liverpool on Saturday morning. Ruari, whose brother Liam lives in Liverpool and thus has knowledge of the city, was a bit concerned as the last 4 miles of the race were on the promenade and into this wind.

We checked into our hotel and walked the 1K to the start/finish area. Not much to see of the race on Saturday but it’s right in the heart of Liverpool docks with museums, the Liverpool Arena, the Tate and Liver building. Apparently it’s a World Heritage site, so we soaked up a bit of culture for the afternoon.

On Sunday morning we awoke to a grey wet day. Lots of surface water but the cold was just bearable and yahoo, no wind 🙂 . Elaine and I went to the start a bit early as my number hadn’t arrived in the post. The rain was persistent but not heavy, however it was now beginning to feel cold, about 8 degrees. In fairness the race started almost bang on time, with myself and Elaine in position between the 1.30 and 1.40 pacers saying we’d settle for 1.35. Ruari was up ahead with the elites as he was targeting sub 1.25. The starting chute was narrow but that meant we were running at race pace right after crossing the start line.


1st mile for the 5,000 competitors was flat on a wide city street. The biggest climb of the day was over a 400m stretch just after the 1 mile mark. Then it was a slight downhill to mile 2 through residential areas with a slight climb at mile 3 into Sefton Park (a much bigger version of Beaumont Park where the BHAA XC takes place). Miles 4 to 7 took us through Sefton Park, on fairly flat tarmac roads. Between mile 6 and 6.5 we had an out and back view of slower runners entering the park at their mile 4. Just before mile 8 we went through a pedestrian underpass and emerged in another area of covered parkland called Otterspool. The tarmac paths were a bit broken up but other than a few pools of standing water and mud from the persistent rain, no major issues.


Just before the 9 mile mark we had a slight climb before hitting the 4 mile promenade section running north west with the Mersey on our left hand side. It was here you could truly appreciate how a wind off the Mersey (it’s a big piece of water at this point 🙂 ) could play havoc with your pace. From mile 9 to 10 it was dead flat and dead straight. From mile 10 to the finish it was still flat but we had a series of 90 degree turns as the promenade snaked in and out (right, left, left, right) which could break any rhythm you might have going. Over mile 11 and 12 the surface changed to man-made paving slabs and cobblestone (all very new but not the best road racing surface). You also had to contend with decorative obstacles (viewing seats, ships mooring bollards, 20 foot decorative anchors) all handily marked with barber tape. After the 11 mile mark we were back on the Marina, through a small business park, past the Liverpool arena and onto a cobbled section for the last mile or so.

Elaien & Denis at Lime St. Station

Elaien & Denis at Lime St. Station

Given the weather there were decent crowds at the finish and at the major junctions. Well stocked and manned water stations at mile 3, 6, 9 and 12, a medal and good quality dri-fit. Plus I finished well enough up the field to not have to queue for the free massage afterwards. Times – Ruari 68th overall, 1:21.28. Elaine 4th F35, 22nd lady home 1:31:29, me 1:31:52. PBs all round. Ruari’s brother Liam, in only his second race ever, a very impressive 1:38:51, must be in the genes. Perhaps we should set up a Liverpool branch of Eagle AC.

Ruairi at one of Liverpool's most famous roads

Ruairi at one of Liverpool’s most famous roads

If you want to see the conditions, overhead and underfoot, the organisers have a clip on YouTube. Elaine makes an appearance in the Eagle colours around 1:35 to 1:40 on the LHS.

So why have the words Accidental tourists in the title. Well, after the race we were sitting in a city centre restaurant at 12.30 having lunch before departing for Liverpool airport. The gloss was taken off our excellent morning’s running when we got a text from Ireland’s largest airline telling us our 3 pm flight was cancelled. Turns out the high winds in Cork meant the plane never came across that morning. Phones out and Wi-Fi on.

Elaine & Ruairi during the race

Elaine & Ruairi during the race

Next flight we could get from Liverpool with Ireland largest airline was 6 days later. Yeah, right.
Change of tactics. I got a flight back that night and Elaine and Javier decided to extend their stay to the following morning. (Ruari was already coming back the following day). Problem was we had to make a quick dash to Manchester Airport by train for the flights home. So we saw a lot of North Western England by foot, taxi, train and plane in the space of 30 hours……………….

Would I go back again? Sure thing, if (for multiple reasons) I could be guaranteed that there would be no wind on either side of the Irish Sea.


Official results and three PB’s to boot from the 2015 Liverpool Half-Marathon…
ELAINE GUINANE Female F35+ 4 EAGLE AC 1:31:29
DENIS LOONEY Male M45+ 29 EAGLE AC 1:31:52