Eagle AC 3000m track series…Oct 2014 – Apr 2015

running_trackThe 5th and final race in the club’s 3000m track series was held on Tuesday evening the 7th of April and marked an end to a successful initiative in which 74 members took part in at least one event.

A total of 5 races were held over a 6 month period with the intent that a race would be held roughly every 6 weeks. These were broken down as follows…
7th Oct 2014…24 members in 1 race
18th Nov 2014…33 members split up into two races…22 and 11
6th Jan 2015…38 members split up into two races…25 and 13
17th Feb 2015…29 members split up into two races…17 and 12
7th Apr 2015…23 members in 1 race.

The idea behind the series was as follows…
1) Give members some idea of the correct pace for doing intervals sessions.
2) A test of fitness so that members could monitor the improvements that they were making.
3) Give members more exposure to track races.
4) ..and of course, a 3000m race is an excellent workout in itself.

With plenty of evening races coming up, the series has now ended but the club hopes to start the series again in October 2015.