Strength & Conditioning classes for members…Oct 2014

Paul_ScannellClub member Paul Scannell will be holding a series of Strength & Conditioning classes during the month of October 2014. His classes will focus on helping members improve their running economy and to help reduce injuries.

Specifically, the purpose of the strength and conditioning sessions are…
a) Reduce your risk of injury by strengthening the connective tissue , including tendons and ligaments.
b) As well as strengthening the propulsive muscles, it also helps build those which aid stability. Specifically, it improves the abdominal, hip, lower back and glute muscles.
c) Improves your running economy so that you will run more efficiently using less oxygen at a given pace.
d) Having a stronger core allows you to maintain proper running form which is an important feature in some of the longer events when fatigue begins to set in.

An e-mail will be sent out to members with more details closer to the date.

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