20th Mar 2014…Recovery drink for less than €1

derek_o_keeffeRecovery drink for less than €1…by Derek O’Keeffe

Here is a recipe for a recovery drink I regularly make. It costs a lot less than fancy recovery drinks that you can buy in sports shops and contains about the same amount of carbs and protein.

I’ve been using it all this year after long runs, track sessions or long cycles. Its easy to make and contains just milk, skimmed milk powder and a banana. You can substitute the banana for milkshake powder or ice cream, but a simple banana is healthier.

Experts say that you should take in carbs and protein as quickly as possible after exercise to speed recovery (within 30 minutes of stopping). The exact amount depends on which expert you listen to and how many calories you have burned etc. Protein is important to repair and build muscles. This may be important for beginners as the muscles and connective tissues around joints are building up. They need protein to do this and this may even help in preventing injuries.


Put 400 – 500ml of milk in a blender.

Add 2 desert spoons of skim milk powder.

Add 1 bananna.

Add some ice cubes.

Switch on the blender to make the milk shake. Easy!!


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