10 Aug 2013…Grellan McGrath wins Connemara 100 mile race

From August 2013…


Grellan McGrath won today’s gruelling Connemara 100 Mile ultramarathon, having led from the very early stages. Grellan’s time was 16 hours, 22 minutes and 08 seconds.  Grellan’s support crew included John Desmond and Denis Looney.


Thomas Bubendorfer, Farranfore-Maine Valley, was second in 16:41:49.
Maciej Sawicki: 17:20:50
Noel O Keeffe: 17:21:04
Aoife O’Donnell: 23:46:58
Pat O’Keeffe: 25:21:10
John Ryan: 27:14:03

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