01 Dec 2013…Eagle members in the Waterford Half-Marathon

From Dec 2013…

Waterford Half-Marathon: One of the main road races in Munster at the start of December  was the Waterford Half Marathon. Eagle AC was well represented at this, with some outstanding performances.

Eric Browne and Nora Corcoran of Eagle AC finishing the 2013 Waterford Half-Marathon

Eric Browne and Nora Corcoran of Eagle AC finishing the 2013 Waterford Half-Marathon

Eric Browne was first Eagle home with a new pb of 1:17:27, and Ronan Boland took first prize in the M50 category in a time of 1:22:48, also a pb. Well done to all others who ran- as detailed below, some excellent times were posted.

Charlie Byrd and Sean O'Sullivan in the Waterford Half-Marathon

Charlie Byrd and Sean O’Sullivan in the Waterford Half-Marathon

Place Last Name First Name Chip Time Pace Category Club
16 Browne Eric 1:17:27 5:55/M SM Eagle AC
40 O Sullivan Sean 1:21:33 6:14/M SM Eagle AC
51 OCallaghan John 1:22:45 6:19/M M40 Eagle AC
53 Boland Ronan 1:22:48 6:19/M M50 Eagle AC
141 O’ Connor Pat 1:29:08 6:49/M M45 Eagle AC
174 Harrington Raymond 1:30:25 6:55/M SM Eagle AC
182 Geary Kevin 1:30:48 6:57/M SM Eagle AC
235 Scannell John 1:33:36 7:09/M M40 Eagle AC
247 Lynch Tadhg Og 1:33:45 7:12/M SM Eagle AC
290 Byrd Charlie 1:36:01 7:21/M M45 Eagle AC
510 O Connor Kevin 1:42:35 7:56/M M40 Eagle AC
555 Cotter Mary 1:44:51 8:03/M F50 Eagle AC
559 Kellegher Karen 1:44:23 8:04/M SF Eagle AC
560 Power Helena 1:44:22 8:04/M SF Eagle AC
863 Hennessy Karen 1:54:01 8:52/M SF Eagle AC
915 Corcoran Nora 1:57:02 9:01/M SF Eagle AC
991 Cotter Tracy 1:59:01 9:11/M SF Eagle AC

(Photo credit : David Coleman)

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