29 Oct 2013…36 Eagle AC members take part in the 2013 Dublin City Marathon

Dublin_Mara_2013From Oct 2013…

A total of 36 Eagle AC members took part in the 2013 Dublin City Marathon on the October Bank Holiday Monday with no shortage of PBs and excellent performances. This represents an impressive 22% of the club and Eagle AC was the largest club taking part in the Dublin Marathon in terms of numbers.

Derek O Keeffe M35 Eagle A.C 2:49:12
Alan O’Brien MS Eagle A.C 2:52:34
Ronan Boland M50 Eagle A.C 2:56:15
Sean O’Sullivan M35 Eagle A.C 2:57:07
Colin O’Herlihy M40 Eagle A.C 02:58:57
Vivian Foley M40 Eagle A.C 3:01:01
Ken Mulcahy M45 Eagle A.C 3:02:23
Neil Mac Kay M40 Eagle A.C 3:08:36
Keith Sexton M45 Eagle A.C 3:08:19
Norman Kelly M40 Eagle A.C 3:18:05
Grellan Mc Grath M45 Eagle A.C 3:19:44 (pacer)
Denis Looney M45 Eagle A.C 3:21:30
Sandra Manning FS Eagle A.C 3:27:48
Elaine Guinane F35 Eagle A.C 3:28:45
Charlie Byrd M45 Eagle A.C 3:30:40
Lisa Boland F45 Eagle A.C 3:36:29
John Desmond M45 Eagle A.C 3:39:56 (pacer)
Jerry Guiney MS Eagle A.C 3:40:55
Declan Daly M45 Eagle A.C 3:41:17
Tim McCarthy M35 3:41:42
Edwina Boyce FS Eagle A.C 3:48:18
John Quigley M60 Eagle A.C 3:49:43
Nora Corcoran FS Eagle A.C 3:53:20
Sunita Corcoran F40 Eagle A.C 4:00:48
Deirdre O’Callaghan F40 Eagle A.C 4:02:50
Frances O’Connor M50 Eagle A.C 4:10:11
Ian Brennan M45 Eagle A.C 4:13:23
Betty McKenzie F50 Eagle A.C 4:19:07
Edward Fitzgerald M40 Eagle A.C 4:26:11
Sorcha Nash FS Eagle A.C 4:42:46
David Speight M40 Eagle A.C 3:29:10
Trevor O’ Sullivan M40 Eagle A.C 3:33:03
Brian McGuire M40 Eagle A.C 3:36:21
John McCarthy M35 Eagle A.C 3:38:57
Finbarr Lehane M40 Eagle A.C 4:24:46
Deirdre McCardle F35 Eagle A.C. 3:57:23

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