Eagle AC at Kinsale 10 Mile, 24th February 2019

Report by Ruairi Egan


Vivian Foley was first Eagle home.

This new race took place in Kinsale last Sunday and was well supported by Eagle AC. On a tough (& slightly long) course, some strong times were recorded, along with 2 category wins. As in Dungarvan recently, Viv led home the men’s challenge and Catherine the ladies, with Catherine taking 1st F40 and Pat O’Connor picking up the M50 crown.

Well done to everyone who took part, details below:

13 Vivian Foley M45 Eagle ac 00:58:25 00:58:24

26 Sean O’Keeffe M40 Eagle ac 01:00:13 01:00:12

37 Donal Dowling M40 Eagle ac 01:03:04 01:03:03

38 Pat O’ Connor M50 Eagle ac 01:03:30 01:03:30

43 Darren Casey M40 Eagle ac 01:04:09 01:04:07

50 Daniel Dransfield M 01:06:22 01:06:20

61 David O’Keeffe M40 Eagle ac 01:07:27 01:07:24

73 Catherine Murphy F40 Eagle ac 01:08:24 01:08:21

114 Finbarr Lehane M45 Eagle ac 01:12:42 01:12:29

125 Gregg Moore M45 Eagle ac 01:13:30 01:13:30

141 Chris Bristow M Eagle Ac 01:14:06 01:13:47

149 Martin Daly M45 Eagle ac 01:14:30 01:14:26

158 Dermot Gallagher M45 Eagle ac 01:14:41 01:14:26

221 Andrew O’Farrell M65 Eagle ac 01:18:17 01:18:09

230 Ken Nyhan M40 Eagle ac 01:18:49 01:18:29

274 Ken Harte M50 Eagle 01:21:06 01:21:06

313 Sean Lucey M Eagle ac 01:23:29 01:23:07

321 Ita Kirwan F50 Eagle ac 01:23:50 01:23:50

564 Robyn Dransfield F 01:40:19 01:40:11


Finbarr Lehane…..smiling….as usual!

Barcelona Half Marathon Trip Report February 2019 by Elaine Guinane

Report by Elaine Guinane

scenic 2

View from the Expo

A trip to Barcelona seems to have become something of an annual tradition in Eagle AC, with groups travelling there over the last four or five years to take part in either the full marathon (March) or the Half marathon (Mid-February). The common factors of all these trips are Tim McCarthy and Damian Kenneally. Tim and Damian were part of a group that did the full marathon in 2015 and 2016, and went to the half marathon there last year. As the saying goes, three time is a trend, so it was no surprise that the lads started looking for willing victims to partake in the 2019 E-Dreams Mitja-Maraton (Half Marathon) on Sunday Feb. 10th. Many were quickly on board, and in total 13 of us ran, with several others coming along to support and enjoy a weekend away.

The cosmpolitan capital of Catalonia, Barcelona is colourful, eclectic, cultural and, perhaps best of all given the storm we left behind on the Friday we left Dublin, sunny. Inevitably with such a big group travelling, there were many variations on flight routes and travel arrangements. Those of us who chose to go to Dublin on the Friday and fly directly to Barcelona certainly drew the short straw, as Storm Eric hit and caused many hours of delay to all flights. This aside, we eventually all got there at various hours of the night and early morning, relieved that it was a Sunday race, giving us time to recover, acclimatise and soak in the surroundings on the Saturday.
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Results of Eagle AC Tommy Ryan Memorial Carrigaline 5 Mile Road Race 2019

The annual Eagle AC Tommy Ryan Memorial  5 Mile Road Race was held in Carrigaline on Sunday, 17th February.

Please see below for provisional results. A total of 295 runners took part.

Pos Name Category Gender Club Time
1 Sergiu CIOBANU Ages 35-39 Male Clonliffe Harriers 00:25:09
2 Tim O’ DONOGHUE u35 Male EAST CORK A.C. 00:25:27
3 Sean FITZPATRICK u35 Male 00:25:58
4 Mark WALSH u35 Male LEEVALE A.C. 00:26:44
5 Michael CORBETT Ages 40-44 Male ST. FINBARRS A.C. 00:27:05
6 Kieran MCKEOWN Ages 40-44 Male Watergrasshill A.C. 00:27:16
7 Rory O’ SULLIVAN Ages 40-44 Male ST. FINBARRS A.C. 00:27:27
8 Barry O’Shea u35 Male Midleton A.C. 00:28:07
9 Claire Mccarthy Ages 40-44 Female LEEVALE A.C. 00:28:14
10 Cathal O’ CONNELL Ages 56-60 Male ST. FINBARRS A.C. 00:28:16
11 Danny SMITH Ages 40-44 Male 00:28:28
12 John GOGGIN Ages 35-39 Male TRACTON A.C. 00:28:50
13 John O Brien Ages 45-49 Male ST. FINBARRS A.C. 00:28:55
14 Padraig Sheehan Ages 35-39 Male ST. FINBARRS A.C. 00:29:20
15 Ian O’ LEARY Ages 51-55 Male LEEVALE A.C. 00:29:57
16 Gary CLERKIN Ages 45-49 Male GRANGE/FERMOY A.C. 00:30:09
17 Noel Early Ages 35-39 Male St. CatherineÆs A.C. 00:30:38
18 Donal GILTINAN Ages 35-39 Male 00:30:40
19 David O’ LEARY Ages 35-39 Male 00:30:58
20 Tony CAMBRIDGE Ages 51-55 Male EAGLE A.C. 00:30:59
21 Niamh MOORE u35 Female LEEVALE A.C. 00:31:10
22 John TWOMEY Ages 40-44 Male Clonakilty Road Runners AC 00:31:16
23 Tom Fox Ages 51-55 Male EAGLE A.C. 00:31:16
24 James Naughton Ages 45-49 Male cork triathlon club 00:31:41
25 Michael MULCAHY Ages 40-44 Male 00:31:42
26 Joe COFFEY Ages 45-49 Male 00:31:44
27 Ann Geary Ages 40-44 Female Midleton A.C. 00:31:50
28 Peadar LUCEY Ages 40-44 Male MALLOW A.C. 00:32:01
29 Bryan GALLWEY Ages 35-39 Male Clonakilty Road Runners AC 00:32:11
30 Patrick Daly Ages 40-44 Male MALLOW A.C. 00:32:13

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Chicago Marathon 2018 and Six Stars Report

By Mark Smith


 I completed my first run longer than 6 miles back in January 2012 when I decided to start training for the Cork marathon, which was to be both my first marathon and first road race.  Up until that point I had only been doing a few runs at lunchtime, totalling no more than 20 miles a week.  Fast forward to June and I crossed the finish line on St. Patrick’s Street in a time of 2:59:27, which is where it all began.  Stupidly I thought I already had the measure of the marathon.

The next few years were a bit chequered, marked by injuries (due to poor training) and marginal improvements to my marathon times (dropped to 2:48:23 in London 2016).  I cramped up at the end of most marathons and at least once I swore never again and genuinely believed it.  In a moment of madness I tried for an entry to the 2017 Tokyo marathon as a “semi-elite overseas athlete”.  With only the 200 fastest runners accepted per year I really never expected to get in and I was shocked/delighted to get the acceptance email.

Around the same time I learned about the Six Star Finisher medal for completing all the World Marathon Majors.  With automatic qualification for Tokyo in the bag I tried for qualification to New York and also got accepted.  It was pretty much at this point that I decided to try and do them all, although I don’t think I truly realised what lay ahead.

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New York Marathon 2018 Report by Dermot Slyne

By Dermot Slyne

Well with a bit of prompting from Mairead in the Eagle PR department I used my time on the plane back to write a bit of a report on the New York marathon. First a small bit of background (assignment no. 2 from Mairead!) for those who don’t know me. (The Sunday morning crew can go straight to the New York report!)


Dermot with his well earned NYC 2018 Marathon medal!

I started running in April 2012 after spending the previous 18 months reacquainting myself with fresh air thanks to getting my first Labrador dog called Bumble. We did a 5 mile walk most days and one day we ran between two telephone poles, Bumble was fine, I was in bits. Next day we did two telephone poles and six months later I ran DCM12 as my first ever race of any description. Continue reading

Journey to a 2.48 Amsterdam Marathon

Amsterdam 2018 Marathon Report

By Pat O’ Connor

pat finish flag and medal
Background :

I started running for the first time late 2006 at the age of 39 and still remember that first run. On the way home that day I heard a radio promotion for the Cork Marathon to take place in June 2007, first time to take a marathon back to Cork since 1986. I found an old pair of runners and off I went, no idea where I was going or how far I should run I just kept going, from Ballincollig in the Straight Road, cut across past the Tennis Village out Model Farm Road and back Killumney road to my house. Curious how far I went I hopped into the car to drive the same route – just over 9 miles.

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Eagle AC at Dublin City Marathon 2018

Report by Ruairi Egan.

Post DCM discussions at Doheny & Nesbitts!

The big event last weekend was of course the Dublin City Marathon. 24 Eagles made it to the start line and a word of commiseration to the other 5 members originally entered who didn’t make it this year.

Before Dublin start

All wrapped up before the start!

Leading in the Eagle challenge this year was Viv Foley in a brilliant 02:42, followed by club captain Damian smashing through the 3 hr barrier for the first time going all the way to down to 02:50.



Four more made it home under the 3 hour mark. Donal Dowling with a massive PB outing of 2:53, Ruairi O’Callaghan 02:55, Tom Fox 02:59 (first sub 3 for Tom) and Padraic Maher with some nice pacing for 02:59:54.

Donal Dublin

Huge PB for Donal Dowling. 2.53

First lady this year was Karen Bevan with a fantastic PB run of 03:26, well done Karen! Catherine Murphy (PB), Helen Cronin (PB), Mairead Lonergan (PB) and Dolores Gibbons (PB)  the others in our top 5 lady finishers, super running all. Congratulations also to Catherine McCarthy on completing her first marathon.

Karen Dublin

First sub 3.30 marathon for Karen Bevan.

Plenty of war stories were exchanged afterwards in Doheny & Nesbitts, along with the usual “Never again” promises which are probably already forgotten. Well done to all, everyone got around safely and some great times with plenty of PBs as well.

John Dublin

John Swanton post race with his well earned silverware.

(Photo credits to Kieran Carlin and John Quigley)

Full details:

Place Name From Cat. Place in cat. Chip time Finish time

133 Vivian Foley Eagle A.c. M45 10 02:42:47 02:42:58

257 Damian Kenneally Eagle A.c. M35 71 02:50:08 02:50:19

339 Donal Dowling Eagle A.c. M40 74 02:53:04 02:53:15

414 Ruairi O’ Callaghan Eagle A.c. M40 93 02:55:22 02:55:34

636 Tom Fox Eagle A.c. M50 23 02:59:10 02:59:26

721 Padraic Maher Eagle A.c. MS 210 02:59:54 03:01:14

807 Brian McGuire Eagle A.c. M45 101 03:04:06 03:04:17

1536 John Sheehan Eagle A.c. M45 239 03:18:02 03:18:49

1681 Ken Mulcahy Eagle A.c. M50 82 03:18:59 03:19:59

2159 Karen Bevan Eagle A.c. F40 41 03:26:04 03:27:45

3856 Catherine Murphy Eagle A.c. F40 102 03:37:10 03:52:20

4182 Helen Cronin Eagle A.c. F35 103 03:40:16 03:55:25

4310 Mairead Lonergan Eagle A.c. FS 140 03:41:52 03:57:01

5281 Dolores Gibbons Eagle A.c. F45 137 03:49:53 04:06:45

6927 Patrick Walsh Eagle A.c. MS 1183 03:52:09 04:23:03

7187 John Swanton Eagle A.c. M35 1311 03:53:22 04:25:42

5824 Andrew O’Farrell Eagle AC M65 7089 03:54:42

4400 Ruairi Egan Eagle A.c. M45 713 03:56:22 03:58:02

6292 Ian Roche Eagle A.c. M40 1290 03:58:36 04:15:40

8661 Michael Noonan Eagle A.c. M35 1499 04:08:30 04:38:53

6050 Damien Malone Eagle A.c. M35 1149 04:11:44 04:13:42

9496 Catherine McCarthy Eagle A.c. F45 410 04:16:04 04:47:38

10573 Andrew MacDonald Eagle AC M35 04:27:53