13th Oct…Medals galore at the Cork Masters Cross Country

The Cork Masters Cross Country Championships were held near the town of Conna in NE Cork on Sunday the 12th of October 2014.  In total, the club had 13 members taking part…4 in the womens event and the balance of 9 in the mens.

Deirdre Nagle, Elaine Guinane, Adelle O'Connor & Deirdre O'Callaghan

Deirdre Nagle, Elaine Guinane, Adelle O’Connor & Deirdre O’Callaghan

In the womens masters race, the F35 team of Deirdre Nagle, Elaine Guinane, Adelle O’Connor and Deirdre O’Callaghan finished in 3rd place to take bronze. Deirdre Nagle also won an individual bronze in the F35 category.

In the mens M35 team category, our team of Don Keohane, Sean O’Sullivan, Kieran Mulcahy, Eddie Byrne and Mick Dooley finished 5th.

In the mens M50 team category, our team of John Desmond, Pat Twomey, Joe Murphy and John Quigley finished 2nd to take silver. Pat Twomey and Joe Murphy both won individual silver medals in the M60 and M55 categories respectively.

The full results can be found on the Cork Athletics County Board website.

10th Oct…Number of club runs – June to August 2014

run6As well as being one of the largest athletic clubs in Cork City, it’s probably safe to say that Eagle AC organise more training runs than most other clubs. To help illustrate this, Gerard Down has kindly gone back through all of the club e-mails for the summer and compiled the list below which shows all of the club runs between June and August 2014. It amounts to an impressive 58 in total and that doesn’t include any track sessions at CIT on Tuesday or Thursday evenings or other informal smaller runs that members organise themselves.

The review period which comes after the Cork City Marathon was probably no busier than any other time of the year. Taking the year as a whole, the club probably organises somewhere between 200 to 250 training runs per annum.

Total weekend runs June, July, August = 58

Breakdown of run per day…
Runs Fridays …3
Runs Sat …32
Runs Sun …22
Runs Mon …1
Total 58

Starting times of runs
6.00 am …4
7.00 am …4
8.00 am …15
8.15 am …1
8.30 am …14
8.45 am …3
9.00 am …13
9.30 am …1
9.45 am …1
10.00 am …1
11.00 am …1
Total runs 58

Types of runs & pace
Pace per mile…Distance…No’ Runs
7.40 …18 miles …1
7.40 …15 miles …9
7.40 …14 miles …3
7.40 …12 miles …1

8.00 …20 miles …1

8.20 …15 miles …1

8.30 …18 miles …2
8.30 …14 miles …9
8.30 …12 miles …3
8.30 …11.5 miles …5
8.30 …10 miles …1

9.00 …11 miles …2

9.15 …11 miles …2

9.30 …14 miles …2
9.30 …12 miles …1
9.30 …10 miles …4

Tempo runs 40 mins 11

Total runs 58

8th Oct…Eagle AC now 3rd largest club in Cork based on adult membership

Athletics Ireland released some stats today showing the various membership numbers for all the athletic clubs in Ireland. Eagle AC had 189 members at the end of October 2014 which is a record membership for the club. The club has grown by 17% since the end of 2013 and there are still 3 months left on the calendar.


As can be seen from the chart above, the club has grown steadily for the last few years…from 115 at the end of 2011 to 189 now. Based on the number of adult members, the club is now the third largest in Co.Cork.

1st Oct…Results for the last week…North Mon 5k, Killarney 10m & Cork to Cobh

Vivian Foley & Kieran Mulcahy at the Cork to Cobh race

Vivian Foley & Kieran Mulcahy at the Cork to Cobh race

Eagle AC results for the last week :

North Mon 5k: The annual North Mon Past Pupils Union 5k was held last Saturday the 24th of October. Ciarán Bouse was the third man home on the night.
3 Ciaran Bouse Eagle 35 m 18.04 3rd men

Killarney 10 mile race: The inaugural Killarney 10 mile race was held last Saturday the 27th of September. We had two members in it…
33 Norman KELLY (307) 01:09:16 01:09:14 Ages 40-44 (5) Male (32)
148 Claudia PIEPER KELLY (423) 01:30:54 01:30:43 Ages 18-39 (25) Female (44)

Cork BHAA Cork to Cobh 15 mile : The big race last weekend was of course the Cork to Cobh 15 mile race organised by the Cork BHAA. A large number of members took part judging from all the Eagle singlets shown in the race photos. As the club names are not given in the results, it’s impossible to pick out all the members that took part but you can see plenty of members in the photo galleries.

There were at least 4 members in the prizes…Pat Twomey 1st M60, Ronan Boland 1st M50, Frances O’Connor 1st F55 and Elaine Guinane 3rd F35.

There is a small gallery of photos on the club Facebook page.
Denis Looney took a set as well and these can be seen here.