Eagle AC @ Munster Masters Track and Field Championships 2019

Report by Neil Kingston

Munster Masters Track & Field Championships 2019


Eagle A.C. Medals:

Ken Higgs (M65): 1st 400m, 1st 800m, 2nd 1500m

Pat Murphy (M60): 2nd 1500m

Tom Fox (M50): 2nd 800m, 2nd 1500m

Neil Kingston (M45) 2nd 400m

Four members of Eagle AC travelled to Templemore on June 9th to compete in the Munster Masters Track and Field Championships. The track is similar to CIT and in the coming weeks they are spending €75,000 on resurfacing which is the next best thing to digging it up and completely replacing it. With an indoor track in Nenagh and the soon to be resurfaced track in Templemore, athletes in Tipperary have excellent facilities to train and compete all year round.

The 800m was first up for team Eagle, it seemed to take everyone by surprise as events were running slightly ahead of schedule. Ken and Tom did well to perform under the circumstances. Gold for Ken, silver for Tom. The next race on the Eagle programme was the 100m for Neil who had to turn on the after burners after a very hesitant start from the blocks. But making up lost ground in a 100m sprint is near on impossible so he was just edged out of the medals.  There was quite a wait for the next event and in the meantime the weather turned. A downpour leading up to and during the 400m made it difficult for Ken and Neil and the other competitors both for preparation and racing. No nonsense from Ken as usual, just doing the business. Neil was leading down the home straight but at the finish line the eventual winner threw himself over the line to snatch the gold by a fraction of a second. Exciting racing and a valuable lesson. So another gold for Ken and silver for Neil.

Fortunately the weather cleared for the final event which was the 1500m and Tom, Pat and Ken were all in the one race with the age groups mixed. All the Eagles ran smart steady races and produced fast finishing kicks to round out a great day for the club. Three more silvers. Ken deserves a special mention for competing in both the 400m and the 1500m as they were held only 25 minutes apart. While still getting his breath back from his exertions in the 400m he had to report to the check in area to sign in for the 1500m!

The performance of the day was by Tom Fox who bagged silvers in the 800m and 1500m. What was particularly impressive were his steady splits, strong finishes and the times he produced. Tom is coming to the middle distance events from the endurance end with no special speed work done. In fact Tom had won the men’s over 50 category prize in the Cork City half marathon just 7 days before. What a range. With some specific middle distance training Tom can definitely shave a few seconds off his times which will make him competitive for national medals.

Special message from Tom: “Competing in track races is not much different to the track work that members do on a weekly basis at CIT. The club would encourage members to check out results of the Cork County & Munster Track & Field Championships on line. There are many members who would be competitive at both levels and apart from the opportunity to win representative medals, track races  are good days out  with the feel -good factor of  being part of a team and cheering on fellow club members.”

Finally a special word of thanks to our competition secretary Pat Murphy for taking care of the entries as always.



Eagle AC Cork Marathon Results 2019

Congratulations to all members who ran in the Cork City Marathon on Sunday. The club had a large representation across the Full, Half and Relay events. Conditions weren’t ideal on the day with the weather being quite warm and windy on various parts of the course.

In the full marathon, according to the provisional results, Eagle had 14 members taking part. Vivian Foley led the crew home when finishing in a hugely impressive 10th place overall in a time of 2.44.16. Viv was also 1st M45 home on the day.

marathon viv

Vivian Foley – 10th place overall in Full Marathon

Andrew O’Farrell too won his age category finishing 1st M65 in a great time of 3.43.44. Dan Kelleher completed his first marathon in 3.41.59 – Congrats Dan. A word for John Swanton too who decided to sign up for the 26.2 miles on Saturday, less than 24 hours before the start of the race!!

In the half marathon Tom Fox was the first Eagle AC member to cross the finish line in a time of 1.26.38. This time ensured a category win for Tom. Martin Leahy also secured a 1st place finish in his category when he finished in 1.28.53.

Frances O’Connor was 2nd in her F60 category also. Catherine Murphy, continued her brilliant form so far this year, leading the Eagle ladies home in 1.31.13, a big PB for Catherine.

marathon catherine

Catherine Murphy – 1.31.13

Aswell as those racing in the half we had a large number of members acting as pacers for the race, helping many runners achieve their goals on the day.

marathon Pacers group pic finish

Gregg, Elaine, Karen, Michelle, Denis, Catherine, Derek, Ruairi, Helen and Richard!

In the relay event the club entered one mixed team which finished in an impressive 8th place out of 400 mixed teams. (3.17.20) They also finished in 26th place overall out of 623 teams. Well done to Ruairi O Callaghan, Ken Higgs, Sandra Manning, Michelle Traynor and Anne Lucey Murphy. Thanks to Damian and to Karen for organising the relay team.

marathon relay

Last relay handover! Michelle and Anne!

Results listed below are provisional. Some members did not seem to be listed as Eagle in official results. If your result is missing please send Mairead an email and your result will be added.

Full Marathon Results

10. Vivian Foley 2.44.16 M 45 1 M 10
58. Mark Murphy 3.09.40 M 40 13 M 55
125. Christopher Bristow 3.25.04 M 30 16 M 116
128. Darren Casey 3.26.01 M 40 28 M 119
143. John Sheehan 3.28.01 M 50 12 M 131
210. Gregg Moore 3.37.06 M 45 26 M 192
217. Denis Carroll 3.38.08 M 55 5 M 198
246. Dan Kelleher 3.41.59 M 40 58 M 225
247. Siobhan Holland 3.41.51 F 40 4 F 22
261. Andrew O’Farrell 3.43.44 M 65 1 M 238
282. Charlie Byrd 3.45.01 M 50 22 M 259
301. Eddie Trindle 3.47.08 M 40 72 M 275
483. Niall McSweeney 4.02.07 M 35 79 M 418
597. John Swanton 4.14.50 M 35 98 M 505

Half Marathon Results

48. Tom Fox 1.26.38 M50 1 M 46
67. Damian Geraghty 1.28.09 M30 14 M 16
79. Martin Leahy 1.28.53 M55 1 M 71
85. David O’Keeffe 1.29.12 M 40 20 M 76
86. Alan O’Brien 1.29.23 M 35 18 M 77
98. Vincent O’Sullivan 1.30.29 M 40 25 M 89
106. Catherine Murphy 1.31.13 F 40 5 F 11
181. Jason Crosbie 1.35.10 M 30 31 M 163
309. Adrian O’Sullivan 1.39.17 M 40 59 M 281
364. Derry Casey 1.41.39 M 45 49 M 327
393. Ken Nyhan 1.41.55 M 40 76 M 356
404. Gary Gibbons 1.42.48 M 45 59 M 367
444. Derek Costello 1.42.51 M 50 21 M 400
528. Richard Hawkins 1.44.59 M 50 27 M 465
592. Helen Cronin 1.47.02 F 35 12 F 72
593. Gillian Murphy 1.47.28 F 40 15 F 73
594. Karen Bevan 1.47.03 F 40 16 F 74
595. Michelle Cheung 1.47.02 SF 13 F 75
725. Ruairi Egan 1.49.36 M 50 41 M 622
750. Denis Looney 1.49.52 M 50 46 M 640
1065. Michael Noonan 1.57.08 M 35 175 M 842
1154. Frances O’Connor 1.58.10 F 60 2 F 249
1199. Olivia Holmes 1.58.37 F 40 73 F 269
1237. Catherine McCarthy 1.59.14 F 45 33 F 278
1270. Ed Fitzgerald 1.59.31 M 45 146 M 975
1492. Joaquim Rachao 2.02.55 M 60 15 M 1091
1693. John McCarthy 2.08.35 M 40 240 M 1193
1714. Ber Looney 2.08.28 F 45 67 F 513
1761. Conn Donovan 2.09.34 M 30 173 M 1225
1764. Tracy Cotter 2.09.34 F 35 92 F 538

Relay Results

26. Eagle AC 3.17.20 Mixed 8 of 400, 26 of 623


(Photos thanks to Mick Dooley and Joe Murphy)



Eagle AC at County Masters Track and Field Championships, 19th May 2019

Well done to all the Eagles  who participated in the County Masters Track & Field Championships at CIT on Sunday 19th May.  The team consisted of Eugene O’Connor, Ken Higgs, Neil Kingston, Richard Hawkins, Tom Fox and Pat Murphy. Some great performances and times as well as a very impressive medal haul – 5 gold, 6 silver and 3 bronze! (I think!)

eagle-ac-county-masters tandf-chps-2019

Eugene O’Connor, Ken Higgs, Richard Piotrowski, Neil Kingston, Richard Hawkins, Tom Fox and Pat Murphy (Photo courtesy of John Quigley) 

Eagle results below:
(Thanks to Track and Field Co-ordinator Neil Kingston for compiling these.)
Shot Putt
Men Over-50
2 Richard Hawkins Eagle AC 6.4
Relay 4X100m
2 Eagle AC 60.2
Men Over-45
4 Neil Kingston Eagle AC 13.15
Men Over-50
1 Richard Hawkins Eagle AC 15.02
Men Over-45
3 Neil Kingston Eagle AC 27.16
Men Over-50
1 Richard Hawkins Eagle AC 31.67
Men Over-45
1 Neil Kingston Eagle AC 60.7
Men Over-50
2 Richard Hawkins Eagle AC 69.27
Men Over-65
1 Ken Higgs Eagle AC 01:12.6
Men Over-50
2 Tom Fox Eagle AC 02:37.3
3 Richard Hawkins Eagle AC 02:51.1
Men Over-65
1 Ken Higgs Eagle AC 02:52.2
Men Over-50
3 Tom Fox Eagle AC 05:02.9
4 Eugene O’Connor Eagle AC 05:22.5
Men Over-60
2 Pat Murphy Eagle AC 06:08.9
Men Over-50
2 Tom Fox Eagle AC 10:36.0
For full results see:

Rosscarbery Surf, Turf n Tar May 19th 2019

A number of club members headed to Rosscarbery on Saturday  for some ‘surf’ , ‘turf’ and ‘tar’!  We had 9 members take part in the half marathon, with 2 members running in the 10k. They were tough but very enjoyable and well organised runs.

Group Rosscarbery before

Congrats to Karen Bevan who picked up a category prize for 1st F40 in the half.

Karen Rosscarbery

Karen Bevan 1st F40

Special mention to member Michelle Traynor also who had her first official race for Eagle AC at the run. Great to see Derek Costello and Dolores Gibbons having great runs too having both been out of action over recent months with injuries. They are both well on the mend now! Well done to all who took part on the day. No clubs listed in results but all those spotted are listed below. Please let us know if we’ve missed anyone.

Half Marathon Results

30.Gary Gibbons M45 1.45.20
32.Karen Bevan F40 1.45.29
42.Derek Costello M50 1.47.42
51.Olga O’Sullivan F40 1.49.57
56.Denis Carroll M55 1.50.29
61.Elaine Guinane F40 1.51.31
63.Michelle Traynor F40 1.52.09
67.Helen Cronin F35 1.53.08
81.Mairead Lonergan SF 1.55.11

10K Results

60.Eddie Trindle M40 51.13
144.Dolores Gibbons F45 57.01

Midleton 5 Mile Road Race, 2nd May 2019

Approx. 40 members were in attendance at the Midleton 5 Mile Road Race on Thursday evening, the first race of the Eagle AC Summer Series 2019. A great turnout!
All the Eagles

How many Eagles can you spot?!

The club was led home by Donal Dowling who ran under 30 minutes for the first time finishing in a very impressive 29.45. Paul Cotter was right behind in a time of 29.47, a great run so soon after the Boston Marathon. Catherine Murphy led the ladies home in a brilliant 33.03.

Donal Dowling, Sub 30 minute 5 mile for first time


Catherine Murphy – 1st Eagle lady home and F 40 3.

Plenty of category prizes were picked up on the night by club members. Well done to Brian McGuire (M50 1), Tom Fox (M50 2) , Catherine Murphy (F40 3) , Richard Piotrowski (M70 1), Denis Carroll ( M55 2), Mike McGrath ( M55 3) , Helen Cronin (F35 2) , and Frances O’Connor ( F60 1) . Special mention also to Ed Fitzgerald who was on pacing duty for the race. Well done all.
Ruairi and Finbarr

Photo finish between Ruairi and Finbarr!!


Flying finish for Michelle Cheung!

Next race up in the Summer Series is the Inniscarra 4 Mile Road Race which takes place on Friday, June 14th. At the end of the series there will be prizes for the top 3 men and women aswell as the 1st in age categories. There will also be a prize for the runner who achieves the most improvement in their times as the series progresses. All members who complete at least 4 out of the 5 races in the series will receive a memento! Thanks to Damian for all of his work in organising this.

Darren Casey, Derek Costello, Siobhan Holland, Karen Bevan, Eddie Trindle and Denis Looney at the start line.

Results : 
30. Donal Dowling 29.45 M40 7 M29
31. Paul Cotter 29.47 M40 8 M30
37. Brian McGuire 30.34 M50 1 M36
40. Tom Fox 30.58 M50 2 M39
62. Vincent O’Sullivan 32.36 M40 17 M57
71. Raymond Harrington 32.54 M40 19 M64
74. Catherine Murphy 33.03 F40 3 F8
82. Daniel Dransfield 33.21 SM 37 M73
86. Jack Murphy 33.27 SM 40 M 76
97. Ruairi Egan 33.47 M50 8 M 86
98. Finbarr Lehane 33.47 M 45 11 M 87
107. Martin Daly 34.03 M45 14 M 95
118. Dermot Gallagher 34.18 M 45 17 M 104
119. Richard Piotrowski 34.24 M 70 1 M 105
124. Darren Casey 34.25 M 40 26 M 110
125. Karen Bevan 34.26 F 40 5 F 15
167. Denis Carroll 35.21 M 55 2 M 148
175. Mike McGrath 35.42 M 55 3 M 156
178. Glenn Kenneally 35.45 M 40 32 M 159
182. Helen Cronin 35.50 F 35 2 F 20
185. Derek Costello 35.55 M 50 13 M 165
192. Mairead Lonergan 35.58 SW 8 F 21
195. Siobhan Holland 36.06 F 40 7 F 23
212. Michelle Cheung 36.53 SW 9 F 24
222. Eddie Trindle 37.08 M 40 44 M 195
227. Sean Lucey 37.17 SM 88 M 197
247. Ken Higgs 37.48 M 65 2 M 216
253. MT Brady 37.59 F 45 7 F 34
278. Andrew O Farrell 38.39
296. Denis Looney 39.07 M 50 23 M 250
300. Frances O Connor 39.20 F 60 1 F 48
309. Tim McCarthy 39.30 M 40 60 M 257
325. Brian Hegarty 40.00 SM 108 M 268
344. Michael Dooley 40.56 M 50 26 M 280
356. Catherine McCarthy 41.36 F 45 13 F 73
374. Olive Dooley 42.15 F 40 22 F 83
401. Dolores Gibbons 43.12 F 45 16 F 93
417. Ber Looney 43.43 F 45 19 F 103
431. John McCarthy 44.16 M 40 74 M 321
551. Ed Fitzgerald PACER 54.51 M 362


(Photos from Andy O Rourke Photography, Running in Cork Blog and Michael Buckley Photography)

The Great Railway Run – 28th April 2019


Alan O Brien running

Alan O’Brien on his way to winning the Great Railway Run 10k 

There were plenty of club members in action on Sunday in The Great Railway Run. Special mention to Alan O’Brien who won the 10k race in a time of 34.07 and to Derek O’Keeffe who finished 3rd in 37.53. Ken Higgs was first M65 home and Frances O’Connor was first F60.



Frances O’Connor – 1st F60 in 10k race


Ken Higgs – 1st M65 in 10k race


In the 25k Tony Cambridge finished in a brilliant 5th place overall in a time of 1.40.03. Andrew O’Farrell also picked up a prize for finishing 1st M65.


Tony Cambridge – 5th man home in the 25k race.


Andrew O’Farrell – 1st M65 in 25k race.

Please let us know if we are missing anyone below as club names were not included in the results.


Railway Run 25K Results

5. Tony Cambridge 1.40.03 M50
14. Thomas Fox 1.47.31 M50
41. Catherine Murphy 1.53.31 F40
51. Dave O’Keeffe 1.55.39 M40
55. Finbarr Lehane 1.56.35 M45
63. Karen Bevan 1.58.12 F40
76. Martin Daly 1.59.52 M45
101. Siobhan Holland 2.03.40 F40
110. Elaine Guinane 2.03.49 F40
115. Gregg Moore 2.04.34 M45
116. Andrew O’Farrell 2.04.49 M65
126. Gary Gibbons 2.05.36 M 45
138. Mairead Lonergan 2.06.46 SF
139. Helen Cronin 2.06.46 SF
164. Niall McSweeney 2.09.06 SM
190. John Swanton 2.12.55 SM

Railway Run 10k Results

1. Alan O’Brien 34.07 SM
3. Derek O’Keeffe 37.53 M40
12. Jack Murphy 42.55 SM
34. Mark O’Keeffe 48.59 SM
37. Michelle Cheung 49.12 SF
42. Ken Higgs 49.46 M65
59. Frances O’Connor 51.29 F60