Eagle AC Member Profile: Tamara Lopez

Tamara Lopez

Name: Tamara Lopez

Member of Eagle AC since: October 2019

How long have you been running ? What made you take it up?: Since 2004. Some friends persuaded me to do a sprint triathlon, I could swim and cycle but couldn’t run at all. Somehow managed the 5k in the tri, and next thing I know we were signed up to a 10k.

Favourite thing about running: How accessible it is.

Favourite race distance to run: Half marathon – I find it easier to maintain a pace and they’re not as tiring as marathons 🙂

What is your main goal for this year: To discover some trail running routes. (The race goals I think are gone for this year)

Your best race/most memorable racing moment to date: Best race was Edinburgh marathon – big PB for me and got me a place in London marathon (my then home marathon), Can’t choose just one for most memorable, but I love short summer races that involve picnic/coffee/beer after.

Tell us something most people might not know about you: I cannot wink. It’s impossible.

Biggest heroes (sporting or non-sporting): Paula Radcliffe

One bit of advice you would give to someone thinking of taking up running: Start with couch to 5k.

3 things you would take with you onto a desert island: Kindle, running shoes, hammock

John Quigley: A Tribute

John Quigley: A Tribute (Paul Cotter, with assistance from Pat Murphy)

On behalf of Eagle AC it is a pleasure to acknowledge the great contribution John Quigley has made to the welfare and growth of the club over many years. As John leaves the club it is good to recall his many contributions over these years. John joined Eagle AC in 1998 from Leevale at a time when numbers were falling. The club had been formed in 1982, among its founding members at that time were Joe and Ann Murphy, happily still very much part of the club. Pat Murphy joined a few years later.

John was our chairman from 2000 to 2014. When he was first elected numbers were in freefall and by 2001 there were just 25 members. This situation was not unique to Eagle, back then running was not in any way as popular as it has become over recent years. Perhaps John’s most enduring legacy to the club was his almost obsessional belief in the value of recruitment. Everywhere he went he recruited, at the end of every race, in his social life, at his place of work, and so on. John recruited me in November of 2001 while I was attending a genealogy evening at the Cork Family History Centre. He recognized my face from the races and sold me the idea of the value of club membership over being a mere jogger. Another one of his recruitment tools was a ladies meet and train evening in Douglas every Monday, which brought many members into the club. By 2003 John had gotten the numbers up to 51 and membership continued to grow apace, eventually rising to the high one hundreds (today we have around 140 members). During these years Eagle was one of the fastest growing clubs in the country. Outside of his work in recruitment John was a leading force in encouraging club members to compete in road and cross-country races, especially in championship races.

Over his years as chairman of the club John ‘ate, drank and slept’ Eagle. During his chairmanship John oversaw many honours brought home by the club at national, provincial and county level. During this time Eagle won thirty eight sets of county cross-country medals, including twelve titles, most notable of which was the three in a row county senior women’s titles, in 2008 to 2010. Earlier, in 2002, the women had won all before them, including Intermediate, Novice and Novice B. Among his other achievements for the club was his prominance in the setting up the famous Eagle ‘Cheetah Run’ in Fota Wildlife Park which has run every year since 2009 (until sadly this year). As a qualified course measurer John also made himself available to many local clubs as well as Eagle. John himself was no mean runner. With PB’s of 16:52 for five km, 21:37 for four mile and 27:30 for five mile distances he won many prizes, team and individual. In 2007, at the club’s 25th anniversary celebration in the Cork Cricket Club on the Mardyke, John was presented with an ‘outstanding contribution’ award by the club.

On a personal level John and myself were fierce competitors, despite him being several years older than me. Many is the race that I, eye balls out, was striding to the finish line only to hear behind me a spectator shouting ‘come on John’, thus spurring me on to glory at his expense. My only national medal was won as part of the over-50 Eagle team at the Dublin marathon in 2010 when we won silver. The team was, respectively, Pat Twomey, John Quigley and myself. Another happy memory is the only time I managed to finish the Ballycotton Five Summer Series, back in 2003, coming in at 35th position and winning the coveted top fifty tee-shirt. Who was ten seconds in front of me in 34th position? John Quigley of course. This wonderful rivalry unfortunately came to an end some years ago when John experienced ill-health. He has faced this situation with great courage and remains an example of how important running can be in all of life’s situations.

On behalf of Eagle AC we would like to wish John many more years of running.

Eagle AC National Medal Winners 2019

2019 was a very successful year for Eagle AC with National medals being won by no fewer than 14 different club members.

To recognise and to mark the huge accomplishment of winning a National medal the club had a number of commemorative pins made.

As no awards ceremony can be arranged over the coming weeks, club captain Damian Kenneally will be in touch with the recipients to arrange presentation of these.

A huge well done to all those concerned and thanks to Damian and to the Eagle AC committee for their work in organizing them.

Those Eagle AC members being awarded with pins for the 2019 season are :

Aoife Cooke ( Dublin Marathon – Senior Female Gold- National Marathon Champion, Senior Team Bronze)

Sandra Manning ( Dublin Marathon- Senior Team Bronze )

Catherine Murphy ( Dublin Marathon – Senior Team Bronze)

Mark Smith (Dublin Marathon – M40 Gold)

Martin Leahy (Dublin Marathon M55 – Silver, M50 Team Gold)

Brian McGuire (Dublin Marathon- M50 Team Gold)

Tom Fox (Dublin Marathon- M50 Team Gold)

Damian Kenneally (National Masters XC – Cork Team Silver)

Richard Piotrowski ( National Masters Track and Field Championships – M70 5000m Gold)

Ken Higgs (National Masters XC- M65 Club Silver , National Indoor Masters- M65 Bronze 200m, M65 Silver 400m, National Masters Track and Field – M65 400M Silver, 800m Silver)

John Quigley (National Masters XC – M65 Club Silver)

Pat Twomey (National Masters XC- M65 Club Silver)

Hugh McSweeney (National Indoor Masters – M70 Gold 60m, M70 Gold 200m, National Masters Track and Field M70 100m Gold, 200m Gold)

Neil Kingston (National Indoor Masters- M45 Bronze 800m) )

Aoife Cooke – National Senior Female Marathon Gold, Senior Women Team Bronze
Damian Kenneally – National Masters XC Cork Team Silver
Mark Smith – National Marathon M40 Gold
Martin Leahy – National Marathon M55 Silver, M50 Team Gold

Eagle AC Member Profile: Anne Lucey Murphy

Eagle AC Member Profile:

Name: Anne Lucey Murphy
Member of Eagle AC since: I first joined in 1984.

How long have you been running what made you take it up:
I first started running in 1984, I wanted to run the minimarathon it was 10k then but I ended up doing the Dublin Marathon!

Favourite thing about running:
I think the high you get when you have a good race. Having a great chat after with the rest of the runners over a cup of tea also.

Favourite race distance to run:
My favourite then was the ten milers, but now i appreciate doing the 5k.

What is your main goal for this year:
To keep staying fit and to get over injuries.

Your best race/most memorable racing moment to date:
My first marathon in Dublin 1984,I was so delighted to finish it.My most memorable run was the Breakfast Run in New York before the marathon.

Tell us something most people might not know about you:
I was a pitch and putt player

Biggest heroes (sporting or non-sporting):
My biggest hero would have to be Sonia without a doubt, the next was the golfer Severiano Ballesteros know as Seve!

One bit of advice you would give to someone thinking of taking up running:
My advice would be start small, easy steps first, listen to your own body

3 things you would take with you onto a desert island:
First I would take a few murder books, next would have to be Joe and then of course, my running shoes

Member Profile: Eddie Trindle

Name: Eddie Trindle

Member of Eagle AC since:October 2014

How long have you been running and what made you take it up: Regularly since 2013. Adrian O’Sullivan persuaded me to do Ballycotton 10 back in 2006. Did first full marathon in Dublin 2013 with Ken Nyhan. The challenge of the marathon attracted me. After joining Eagle my training became a lot more structured

Favourite thing about running: The tea and sandwiches after races. And coffee runs…I think there’s a trend there 🙂

Favourite race distance to run: Marathon.

What is your main goal for this year: It was Dublin 2020. But now going to try to improve speed over shorter distances like 5k.

Your best race/most memorable racing moment to date: Best race was Dublin 2019. Ran with Helen, Mairead and Ken. Pacing went well on the day. Always enjoy going through Phoenix Park. Paris 2017 was a highlight – running down Champs-Elysees and alongside River Seine.

Tell us something most people might not know about you:Have been a lifelong Reading FC fan. Just shows you should start off following one of the bigger clubs!

Biggest heroes (sporting or non-sporting): John Treacy, Ray Houghton or Jimmy Barry-Murphy.

One bit of advice you would give to someone thinking of taking up running:Join others for some of your training. Have got great tips from Eagle at track sessions and tempo runs. Especially for long runs the company is great.

3 things you would take with you onto a desert island:
1. Straw Hat 2. Keg of Stout 3. Car Door – would put down the window if it gets too hot.

Eagle AC Summer Series – Race 1 – 20th-22nd May

Thanks so much to all club members who were able to take part in the 1st 5 Mile Race of the Eagle AC Summer Series 2020 (Virtual Edition!). The 1st race has been a huge success, with 79 runs being recorded over the 3 days from 20th – 22nd May. It was brilliant to see the photos of Eagle singlets in action once again and to see club members out in such force and in as far flung places as France! (Thanks Joaquim Rachao !)

Joaquim pounding the pavements in France!

Some members used the race as an excuse to get a PB (Well done Martin Daly!) , some used it as a chance to re-unite at a safe distance with club mates, some used it as a first run back from injury and some used it as an excuse to spend time with family. (Some also probably used it as an excuse to get away from family!!)

Both a 4 mile and 5 mile PB for Martin Daly!
New medal for the collection for Michelle Traynor from her kids!
Mark Murphy and pacing crew!
John Sheehan discovered a new run route close to home!

The club would like to thank everyone for adhering so well to HSE guidelines at all times while completing their runs.

With all that said, a draw was made on Sunday evening to determine the winners of our first 4 spot prizes. Results are as follows…..

Mark Smith – €15 voucher – The Edge Sports
Gary Gibbons – €10 voucher -The Edge Sports
Dermot Slyne – €15 voucher – The Edge Sports
Dan Kelleher – €15 voucher – The Edge Sports

Dermot and Jacqueline Slyne
Dermot , winner of €15 voucher
Dan Kelleher – Winner €15 voucher
Dolores and Gary Gibbons.
Gary – winner of €10 voucher
Mark Smith – Winner of €15 voucher

Well done to our winners! Don’t worry to those who lost out – lots more prizes to be won over the remaining races in the series!
A massive thanks to The Edge Sports Shop for their very generous sponsorship of prizes. It is really very much appreciated.

A big thanks also to Damian Kenneally and Ruairi Egan for all of the time and work they have put in to the organising of the event.

The club are delighted to announce that they will be donating €1 to charity for every run completed during the series. (charity to be chosen) This means that the more people who run each month, the more that will be raised for our chosen charity. This of course, is an extra incentive for as many members as possible to take part in the next 3 races!
So that’s €79 raised so far and hopefully a lot more to come over the summer!

With that, the 5 mile training plan will resume, with the next sessions being sent to club members by email. Training must begin for the 2nd race of the series which will take place from the 17th – 19th June! Hopefully it will be just as big a success as the 1st one! 🦅

See the following link for an album of photos from Race no. 1 Derek has put together on Flickr also… https://flic.kr/s/aHsmNpcRYG Thanks Derek!

Laura Feeley – Caught in the rain!

Brilliant running from Sean and brilliant supporting from Stephen!

Eagle AC Charity Contribution from Tommy Ryan Memorial 5 Mile 2020

The 32nd Annual Tommy Ryan Memorial Carrigaline 5 Mile Road Race promoted by Eagle AC was originally scheduled for Sunday February 16th 2020. The main sponsor for the 2020 event was The Edge Sports Shop.

Unfortunately, this year due to an Orange weather warning for race day, Eagle AC decided that in the interests of health and safety that the race would not go ahead. All who had pre-registered were offered a full refund.

In addition to the race, the event also benefits 2 local charities each year, Carrigaline Meals on Wheels and Carrigaline Foróige.

However, given the charitable aspect of the race, Eagle AC also notified those that had pre-registered that if an entrant chose not to request a refund, their entry fee would go to the very worthy charities. Eagle AC is delighted to have today donated €720 to each of the charities. This total of €1,440 was as a result of the generosity of all those who had pre-registered. On behalf of both charities, we in Eagle AC thank you and look forward to seeing you in 2021.

Eagle AC Summer Series 2020 (Virtual Edition!)

As Damian outlined in last week’s email, next week sees the start of Eagle AC Summer Series 2020 ( Virtual Edition!)

There will be one 5 mile race each month for May, June, July and August. Members will have a 3 day window to complete each run:

Race 1: May 20-22
Race 2: June 17-19
Race 3: July 15-17
Race 4: August 19-21

Members can send details of their run each month ( eg. Garmin ,Strava screenshot) to Damian ( damiankenneally@hotmail.com), Mairead ( maireadlonergan@gmail.com) or Ruairi (ruairi@mercurysd.ie)

Members are asked to wear club gear if possible during their run and to please send on photos.

All those who complete all 4 runs will be entered into a draw for a range of spot prizes – vouchers etc. There will be various other spot prizes throughout the series also.

The emphasis on this series is on fun and the main idea is to get members out and feeling part of the Eagle AC community. No race times will be published. However, to track your own progress over the summer months, members may wish to run the same 5 mile route every month. Hopefully we’ll all be getting faster on each attempt!!

Of course, all those taking part should strictly adhere to current HSE guidelines at all times during their runs.

For those who do have a Strava account we have an Eagle AC group for those who wish to join. It’s open to all club members and is a great way for us to stay connected with each other during these times.

Window for the first run in the series starts next Wednesday 20th May so start getting the runners and Eagle gear ready!!

Member Profile: Dermot Slyne

Member of Eagle AC since : December 2015

How long have you been running and why did you take it up : Running since April 2012 , got my first Labrador dog Bumble in 2010 and started walking with her eventually leading to jogging between stops for a John Player Blue !

Favourite thing about running : Endorphins and feel good feeling after any run. Tuesday Track night Eagle AC , Doheny and Nesbitts after DCM

Favourite race distance to run. Marathon (because it’s not all about running ! )

What is your main goal for this year? Climb Carrauntoohil so I can find my way to run up it

Best race / most memorable race: ( First time going Sub 3 in DCM ’17, NYC marathon 2018 – Unreal race, atmosphere , course , the lot!

Something most people may not know about you : I’m on Strava!

Biggest Heroes : Growing up Roy Keane / Sonia O Sullivan . Now – Sonia O Sullivan!

Advice for someone taking up running : Over 40 – go easy , under 40- go easier, you’ve got time! Join a club or group for social running, miles fly by and add up far easier with company!

3 things you’d take with you to a desert island: Original answer – My wife Jacqueline , my two labs Bunch and Buffi and their Couch – non negotiable! Updated by Jacqueline to say my NB, Garmin and phone for Strava.

Eagle AC Charity Runs April 2020

With racing as we know postponed for the foreseeable future it was great to see club members taking part in a number of charity and virtual runs over the past number of weeks, all while complying with the HSE guidelines currently in place.

Daniel Luxton – Garden Run

A number of members took part in a 10k Garden Challenge on Easter Saturday, which saw them running laps of their gardens until they had completed the 10k distance! It was great to see a large number of other family members getting involved in the fun also! All who participated donated money to the very worthy Feed the Heroes cause. Former club member Jonathan Kenneally was the organiser of this event.

Siobhan Holland and her daughter completing the Garden 10k Challenge

Members have also been busy participating in the first 2 BHAA Virtual 5K races. The 1st race helped to raise money for the Irish Cancer Society, while last weeks race was in aid of Cystic Fibrosis Ireland. Lots of club members spotted in the top category positions – see below for full results! Well done to all!

BHAA Virtual 5k No. 1 – In aid of Irish Cancer Society

Pat O’Connor – 1st M50
Tom Fox – 1st M55
Noel O’Connor – 1st M60
Siobhan Holland – 1st F40
Frances O’Connor – 2nd F60

BHAA Virtual 5k No. 2 – In aid of Cystic Fibrosis Ireland

Richard Hawkins – 2nd M50
Thomas Fox – 1st M55
Denis Carroll – 1st M60
Joe Murphy – 3rd M60
Andrew O’Farrell – 1st M65
Tamara Lopez – 2nd F35
Siobhan Holland – 1st F40
Elaine Guinane – 2nd F40
Olga O’Sullivan – 3rd F40

Joe Murphy – 3rd M60 – BHAA Virtual Race No. 2
Olga O’Sullivan – 3rd F40 – BHAA Virtual Race No. 2