New Members

Membership of Eagle AC is €50 (€60 for families) for the year and includes all track fees. Unlike most other clubs, there is no weekly subscription. New members who join on or after 1st September in any year will not have to pay a subscription the next January e.g. join on 14th Oct 2019, your next sub falls due on 1st Jan 2021.

Joining the club is easy. Just print off and complete the membership form and hand it to the person in charge at the track on Tuesday evenings, along with the relevant membership fee. Alternatively, forms and payment can be given to any committee member.

New members can also use the online payment method on our membership page
( ) but they will still need to fill out and return a membership form. Please note that all new membership applications must be approved and the club reserves the right to refuse membership.

Track etiquette
It is important to note that Eagle AC only have the use of lanes 1 – 4 during track sessions. The outside lanes are in use by Belgooly AC. Lane 1 is for speedwork only. Lane 2 is used to overtake during speedwork, while lanes 3 and 4 are used for recovery laps/cooldown. Please do not stand around in Lane 1 as it impedes those doing speedwork around you. It is common for runners to shout ‘track’ if they want to clear Lane 1 ahead of them. This should only be done if someone is standing around or a group has not moved to Lanes 3/4 for recovery. It should not be used for someone who is simply doing their session at a slower pace than yours – it is up to you to overtake them in Lane 2.
Only step into Lane 1 when you (and your group) are ready to start the speed session. Take a quick look back and let any group coming through pass. Run in single file or maximum 2 abreast and only in Lane 1. When stopping, peel off to one side onto the grass area, or if you are following your repetition immediately with a recovery lap, move out to Lanes 3/4.
If you are not familiar with track training and any of this seems foreign to you, you can ask the person leading your next track session and they will be happy to answer any of your questions. For more information on track etiquette please see here