Club member Laurence Courtney in English Channel Relay Swim

The Myrtleville Selkies English Channel relay team: Brenda Sisk, Harry Casey, Ann Smyth, Marie Watson, Laurence Courtney, and John Kiely.

Spotted in the news during the week. Club member Laurence Courtney is part of six member team who will attempt a relay crossing of the English Channel on Friday. Named the ‘Myrtleville Selkies’, they will be swimming at least double the length of the 35km-wide channel, as the currents force participants to swim from side to side as the tide ebbs and flows. Full story here…

Club Training Programmes for the Charleville Half & the Dublin Marathon

It’s that time of year to start training in earnest for the Charleville Half-Marathon and/or the Dublin Marathon. The club has several programmes on offer for members that wish to follow them

Charleville-Dublin-Marathon-TrainingCharleville Half-Marathon – 3 Day Programme (3 key workouts per week…approx 30 miles per week)

Charleville Half-Marathon – 4 Day Intermediate Programme (Approx 40 miles per week)

Charleville Half-Marathon – 5 Day ‘Hard’ Programme (Approx 50 mile per week)

Dublin Marathon – 4 Day ‘Easy’ Programme (Approx 30-40 miles per week)

Dublin Marathon – 4 Day Intermediate Programme (Approx 35-45 miles per week)

Dublin Marathon – 5 Day ‘Hard’ Programme (Approx 45-55 miles per week)


Members will be asked to complete a questionaire and then will be advised on suitable paces for the programme they wish to follow. A training programme will be sent out to all participating members on a fortnightly basis.

The programme begins at the start of July 2017 and Eagle AC members are asked to sign up asap if they are interested.

Club Training sessions this weekend


With thoughts now turning to Half-Marathons and Marathons in the Autumn, the club has no fewer than 6 organised runs this weekend. While most are medium to long runs in Cork City and Carrigaline, the club also had a hill interval session in Currabinny Woods to sharpen up for the Summer races. This was organised by Ed Fitzgerald and John Desmond and was held on the forest trails in this stunning location in Cork Harbour.