14th Sept…Results of the John Buckley Sports Cork City 10 Miler

A total of 31 Eagle AC members took part in the inaugural John Buckley Sports Cork City 10 Miler on Sunday the 14th of Sept 2014.

20 Ciaran Bouse Eagle AC MSenior (1:00:41) 1:00:44
28 Eric Browne Eagle AC MSenior (1:01:29) 1:01:32
29 Ronan BOLAND Eagle AC M50+ (1:01:42) 1:01:43…1st M50

Ronan Boland...1st M50

Ronan Boland…1st M50

57 Killian OCONNOR Eagle AC MSenior (1:04:49) 1:04:52
58 Pat OCONNOR Eagle AC M45+ (1:04:51) 1:04:55
65 Paul COTTER Eagle AC M35+ (1:05:34) 1:05:37
75 David O Callaghan Eagle ACM45+ (1:07:16) 1:07:20
87 Kevin GEARY Eagle ACM35+ (1:08:32) 1:08:39
99 John SCANNELL Eagle AC M45+ (1:09:28) 1:09:33
118 Shane OSHAUGHNESSY Eagle AC M35+ (1:11:20) 1:11:25
130 Charlie BYRD Eagle A.C. M50+ (1:12:35) 1:12:40
144 Trevor O Sullivan Eagle AC M40+ (1:13:47) 1:14:01
151 Linda CUSSEN Eagle AC FSenior (1:14:34) 1:14:41
193 John DUNLEAVY Eagle AC M45+ (1:17:22) 1:17:36
210 Laurence COURTNEY Eagle AC M50+ (1:18:10) 1:18:17
218 John QUIGLEY Eagle AC M60+ (1:18:42) 1:18:50
230 Cathal TWOMEY Eagle AC MSenior (1:19:08) 1:19:16
232 Elaine GUINANE Eagle AC F35+ (1:19:11) 1:19:23
233 Frances OCONNOR Eagle AC F55+ (1:19:24) 1:19:24…1st F55

Frances O'Connor...1st in the F55 category

Frances O’Connor…1st in the F55 category

255 Patrick OGORMAN Eagle AC M40+ (1:21:00) 1:21:15
255 Paul Scannell Eagle AC MSenior (1:21:01) 1:21:15
272 Yvonne BENNETT Eagle F50+ (1:22:08) 1:22:32
278 Dympna Connolly Eagle AC F35+ (1:22:44) 1:22:55
285 Donal Mc Grath Eagle A.C M50+ (1:23:06) 1:23:27
342 Nora CORCORAN Eagle A.C F35+ (1:26:43) 1:27:04
379 Fiona ORIORDAN Eagle AC F45+ (1:28:53) 1:29:13
391 Sunita Corcoran Eagle AC F40+ (1:29:17) 1:29:48
418 Karen Bevan Eagle A.C F35+ (1:32:26) 1:32:55
420 Jane Mc Grath Eagle AC F50+ (1:33:10) 1:33:31
440 Grace O Leary Eagle AC F35+ (1:36:30) 1:36:30
486 Ann Hayes Eagle AC F55+ (1:42:29) 1:42:56
Full Results

Photos on the club Flickr page

10th Sept…Results of Glounthaune 4m, Kinsale 5m, Dingle Half & Great North Run

As the evenings begin to close in, the midweek races are beginning to thin out. Here are some of the races that Eagle AC members were in over the last week…

Glounthaune Community 4 mile race: This was held on Wed 3rd Sept 2014
10 Ciaran Bouse Eagle ac M MS 57 23:57
20 Roger O’Mahony Eagle ac M M40 136 25:07
31 Denis Carroll Eagle AC M M50 167 26:30
34 Eddie Byrne Eagle AC M M40 133 26:37

Eddie Byrne #133

Eddie Byrne #133

83 Philip Corcoran Eagle ac M M40 187 28:58
104 Frances O Connor Eagle ac F F50 186 30:10
219 Ann Hayes Eagle ac F F50 257 37:14
242 Sunita Corcoran eagle F F40 180 38:41
Full Results

Kinsale 5m road race: This was on Sunday 7th September on what was a lovely sunny morning.

Gregg Moore #691 at the Kinsale 5 mile

Gregg Moore #691 at the Kinsale 5 mile

10 775 00:29:29 Ciaran Bouse M Open Eagle AC
47 691 00:36:31 Greg Moore M40 Eagle Ath
79 536 00:39:23 Donal Kelleher M40 Eagles AC
Full results   Photos

Great North Run Half-Marathon: Well done to Mike McGrath who went to the UK last weekend to take part in the famous Great North Run Half-Marathon in the North-East of England. In a field of over 57,000 participants, Mike completed the race in 1:33:50 and was 70th in his category, 1309th overall. Mike’s opinion on the race: ‘A great event and highly recommended for all, would be a great weekend away for Eagles in the future!’

Dingle Half-Marathon: This was on Sat 6th Sept and we had two Eagle finishers…
37 Shane OSHAUGHNESSY Eagle AC M35 (1:29:03) 1:31:27
149 John MCCARTHY Eagle AC M35 (1:41:22) 1:42:43

30th Aug…Big turnout for club ‘Coffee Run’


Almost 40 Eagle AC club members turned out for this mornings ‘Coffee Run’ with several groups taking in the usual ‘Raffeen Hill’ loop while others were doing a specialised marathon training session with a tempo run in the middle for good measure.

All the various groups met up later for a well deserved coffee which not only serves as a social occasion but helps support a small local business.

There are a few photos from the run up on the Eagle AC Facebook page. Our next planned ‘Coffee Run’ is on Saturday the 18th of October, one week before the Dublin Marathon.

28th Aug…Results of the Ballycotton 5m

A total of 38 Eagle AC members turned out for the 4th and final race in the Ballycotton Summer Series…two more than last year! :o)
20 0:29:13 O’CALLAGHAN, John Eagle AC M40 05:50.5
29 0:29:42 BOUSE, Ciaran Eagle AC M 05:56.3
30 0:29:45 BOLAND, Ronan Eagle AC M50 05:56.9
44 0:30:30 COTTER, Paul Eagle AC M 06:05.9
51 0:30:48 LEHANE, Donnacha Eagle AC M 06:09.5
52 0:30:49 MULCAHY, Kieran Eagle AC M45 06:09.7

Kieran Mulcahy & Donnacha Lehane

Kieran Mulcahy & Donnacha Lehane

59 0:31:15 GLAVIN, Colm Eagle AC M40 06:14.9
65 0:31:31 GEARY, Kevin Eagle AC M 06:18.1
67 0:31:38 O’CONNOR, Pat Eagle AC M45 06:19.5
73 0:31:43 KENNEALLY, Damien Eagle AC M 06:20.5
81 0:32:00 O’MAHONY, Roger Eagle AC M40 06:23.9
89 0:32:11 WATSON, Dave Eagle AC M 06:26.1
99 0:32:43 SIEVEWRIGHT, Kevin Eagle AC M45 06:32.5
117 0:33:19 CARROLL, Denis Eagle AC M50 06:39.7
147 0:34:11 O’CALLAGHAN, David Eagle AC M45 06:50.1
153 0:34:21 DESMOND, John Eagle AC M50 06:52.1
175 0:34:53 GUINANE, Elaine Eagle AC F35 06:58.5
209 0:35:41 O’CONNOR, Kevin Eagle AC M40 07:08.0
210 0:35:42 MCCARTHY, John Eagle AC M 07:08.2

The King of Cool...John McCarthy...35:42

The King of Cool…John McCarthy…35:42

215 0:36:00 TWOMEY, Cathal Eagle AC M 07:11.8
223 0:36:16 EGAN, Conor Eagle AC M40 07:15.0
224 0:36:16 CUSSEN, Linda Eagle AC F 07:15.0

Linda Cussen...36:16...fastest time of the 4 races and 10th overall in the series

Linda Cussen…36:16…fastest time of the 4 races and 10th overall in the series

239 0:36:45 QUIGLEY, John Eagle AC M60 07:20.8
246 0:37:04 GALLAGHER, Mark Eagle AC M40 07:24.6
251 0:37:15 FITZGERALD, Ed Eagle AC M40 07:26.8
253 0:37:17 BOLAND, Lisa Eagle AC F45 07:27.2
255 0:37:19 EVANS, Mairead Eagle AC F 07:27.6
301 0:38:22 KIRWAN, Ita Eagle AC F45 07:40.2
306 0:38:27 SCANNELL, Paul Eagle AC M 07:41.2
307 0:38:28 KELLEHER, Donal Eagle AC M40 07:41.4
309 0:38:31 BRUTON, Patricia Eagle AC F45 07:42.0
312 0:38:34 MCGRATH, Donal Eagle AC M50 07:42.6
349 0:39:28 BRUTON, Seamus Eagle AC M45 07:53.4
375 0:40:33 HALL, Ray Eagle AC M45 08:06.4
393 0:41:20 O’DRISCOLL, Kevin Eagle AC M60 08:15.8
416 0:42:14 CORCORAN, Nora Eagle AC F35 08:26.6
451 0:43:40 O’RIORDAN, Fiona Eagle AC F45 08:43.8
477 0:44:59 KEOHANE, Irene Eagle AC F40 08:59.6
Full results & photos

Overall standings….In the overall standings, we had 28 members who did all 4 races in the series. 7 men made it into the top 50 while 4 women made it into the top 30. In 2013, we had only 14 members doing all 4 races with 5 men in the top 50 and 3 women in the top 20.

10 O’CALLAGHAN, John Eagle AC M40…28:45…29:00…28:46…29:13…1:55:44
22 MULCAHY, Kieran Eagle AC M45…30:23…30:42…30:39…30:49…2:02:33
24 LEHANE, Donnacha Eagle AC M…30:37…31:09…30:39…30:48…2:03:13
25 COTTER, Paul Eagle AC M…31:11…31:20…30:35…30:30…2:03:36
35 GLAVIN, Colm Eagle AC M40…32:02…31:22…31:06…31:15…2:05:45
40 GEARY, Kevin Eagle AC M…31:27…31:23…32:23…31:31…2:06:44
46 KENNEALLY, Damien Eagle AC M…31:44…32:25…32:03…31:43…2:07:55
55 O’MAHONY, Roger Eagle AC M40…32:41…32:05…32:34…32:00…2:09:20
56 SIEVEWRIGHT, Kevin Eagle AC M45…32:18…32:29…31:53…32:43…2:09:23
62 WATSON, Dave Eagle AC M…33:37…32:47…32:40…32:11…2:11:15
67 DESMOND, John Eagle AC M50…32:04…33:13…32:27…34:21…2:12:05
70 CARROLL, Denis Eagle AC M50…32:59…33:37…33:20…33:19…2:13:15
130 MCCARTHY, John Eagle AC M…37:34…36:37…36:49…35:42…2:26:42
139 QUIGLEY, John Eagle AC M60…37:55…37:00…36:56…36:45…2:28:36
142 TWOMEY, Cathal Eagle AC M…39:29…37:42…36:35…36:00…2:29:46
146 GALLAGHER, Mark Eagle AC M40…38:38…37:44…37:22…37:04…2:30:48
151 KELLEHER, Donal Eagle AC M40…37:07…37:42…39:25…38:28…2:32:42
167 MCGRATH, Donal Eagle AC M50…39:19…39:16…39:01…38:34…2:36:10
174 SCANNELL, Paul Eagle AC M…36:33…37:21…45:27…38:27…2:37:48
199 O’DRISCOLL, Kevin Eagle AC M60…42:44…41:23…40:41…41:20…2:46:08

4 GUINANE, Elaine Eagle AC F35…35:22…34:53…34:51…34:53…2:19:59
10 CUSSEN, Linda Eagle AC F…36:38…37:34…37:18…36:16…2:27:46
16 BOLAND, Lisa Eagle AC F45…38:31…37:12…37:07…37:17…2:30:07
23 EVANS, Mairead Eagle AC F…37:29…38:43…39:53…37:19…2:33:24
31 BRUTON, Patricia Eagle AC F45…39:56…39:01…40:08…38:31…2:37:36
53 CORCORAN, Nora Eagle AC F…41:48 00:42:06…42:28…42:14…2:48:36
65 O’RIORDAN, Fiona Eagle AC F45…43:57…43:51…44:29…43:40…2:55:57
76 KEOHANE, Irene Eagle AC F40…45:42…44:10…44:34…44:59…2:59:25

Photos: Tim McCarthy

Strength & Conditioning classes for members…Oct 2014

Paul_ScannellClub member Paul Scannell will be holding a series of Strength & Conditioning classes during the month of October 2014. His classes will focus on helping members improve their running economy and to help reduce injuries.

Specifically, the purpose of the strength and conditioning sessions are…
a) Reduce your risk of injury by strengthening the connective tissue , including tendons and ligaments.
b) As well as strengthening the propulsive muscles, it also helps build those which aid stability. Specifically, it improves the abdominal, hip, lower back and glute muscles.
c) Improves your running economy so that you will run more efficiently using less oxygen at a given pace.
d) Having a stronger core allows you to maintain proper running form which is an important feature in some of the longer events when fatigue begins to set in.

An e-mail will be sent out to members with more details closer to the date.

24th Aug…Results of Cill na Martra 5k, Doneraile 5k, Skibbereen 10k, Midleton Run & Cobh 3k

Even though the evenings are beginning to draw in, there are plenty of Eagle results from the last few days.

Cill na Martra 5k: This 5k run near Macroom was held on Wed 20th Aug 2014. Two members took part in this out and back course…
6 8 Kevin Sievewright Ballincollig 19:44
22 54 Donal Cronin Eagle AC 22:51

Ed Fitgerald, Eric Browne, Kieran Mulcahy & Tim McCarthy at the Midleton Run Half-Marathon

Ed Fitgerald, Eric Browne, Kieran Mulcahy & Tim McCarthy at the Midleton Run Half-Marathon

Doneraile 5k: This Couch to 5k race organised by North Cork AC was held on Friday 22nd of August. Derek O’Keeffe was on pacing duties for this one with his wife Mariko finishing in 29:43.
95 29:43:00 Mariko O’Keeffe-Takishita F
96 29:45:00 Derek O’Keeffe Eagle AC M

Skibbereen 10k road race: The heavens opened up for this one on Sunday 24th of August resulting in some very wet conditions. Ken Wyman and Mary Cotter were in action there…
15 41:39 WYNMAN, Ken Eagle AC M45 06:42.0
54 52:26 COTTER, Mary Eagle AC F50 08:26.1

Midleton Run Marathon, Half-Marathon, 10k & 5k: We had a number of members taking part in this charity run in Midleton on Sunday 24th Aug. There are no club names given in the results. These are the few we picked out. If you are not listed then let us know.
11 Mike MC GRATH M 395 42:08
14 Damian KENNEALLY M 408 42:54

Mike McGrath finishing the Midleton Run 10k

Mike McGrath finishing the Midleton Run 10k

Half-Marathon….Bit of a boo boo in this one. Eric Browne was the clear leader in the half from early on but was sent the wrong way by one of the race stewards which added about 1.5 miles on to his race.
3 Kieran MULCAHY M 156 1:25:12
8 James RYAN M 1:30:21
11 Eric Browne M 286 1:31:48
14 Tim MC CARTHY M 226 1:33:05
41 Mairead EVANS F 163 1:43:13
59 Ed FITZGERALD M 200 1:47:10

Cobh 3k : The Sonia O’Sullivan 3000m race was held on Monday 25th Aug 2014. Two members took part…
65 » Paul Scannell Eagle AC 78 13:02
88 » John Quigley Eagle AC 65 14:33

22nd Aug…Race report on the Curraghchase 10k

Race report by Elaine Guinane on the Curraghchase 10km Race in Co.Limerick, Sunday August 17th

elaine_200pixA sunny Sunday in Curraghchase Forest Park in Limerick made for an ideal setting for a ten km race last weekend. With numbers up from under 300 last year to over 600 this year, the small village of Kilcornan was a hive of activity. The Race HQ in the GAA hall was well organised, with a large number of pre-registered entries.

The race started bang on time just outside the entrance to the Forest Park. The first few kilometres were along a tree-lined road towards the centre of the park, with a few minor pulls and drags here and there. Once in the centre of the park, it was off to the right, past the Curraghchase house and onto some hard work! Here runners were met with some quite long pulls, as we wound our way around some lovely tree-lined paths and avenues. Despite the many hills, the surface was quite good and allowed for smooth running. The course was also well laid out, with marshals at every junction and the route clearly marked out with signs and tape. Eventually we came out onto a road to complete the loop before retracing footsteps over the last two kms to finish back at the GAA Hall.

The finish line area was excellent, with a huge variety of food (From hot dogs to bananas to lollipops!) on offer, as well as free massages from experienced therapists.


Overall, a well-organised, scenic race in a lovely park. It is a tough course and probably not one for a pb, but the scenery and setting make up for this. At €20 per entry, however, it may be considered a little on the expensive side for a ten km race. There were also only race packs for the first 500 entrants, so anybody entering on the morning missed out. Just a few miles from the heritage town of Adare, a journey to this race could be part of a great day trip to Limerick.